Going faster and faster, a truck was racing down a country gravel road at sunset. Suddenly, other laws of physics applied as the driver slammed on the breaks to avoid the steep ravine before which the road did a 90 degree turn. Passengers started throwing stuff out and off the truck to reduce the de-accelerating mass so less force was required to stop the truck from killing everyone. In a split second, a calculation required half the people were told to jump in order to save the other half. Otherwise, all were on death road.

Recovery Point: The Point of No Return

"Climb Mount Niitaka"

The longer we delay in initiating recovery processes, the more people will suffer and die. The longer we delay, the more people will be jettisoned by Controlled Depopulation to reduce the mass of humanity and reverse the acceleration of global dying. The longer we delay the more likely that all life one earth will be dead.

The question is not that 90% of human population is going to be dead in ten to twenty years. The question is how are they going to die and whether the remaining 10% will be able to conserve life on earth or the remaining 10% will join the previously departed 90%.

The Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientist is grossly mis-timed. Because of global dying, we are closer to midnight than the clock shows. Every act of CO2 sinning by humanity speeds up the ticking second hand of the Doomsday Clock toward the recovery point beyond which there is no return. The recovery point is the critical mass of an environmental nuclear meltdown. While the individual CO2 sinning is the root of global dying, it is the time managers of government who have organized people to be self-destructive. The financial crisis of 2008 is speeding up the chaotic collapse of governments and economies which will prevent a global effort to reverse the acceleration toward the recovery point. The global financial bailouts and "stimulus" plans fuel inflationary CO2 sinning. See Ugly Americans .

There would be a better chance of saving life on earth if every company went bankrupt compared to this corrupt political favoritism with the symbols of time (money/currency) to prop up cronies. As is, the continuum fuel to the speculators behind the financial crisis continues the massive metastasis of malignant money managers who do not create a single needed product as they bet on the future value of past bets. These speculators live high CO2-sinning lifestyles at the top of a co-enabling hierarchy of minions who, like the top, do not create a single needed product.

The molecule that will break the camel's back

Somewhere on this planet is a hydrocarbon, carbohydrate, or volcanic plume that will release a CO2 molecule that is the true B.C. and A.D. of humanity. When this molecule joins the atmosphere it will be the pivot point between the tipping point and recovery point. After this CO2 molecule, there will be nothing humanity can do to put Humpty Camel back together again. Amazingly, an infitesimal one of uncountable molecules will in an infitesimal fraction of a second signify the end of life on earth.

Updates on advancing recovery point:

  1. 080626: As a result of the Polar Time Bomb, this analyst of climate changes realizes that the recovery point is not decades away but only a few years. I am afraid that the recovery point beyond which there is no return will be in 2009. The absolute recovery point will be the year that the ice cap melts. The relative recovery point is each day before the absolute which translates in how many people can have commuted their death row sentence from global dying.
  2. 081102: As a result of Burn, Baby, Burn, the recovery point is not years away, but months. Also see, Drown, Baby, Drown.
  3. 090130: Massive fires in Australia indicate the recovery point may have passed.
  4. 100420: British Petrophilia New Horizons Blowout ... a preview of what is coming

It is bokyag time!


  1. The Recovery plan can be quantified as a 1%, 2%, 5%, etc., plan with the percentage indicating what part of the human population is targeted for saving with the rest of humanity being put a non-CO2, non-BTU diet until the rise in CO2 is reversed.
  2. As I am the only person  who can prevent global dying, I can minimize the number of   duty-to-die people before the recovery process succeeds. How many people die depends on the how soon we have Manheaven Project.

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