Tipping Point of Global Warming

In the context of global warming, the tipping point is that point in time where global warming has become a self-sustaining process that will continue if humans do nothing. The prior sentence was written in the past tense because we have passed the tipping point. We have passed the tipping point for two general reasons

  1. Mother nature is now producing exponentially rising amounts of CO2.
  2. Mother nature does not have the primitive floral which served as CO2 sinks in the past when CO2 increased thus limiting both atmospheric CO2 concentration and atmospheric temperatures.

If tomorrow every human being died and not another btu of fossil fuels were burned, the global warming will accelerate--see Carboniferous.  This is why, in general, more specific below, this writer unfortunately concluded in Spring, 2006, not opines, that

  1. the food chain will start failing by 2010,
  2. ninety percent of human beings will be dead by 2015,
  3. all life on earth will be extinct by 2025.

Mother nature is now producing exponentially rising amounts of CO2--about 40% of human generation in 2005.

  1. In 2005, there was an increase in atmospheric CO2 that was 40% greater than the amount from human burning of fossil fuels.
  2. The reason is simple.
    1. As temperatures rise, the CO2-producing bacteria in the soil of the higher altitudes and latitudes produce more CO2 each year just like the dough in your oven rises after being transfered from the cold refrigerator.
    2. Man is not the only specie that has evolved to a higher CO2 production rate per gram of weight with brains having the greatest CO2 production rate of any organ: 3% of body rate but 25% of CO2 generation. Today, a hectare of surface area has a greater CO2 generation capacity from non-plants than in the past.
    3. Mankind is burning or allowing to burn vast stretches of flora that have served as CO2 sinks, e.g., suburbia and forest fires.

Mother nature does not have the primitive floral which served as CO2 sinks in the past when CO2 increased thus limiting both atmospheric CO2 concentration and atmospheric temperatures.

  1. Geological history contains a period over 300 to 500 million years ago during which vast amounts of CO2 were released into the atmosphere from the hyper-volcanic activity during the separation of the original single continent. This was the carboniferous period where primitive plants with large porous membranes could incorporate the rising CO2 into the biomass that became coal or oil. This floral limited the rise in atmospheric CO2 and the rise in atmospheric temperature from Frequency Reducing Quagmires of CO2 (FRQ).
  2. Today, the unchanged or little changed descendents of these plants with their big pore membranes are thriving on the increased atmospheric CO2: poison ivy and kudzu.
  3. Today, the more evolved, less primitive plants are suffering from the change of water particles to CO2 FRQs. Dying world-wide are the hardwoods which evolved to have alterred membranes and lower grow rates from lower levels of atmospheric CO2, e.g., Oaks, Aspens, Birches and Christmas Trees.

It is important to realize the rate of rising atmospheric greenhouse gasses. Historically, the rise occurred gradually over millions of years. The breakup of the original continent with increased volcanic activity did not occur in a couple of centuries or a few decades as has happened with the burning of fossil fuels. These millions of years gave mother nature time to evolve plants to establish a homeostasis to prevent global drying and dying from rising CO2 levels. While kudzu, poison ivy and ragweed are good CO2 sinks, they are not up to the task of converting CO2 into biomass like towering ferns of the Carboniferous period. What took nature millions of years to sequester into oil and coal, dumb-ass human beings have re-atmosphered in a few years. We will die shortly without a ManHeaven Recovery plan.


  1. Each year ...
    1. Each year more and more trees die, more CO2 and less CO2 bio-sequestering.
    2. Each year more acres burn up, more CO2 and less CO2 bio-sequestering.

  2. ELE: Rising CO2 is, to use an asteroid movie term, an ELE--Extinction Level Event. By 2020, a few humans may remain alive in insolated cocoons from which exit is impossible. The conditions will be worse than in space as the earth becomes the twin of Venus .

  3. Two questions are facing humanity. Will we initiate the global ManHeaven Project to save life on earth? Part and parcel to this question is how many humans will die and how will they die? If they die from world-wide collapse of civil structures then the ManHeaven Project will fail, for it depends on organized efforts to counter the rise in CO2. These efforts will drastically reduce, if not ban, the burning of fossil fuels with power generation from hydroelectric and nuclear plants being used to fuel the process of the ManHeaven projec to reverse global dying.

  4. Without fuel for their tractors, farmers will not harvest bumper crops. Without fuel for their boats, factory catches of seafood will plummet. Within ten years, billions of people are going to die from starvation, either from the chaotic collapse of society with no hope for life on earth, or, from a ManHeaven Project that organizes the least guilty, most capable people to man the arks of the the ManHeaven Project. As explain in double-decimation , probably only one percent of humanity is needed for the ManHeaven arks, that is,
    1. only 6000 people out of each US Congressional District of 600,000,
    2. only 3 million out of the 300,000,000 people in 2006 USA, or, about the same population as in 1776,
    3. only 70 million people in the our world of 7 billion.
  5. Everyone else is part of the problem of global dying rather than part of the solution, that is, the longer the "others" live, the less likely that any life on earth will survive. No organism on earth has a higher CO2 debt per gram of weight than human beings with the human brain being the worst offender: Weighing only 3% of the body's mass, the brain generates 25% of the body's CO2.
  6. As detailed in the ManHeaven websegment, a simple webbased process is available to determine the least guilty, most qualified passengers to man the lifeboats. Some SIC employment groups will not be present at all. Others may have more than 1% of their members present. Absolute worth will have no bearing on one's seating, for it will one's relative worth as needed problem-solver rather than one's ability to waste peoples' time satisfying their wants.
  7. If the maximum per group is two percent, that means, for instance, that 98 out of 100 doctors, surgeons, nurses, teachers--needed people--will be excluded with means for suicide. Within an SIC group, a questionnaire will determine one's relative worth based on past guilt in foster global dying, e.g., SUV or compact car, sqft of housing per members, pedophile or petrophile, etc. Several levels of death conditions have been analyzed for reducing the human generation of CO2, no air conditioning anywhere, limited personal BTU ration, no wasteful wantabee businesses. Many people will say that you can't put me out of business with the military response being summary excusion.
  8. Global warming is no more. We are witnessing global dying: We have passed the tipping point. If tomorrow all human beings died without the burning of another molecule of fossil fuel, global warming will continue till all life on earth is dead. Why?
    1. Mother nature has become a self-sustaining volcano of CO2 emmissions: the ratio of biomass sequestering to biomass generation of CO2 has passed the tipping point.
    2. Claims of previous highs of CO2 ignore the difference between the biomass then and now. There is a reason for why the period of fossil fuel formation about 300 million years ago was called "Carboniferous" which had high carbon fed ferns. These primitive ferns, long-since dead, tower upwards of 50 feet in the air soaking up the CO2. The sequestering capacity of a square meter of terra firma today is many times less than it was when CO2 was last high in the atmosphere.
      1. Then, the high carbon level was sequestered by plants that had evolved over millions of years in response to the the gradual rise in CO2 from tectonic activity of the earth.
      2. Now, mankind has increased CO2 to record highs in a few centuries. Instead of plants having time to evolve back, the evolved plants are dying off, e.g., hardwood and hard grains.
    3. By 2010, the foodchain will have failed enough to cause food riots in all nations. The number of cities experiencing food riots, famine and death will increase each year thereafter. By 2015, 90% of today's people will be dead. By 2030, without a global government to reverse global dying, all life on earth will be dead. Within a few short years, the earth will spin around the sun like a comet with a tail as the water boils off. Thereafter, the earth's traditional planetary twin-- Venus --will have an environmental twin with high triple-digit temperature, mid triple-digit winds and an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and sulfur. God helps those who help themselves and damns those who damn themselves.
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