Buddy System: Person Or Family

Each person and family will be required to have a buddy to mutually mentor on the primary moral imperative. If a buddy person or buddy family is found guilty of violating the primary moral imperative then the punishment is shared under the laws of and for the primary moral imperative to save life on earth by Controlled Depopulation. These laws of self-governing fall under the principle of the the government that governs least is the best government and, more specifically, under the principle of E Pluribus Onus. The cost to an economic system is less if time-wasting problems are solved at the source rather than allowed to fester in greater waste of time by more and more people.

As the Manheaven Project progresses, more and more people will take the time to debate whether they are part of the problem or the solution. A buddy will be important for one to maintain or increase ones freedom. As such a buddy fulfills the meaning of friend , that is, a freeing person who helps free you from the problems of life.

Also See Shared Blame and Punishment

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