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Shared Blame and Punishment for CO2 Sinning

To fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, we must accelerate humanasia aka Controlled Depopulation. It may not be enough to euthanize the arsonists of humanity who are to blame for global dying. They are most guilty for the crimes against life on earth.  It may be necessary to euthanize their friends and relatives based on guilt by association and failure to stop the CO2 sinner. The duty to die may, can and will be extended to family and friends based on the severity of the CO2 sinning.

This is a list of associations by family or friends by which the associations may suffer for another's crimes against life on earth. The lesson is to be learned and observed is teach your close ones to not be CO2 Sinners.

  1. Sins of Father
  2. Brother's Keeper CO2 Guilt vs. Morality
  3. Buddy System
  4. Parents do time for children's crime
  5. Gene pool draining

Thoughts to keep in mind:

  1. There are no innocent victims

Sadly, it may be necessary to euthanize people who are not CO2 sinners but lack sufficient CO2 savings to make the cut of who stays on and who gets off death row.

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