E Pluribus Oh No ... E Pluribus Qua ... E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Onus:
From everyone, self-governing

If you are friend to everyone you are no friend.
A government that tries to do everything is not a government.

These laws of self-governing fall under the principle of the the government that governs least governs best. The cost of E Pluribus Onus to an economic system is less when time-wasting problems are solved at the source rather than allowed to fester to waste greater time of more and more people. The principles, parallels or rational of E Pluribus Onus are as follows:

  1. Financial Roadblocks:

    1. Dollar is Dead as a public and private problem-solving tool

    2. Monetarism is blood-sucking cancer of all government levels which no longer have public funds to solve private problems.

    3. Carrot-Stick: The cancerous effects of monetarism

  2. Level Rights : The most efficient, economic, efficacious and expeditious effort in solving problems is to have the ways and means apportioned to the level of origin, e.g., global to local--see

    1. Home Rule
    2. States Rights and Human Rights
    3. Riot Stoppers
    4. Timism.net: The levels of the inevitable Manheaven Commission: Global, Terra, Nomina, Regional, Statum, Districts, Highschools, Elementary, Wards, Areas and Blocks.
  3. Controlled Depopulation: Failure by individuals or communities to solve problems of origin will lead to more deaths.

    1. Disaster Re-timing: Quarantining disaster areas (linklink) until they have recovered self-sufficiently will minimize costs as well as implement Controlled Depopulation by virtue of the least prepared being the first to die. Also see Disaster Responses
    2. Disaster Stoppers: If Not Us then Who?
    3. Save No more Lives
    4. Medical Re-Alignment
    5. Anti-Litter : Stop the pro-litter leg-spreaders from killing life on earth.
  4. Self-Learning : Cheapest and fastest learning.
  5. Means: Living within to be meaningful

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