Winnowing by Lifehours
to Determine D2D

The primary moral imperative is to save life on earth which requires those best able in mind and body. One's past choices reflected in current affairs is the best indicator of future strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of the duty to die questionnaires is to winnow those best able to save life on earth. As Noah did not take all animals but only the best of each species so must the ark to save life on earth select the best.

Because humanity has been living beyond its means and destroying life on earth, Mother Nature's bookkeeping shows an overall deficit in the cost of humanity. For every hour of wants, waste and lies, a lifehour of debt has been added to the ledger of humanity. The average human being will have a deficit of lifehours when the questionnaire is completed. (No or false completion is an automatic mandatory duty to die .)

The requirement to die will be based on rising cost of living which will reflect the collapse of the foodchain and how politicians manage the available food production. Corn for tax-supported ethanol fuel instead of food increases the number of people that will have to be euthanized. Likewise, Las Vegas demand of water for craps instead of crops will increase the cost of living. Las Vegas has an economy based almost totally on the cost of wants, wastes and lies.

Many hard choices are required. The bell must be tied to the cat's tail. Many beautiful lies will be dispelled by ugly truths. Those who are unable to make the cut will be required to perform a low CO2 self-euthanization or face painful execution for the additional, unnecessary CO2 sinning.

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