Safety and Security In the WorkWeek

Are you safer in a place where there is full employment or high unemployment? Statistics show that not only suicides increase but crime increases with each percentage increase in unemployment. In addition, abuse of substances, spouses and offspring increase with increased unemployment.

Saving life on earth through the Manheaven Project will not succeed if the old approaches to unemployment are used. Tax support for the unemployed is ultimately taken from those from who are working today or tomorrow as tax increases. The unemployed cannot support themselves, only those employed can so do. Would it not be better to cut the workweek to match the available workforce? It would not only be better, but  it is necessary to save life on earth. Every person receiving life support without solving a real problem is CO2 sinning - that is, speeding up global dying.

There are many ways of looking at adjusting the workweek length to match the workforce.

  1. Consider the Great Depression of the 1930's when unemployment in the US reached 25%. Would deficit spending and government bureaucracies have been needed if the workweek had been cut from 40 hours to 30 hours (25%) to keep everyone employed in producing their necessities of life? As was, some people were allowed to overwork by 10 hours each week so as to overspend on wants, wastes and lies (necronomics). If the workweek is not adjusted under the stress of global dying, the crime and abuses of rising unemployment will reduce the possibility of a global effort to save life on earth. (Consider how Kenya in early 2008 fell apart in a few days which precludes it helping stop global dying.)
  2. Are you one of these assholes who says no one has a right to tell you how much you can or cannot work? Consider how this is exactly what you are saying to the willing-to-work jobless father or mother! You are telling someone that they cannot work to acquire the necessities of life. You are an asshole. If you claim that there is enough work for the those who want to work then you are a stupid asshole. You probably would not work the jobs that claim to be valid and valuable. Asshole.
  3. If you have lived beyond your financial means and contributed to your country's living beyond its means, support the establishment of the Lifehour Debt Refinancing whereby you do not pay more than 50% of your income in excess of the cost of living for your past cost of wants, waste and lies.

One of the timistic tools to save life on earth through the Manheaven Project is weekly workweek reporting at your district deme. Anyone who works beyond the calculated optimal workweek length will have their lifehour account debited by twice the amount of the overtime. When the Manheaven Project becomes official, those top 10% who have worked overtime the most will incur a Mandatory Duty-To-Die for their genetic pool. Humanity cannot save life on earth if burdened by selfish, stupid assholes.

(The entries for safety/security workweek and lifehour debt refinancing are in the Business column of your district's table of democracy.)

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