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Without a rapid, complete refinancing of all debts into a simple system with guaranteed production-based repayment, all hell is going to breakout as nation after nation spins out of control to become failed states. Why, monetarism is killing economic activity. We will die if we don't replace our dysfunctional currencies and necronomics with lifehours and ecos nomos.

As part of the Manheaven Project to fulfill the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth, it is necessary to refinance all existing debt

  1. into level lifehours
  2. with repayment based on ability to repay as a percentage of income beyond the cost of living--see Profitable Payoff.

Currently, debts are being restructure by bankruptcy, defaults, foreclosures, etc. Failure to retime debt will lead to collapse of the economic infrastructure necessary to implement the specific, technological steps to save life on earth. DebtTime is an agency of the Manheaven Project which will use on-line forms  by which debtors can submit their debts and creditors as well as elect and establish a hierarchy of lifehour debt managers.

Restructuring debt is not without historical precedence stretching back thousands of years--see Debt Refinancing History . References are the reforms of

  1. Solon (Greece ?BC),
  2. Sulla (Rome 80BC),
  3. Alexander Hamilton (178?) on Retiring Continental Congress Debts
  4. Lincoln (1861) Compensated Emancipation
  5. FDR (1930's Depression).

Nor is refinancing debt without numerous contemporary examples.

  1. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Sally Mae have been vehicles for restructuring individual debts into public(quasi) financial instruments.
  2. Wall Street bundling of mortgages and other debt is an example of restructing debt as well as Credit Debt Swaps and hedges.
  3. The on-going debt purchases by the Federal Reserve System of bonds financing the US national debt is debt restructing.

The difference between the restructuring examples in the previous paragraph and the inevitable Manheaven debt retiming is the above are examples of decapitalism. Decapitalism is a economic cancer as has been shown in the financial crises that began in 2007. The proposed debt retiming is capitalism.

It is important to realize that Debt Retiming requires the Whole Plan of the Manheaven Project including Food Retiming and Workweek Retiming . The basis for determining the value of a level's lifehour is how many daily hours do the people in the unit of that level need to work in order to buy the necessities of life. Without Food Retiming, there is no way to establish the value of a lifehour in both substance and symbol.

The debt retiming process involves individuals and non-individuals listing their debts at the proper level of the Manheaven Commission. Then the debtors observe Profitable Payoff whereby the debtors deduct from their income an amount for basic necessities. What is left is divided in half. Half is paid to the Debt Retiming agency. The other half is disposable income for the individual or non-individual. This basic plan will stop bankruptcies and foreclosures as well as, with workweek retiming will guarantee people jobs, food and hope. Even if creditors are paid off over a longer period (which this writer does not think to be the case, just the opposite, faster repayment) everyone will live in a safer, saner world as we work to reverse global dying.

Also see

  1. Debt Refinancing History
  2. Financing the Primary Moral Imperative
  3. Capitalism Retiming


  1. Lifehours can be used to pay student loans--Loans for College and Tuitions.
  2. When people go into bankruptcy, loan consolidation services bungle all the loans so that the debtor makes one payment with the consolidator allocating the monthly payments to the creditors per the percentage owned/owed.

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