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Economists are Liars

If you put on rose-tinted glasses and say the world is pink, you are a liar.

Economists have always had a bad reputation--see Necronomics, the dismal science. Economists have always been intellectual streetwalkers with the truth being shaped and sold to the highest bidder. With the rise of Wealthfare and Bushitters , economic truths have been expanded and stretched for political expediency. Economic systems have always looked like swiss cheese only now one must wonder whether the glass is 90% empty or 10% full.

Below are a listing of economic reports in the media which struck this writer has inherently illogical, baldface lies.

  1. NASDAQ and Internet Bubble: The idea that peoples' wealth can increase numerous-fold without solving more problems is as ludicrous as the idea that you can cut taxes without first cutting problems. In existential fact, both lies were variations of the same basic lie, getting something for nothing .

  2. Housing Sales Bubble (2002)

  3. Japan Bashing
  4. Nobel Prize Winners are decapitalists, promoting capitalism for a fewer few.
  5. Bastard Stock Options
  6. Jobless Recovery: How productivity gains and corporate earnings index the death of America:
    1. Jobs shipped abroad means
    2. Lower labor costs which means
    3. Higher productivity per remaining American worker and means
    4. Higher corporate earnings.
  7. Bucket economics shows some of the lies
  8. CO2 Sinners

Thanks, economists for the necronomics--the laws of the dead and dying.

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