How to create a new political party using an internet start-up model
giving $10 to $15 billion in shares directly to the middle-class

Business Model: Which would be a greater legacy?

  1. Fund a foundation of which few know except for self-promotional TV ads.
  2. Allocate share ownership to individuals and organizations who help
    1. promote 24in4's shorter workweek of meaningful jobs with guaranteed healthcare,
    2. promote the tools of timism for better democracy and capitalism,
    3. promote the Primary Moral Imperative to reverse climate chaos and global dying.

Timism's business model does not use Venture Capitalists to write the software code for brainbees. As such, the code writer can award the de facto stock ownership of Timism to those who explore and prove out timism, e.g., homestead political office wage. When signing up, one receives five lifehour credits which are shares of ownership and shares for barter in Timism. Brainbees awards lifehours for each level of which one is a winner as well as bonuses if enacted into legislation--a finder's fee! Plebiscites offer blocks of 1000 shares in a regressive bonus to 1 share.

Anticipated issurance of barter lifehour credits is between 400 and 600 million in the first two years. Or, as they would say on Wall Street, a "market cap" of $10 to $15 billion. At some point, lifehours will be legal tender for paying loans, taxes and healthcare.

Timism's 400 to 600 million shares? A pittance if you do the math on the average IPO: $25/share with a market cap many times greater than Timism's $10 to $15 billion. Consider Uber's IPO valuation of $120 billion despite losing $1.8 billion in 2018, or, about 5 billion shares! And, the money does not go into the corporation's pocket for plants, production and jobs but into insider's M&M's--mansions and mistresses. IPO: Insiders Phooling Outsiders.

Capitalism is a victim of identity theft. Wall Street hi-jacked the terms and tools of capitalism to decapitalize American production and decapitate American jobs. Capitalism is nowhere near the crime scene of murdering the American Dream. Stock options and IPOs are why in 1980, the top 2% owned 20% of America's wealth but in 2019 the 2% owns over 60%. From 1980 to 2019, workers' retirement wealth dropped by 90%. Biggest bank robbery in history? 401ks.

Initial Timism lifehour awards are large within the marketing concept of "loss leaders." Later rewards will reflect the time value of the problem solution, i.e., time is money and money is time. Furthermore, Timism has a software package that will save taxpayers over $15,000,000,000, that is, VoteTime, which works on any old computer and printer with a paper trail.

Timism's business model is a democratization of capitalism, that is, Democratic Capitalism. Opting to be a Timist is to be an optimist.

Please note that this is not a Ponzi scheme since money payback does not come from application or donations/loan. Payback comes cashflow.