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CO2's Polar Time Bomb

The Arctic and Antarctic exert a modulating effect on heatwaves, moreso in the industrialized Northern Hemisphere. The jet streams carrying hydrophilic CO2 over the North Pole has two expensive economic impact.

  1. The decline in the mass of size and thickness is approaching 80%. The once average thickness of seventeen feet has become six feet. First reported about ten years ago, rainfall is common at the North Pole. The ability of the North Pole to modulate heat waves is disappearing which contributes to the record high temperatures in recent years.
  2. Another economic impact is the answer to the question: If ice is disappearing and not being replenished, where is it going? It is going further south toward the equator with earlier and later plunges. This is why snow is falling areas that have never seen snow in living memory, e.g., South Africa, Israel, and Baghdad. Conversely, with the North Pole icecap is gone, an unending heatwave will destroy plants and animals in with unprecedented firestorms.

The culprit is the CO2's hydrophilia that form clusters of water to CO2. The CO2-soaked jetstreams from China/Japan/Korea, North America and Europe are drying out the north pole carrying the moisture and coldness to the south with downwind deluges of rain or snow. These wintry polar blast (votices) are accompanied by thunder snow. Now a frequent indicator of violent atmospheric conditions, thundersnow was first recorded in 1907 in Vladivostock, Siberia, with no further reports until a few years ago.

Hockey Stick Curve: Anyone familiar with boiling water on a high setting knows that it will simmer until suddenly begins to frantically boil. The inevitable unending massive heatwave of the Northern Hemisphere does not need to wait for total depletion of the modulating ice cap. Like a nuclear reaction reaching critical mass, the ice cap will become collateral damage of the heatwave like billions of people living north of the equator. What happens when everyone finds themselves in the situation of the Syrian middle-class? Could have done something but now it is too late. We are in an accelerating existential meltdown of not only the environment but the public institutions that could organize us to reverse the global dying of climate change.

Global Warming Test:

  1. Grow the economy till we die.
  2. Slow the economy so we live.

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The emailed press releases on climate change refer to Timism, the Morality of More Time (aka the Periodic Table of Existence). Timism is like the master jigsaw puzzle out of which dynamic systems are organized. The human vocabularies and concepts that distinguish different schools of thought on the different levels of existence are like the thin painted veneer on jigsaw puzzles  compared to the thicker underlying mass that hold--not the picture--the puzzle together. Veneers are often the beautiful lies destroyed by ugly truths.

These schools of thoughts arose independent of each other. They overlapped as they matured. One can find different researchers investigating the same thing by different names, e.g., epinephrine and adrenaline. When two schools realize they were studying the same thing, cross learning begins with missing pieces of the puzzles being cross-incorporated.

If one understands Timism, one has the ability to draw parallels in reality to easily find and fit missing pieces with or without the thin veneer of human differences. In a sense, one has the GPS of the piece within the puzzle frameworks.

Now, this may sound like a nice, abstract cocktail party conversation that is like a beautiful spiderweb that will support no weight. However.

  1. Morality comes from "more"--More of what ? Death or Time?
  2. Politics is supposed be about solving time-wasting problems. That is "When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police." Habitual politicians remain in office by over-privileging their supporters thereby under-privileging the rest.
  3. Economies are glued together by currencies which are supposed to be about solving time-wasting problems as in paying people what their problem-solving is "currently" worth. Adled minds are the wasteshops of tenured economist . They focus on funny number on funny paper instead of the time values. As the saying goes, Economists know the prices of everything but the value of nothing. For an absolute currency that transcends the boundaries of nations, times and politics, visit Lifehours.
  4. Mentality: Your sense of self begins at puberty with your sense of time and future and ends in senility with your loss of time-awareness.
  5. Metabolism: Rates of reactions: Survival of the fittest or the most time-creative?
  6. Physics: Einstein's warping of time because he did not realize the linear speed of light is an epiphenomenon of the rotational speed and precession angle of the basic particle of existence. (The Standard Model is Ptolemaic compared to Timism's Simple Model.)

For substantiation and documentation, visit, an accumulation of 18,902 digitized essays, documents, tools and references since the late 1970s.

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