Overview FTP Democracy ... Communication for Intelligent Idiots

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

Global Democracy: Scheduled FTP based Brainbees

Brainbees are the basis of tapping the intelligence of the concerned, informed citizens to solve problems. Citizen legislation provide a pathway whereby individuals can submit an issue (problem definition and solution) for fair, honest peer review at successive levels of winnowing of winners. As a primary process for elected officials, this is a zero-cost elective process with low CO2 sinning compared to the traditional big-dollar campaigns that waste time, money and CO2.

A key feature of the brainbees is the FTP component that automatically creates brainbees of those qualified based on holding positions withing the hiearchy. At the deadline, the FTP creates a voting email and sends it to all the voters with the voters receiving the nominees for the higher position from demes other than their own. In other words, one does not get to vote for one's favorite son.

FTP democracy works in through following demes:

  1. Area demes email the names of the block captains for an area captain.
  2. Ward demes email area captains.
  3. Elementary demes email ward captains.
  4. High demes email elementary captains.
  5. District demes email high captains
  6. And so on upward through the global officies.

During the setup before the establishment of demes below the district level, a one-time organizational, startup brainbee will be held at the district level. Several functions are to be established. The primary one will be the districting of the lower units (7 to 9 of each of the following units). When the district officers define the high deme locations (basically public high school districts), brainbees will be held for each high deme to elect steering committee for the high deme. One of their responsibility is to establish the next lower deme level, the elementary (basically an elementary school).

This downward migration of new divisioning of citizens reflects the historical downward divisioning of geographical areas into more managable political units, e.g., U.S. Northwest Terroritory became states which created counties in order to have better public problem-solving, e.g., administration and courts. In essence, the settling of new frontiers and setting of Manheaven demes follows the general principle of level rights . This is analogous to that abuse concept of "states rights" which has consistently wronged the basic right of citizen, individual freedom and rights.

FTP democracy is used to prioritize issues as well as individuals with rewards of lifehours and GOOHF for use in buying life's necessities and lifeboat passage within the Manheaven Project.

  1. Policy-making positions--see Lifesaving Brainbees
  2. Values improvement:
    1. MyDemocracy or Personal Democracy
    2. Youth Wisdom Forums
    3. as well as the other value brainbees

It is important to note that a one-time brainbee will be held when the Manheaven Commission is established. The winners of this one-time global brainbee will receive Super-GOOHFs based on their ranking.

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