FTP Democracy: Overview

Before the internet became an everyday household word, communication between computers was done directly via FTP, that is, File Transfer Protocol. At the heart of internet downloading or uploading files as graphics or webpage is a file transfer protocol. It is at the core of retrieving one's email. One of most common and best programs for uploading a website is a program called WSFTP by Ipswitch. One can download a free version.

Among the tools of timism is FTP Democracy which uses WSFTP to promote efficiency and exactness in implementing better democracy and capitalism to promote the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. The following are examples of FTP Democracy

  1. Better Democracy
    1. Votetime is a internet based voting program that will allow people to vote on items derived from concerned citizens. Items are of two natures, issues and individuals
      1. Issues are citizen legislation or referendums.
      2. Individuals are the brainbee selection of candidates from a primary or general election using Votetime.
    2. Whether people vote on-line or on-paper, the results are posted at the website associated with polling place. At each level above the voting machine--any windows based computer with a scanner--one can execute the WSFTP batch file or script to compile the votes of the lower voting tally. For instance:
      1. the polling place tallies the votes of each machine,
      2. the voting district tallies the votes of each polling place,
      3. the state tallies the votes of each voting district, and,
      4. the nation tallies the votes of each state.
        (Also see Global FTP democracy)
    3. The WSFTP batch file is created from the items (issues or individuals) on the ballot. Only items of that level of voting are tallied, that is, the national batch file does not tally the dog catchers' votes in Podunk Junction.
    4. The documentation trail of voting is ironclad.
      1. Each voter receives a printout of his votes that is machine and time-stamped. One's votes are on-line for review along with the other votes of the votetime machine.
      2. A copy of the vote is collected with a second tally by a high speed scanner at another location after the polls close for quality control to prevent or detect voting fraud. The hard copies are kept against any glaring errors.
      3. Anyone can run the WSFTP program to calculate the votes.
    5. Horizontal Brainbees
    6. FTP Primaries: Candidates for office are selected from the lower levels of the service via the FTP. For instance, the District Presidents are automatically the candidates in the brainbees for Regional Presidents with the Regional Presidents being the candidates for the national Presidents. Based on the time..
      1. Startup:
        1. District:
        2. State:
        3. Regional: When the Districts of a
        4. National: When all Regions are active then the National brainbee will be held
      2. Regression from District to Area for elections
      3. Lines of Communication: Daily then bi-daily
        1. Lines of communication are provided involving brainbees, email and chatrooms for timism officials and supporters.
        2. Regression to lower levels will be initiated to implement level rights for efficient, effective public problem solving. Communication to a higher level will begin at the lowest level possible. The office holder of that level will be expected to respond to at least the top seven winners. As a parallel or dual path of issue communication, the top seven winners will be combined with the other top winners of that deme level for a brainbee to priortize seven issues for officers of the next, higher deme level.
        3. Fossil politics interaction.
          1. Timism officials will channel concerns to public officials elected from previous fossil elections.
          2. Supporters of timism will be adjourned from contacting national, state, or local officials outside of the brainbee lines of communication.
  2. Better Capitalism
    1. Lifehours: Emulating the tallying of how people vote for issues and individuals is tallying of how people are part of the problem or part of the solution, that is, the lifehours they earn by promoting the primary moral imperative. It is important to realize that all votable issues and individuals have a time value as does the lifehours. If citizens vote time-losers into public office, they should not be surprised if they have less time as public officials and policies cheapen their time in the forms of
      1. inflation (gradual cheapening of the symbols of your worktime, or,
      2. unemployment (sudden and total cheapening of your problem-solving time as a worker.)
        If citizens waste their time by electing cancerous time-shapers, they will have time.
    2. Better unemployment management: With WSFTP we can determine an honest measurement of those able and willing to work so as to have an optimal workweek length in each economic unit. Failure to adjust the workweek leads to the time-wasting, tax-sucking problems of unemployment, misemployment and underemployment--see work sharing.
    3. Taxation: Emulating the tallying of issues, individuals and lifehours is the tallying of taxes via WSFTP scripts. If one realizes that at the heart of all taxes is the taking of the time you worked to earn your wages, one realizes that solution to overtaxation is solving the time-wasting problems. Promises of a better world by eliminating taxes is saltwater solution if the taxes are keeping a problem from exploding out of control and taking more of your time than the wage-time which the taxes symbolize. We can have real-time, profitable taxation with the cost of living decreasing as we use our taxes to creatively solve problems instead of cancerously causing problems, e.g., tax credits for the owners of sports teams and tax credits for biofuels.
    4. Better capital markets: In principles, 401k plans are a good idea. Unfortunately, the money is forwarded to Wall Street for decapitalization, capital deformation and M&M's (mansions and mistresses). With online democracy using FTP democracy, one can  have on-line capitalism to promote a better, more efficient economy which is a necessity if the primary moral imperative is to be achieved. With the establishment of the Manheaven Commission, economic viability will be assessed in realtime with a percentage of workers income (determined by them) going into upward collation like the proposed tax reform. With taxes 50% stays at each level for solving level problems (see level rights). With savings, 50% is invested at each level to promote a lower cost of living. No Manheaven funds go for the economy of wants, waste or lies which are killing life on earth (see Necronomics).
  3. De-bureaucratizing government: With FTP Democracy, we can streamline the cost of government so as to quickly allocate more resources to solving the time-wasting problems. As was written years ago, we can have 24 in 4, that is, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years. Actually, with the growth of the internet it is possible to have a shorter workweek sooner. In fact, if humanity is to survive by observing the primary moral imperative, we must as quickly as possible eliminate the necronomy of wants, waste and lies. Every unnecessary business activity--public or private--decreases the chances of saving life on earth before humanity crosses the recovery point.
  4. Ascetic Independence:
    1. This writer wants to be left alone--see Leave Me Alone.
      1. He does not have an email address.
      2. He screens his calls.
      3. He ignores people who he does not know.
    2. Brainbees have been designed to be activated as the Manheaven Project achieves certain quantifiable goals--see Modus Operandi. Initially activated brainbees are generic, e.g., global warming and manheaven project. Written responses will be posted of the top issues that are collected, filtered, percolated and honed by these on-line mental spelling bees.
    3. This writer intends to use FTP to maintain his ascetic lifestyle so as to avoid a flood of distracting web communication. Instead, he will run a daily WSFTP batch file to see if the people from whom he wishes feedback have formulated the information for retrieval--see FTP Ascetic List. In a sense, this FTP retrieval is a one-email from those who want to address the issues directed at them.
    4. Being on the FTP list is not an honor. It is a duty and responsibility. It is like having dynamite for a firebreak with the raging fire being not a city but the house of humanity.
    5. People who pose silly questions will be have their webpage deleted from the ftp retrieval list.

In summary, FTP Democracy is a timistic tool for more efficient, effective and inexpensive government.

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