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Email Subject Line: Independent for House of Delegates creates a Protest Draft of School Superintendents as write-in candidates.

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Write-in 2013 Virginia Candidates: A Protest

A lot of people do not vote because they do not think that it matters. An example is the Virginia 2013 race. For Govenor, the voters have been given by the money dictators a choice of religious nut or a decapitalist thief. Many of the legislative races have incumbents without opponents about 50%! Why? Gerrymandering had created incumbent-fixed districts which dissuades the opposition from fielding a candidate. In all cases, the campaign speeches sound like the evening local news

  1. Local News is always "Breaking news" on road wrecks, school problems, murders, drugs and house fires. Seen one, seen them all.
  2. A campaign speech is always jobs, crime, jingoism, etc., which go back into the closet until the next election. Seen one, seen them all.

This candidate, Bob Barnett, running as an independent for a House of Delegates seat had hoped to have his software and website ready for a brainbee primary of the people, by the people and for the people. Thus, there would be brainbee'd names on the ballot. As a short-term substitute, a state-wide write-in campaign is proposed.

The listed names are of school superintendents believed to reside in each of the districts (withdrawal procedure). They have not been contacted. They are being drafted to serve the purpose of a protest vote and, if elected, to be sworn-in followed by an immediate resignation with a brainbee-derived candidate becoming the substitute--see Super Brainbee. All districts will have brainbees after the election as funds and freedom allow--see angels and boycotts/mascots .

The main reason for the school superintendents to participate in this statewide write-in campaign is to initiate the needed economic and employment reforms that should have evolve decades ago over the year. The US should not have engaged in monetary colonialism by exporting our inflation and build a national debt to support those unemployed as we exported our jobs associated with exporting our inflation. Using the tools of timism we can recapture the lost jobs, and, we can have a 24-hour workweek in 4 years with more disposable time and funds for self, family, and community in a safer saner world.

Most people do not realize how much we are working and borrowing to support the people are who unemployed, under-employed and misemployed. It is a win-win situation to re-start the workweek shortening that our wiser ancestors began in late 1800's when the workweek decreased to almost 40 hours by 1930. If we had reduced the workweek in the 1930's, all would have had work for basic needs. As was, we had 25% unemployed, unpaid teachers, and metastasizing welfare state. If we want to avoid a repeat, we need to refinance loans, cut the workweek and implement community service as a time tax and for healthcare costs. If you want hell on earth in which you don't feel safe leaving your house any hour of the day as is the case in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, etc., do nothing. Apathy on a sinking ship is suicide.

The news media is encouraged to share this with the public.

This protest write-in campaign was initiated by Bob Barnett for the House of Delegates, District #69: Resume ... Achievements ... Website

Virginia 2013 Protest Write-ins Elections
House of Delegates

  1. Mark Carter, Lee County
  2. Dr. Steven L. Walts, Prince Wm.
  3. Dr. Michaelene A. Meyer, Tazewell County
  4. Dr. Brian C. Ratliff , Washington Country
  5. Dr. Brenda F Hess , Russell County
  6. Dr. William Lee Brannon , Wythe County
  7. Ms. Brenda Blackburn , Montgomery County
  8. Dr. Lorraine Lange , Roanoke County
  9. Dr. W. Mark Church , Franklin County
  10. Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick III , Loudoun County
  11. Dr. Rita D. Bishop , Roanoke
  12. Dr. Terry E. Arbogast II , Giles County
  13. Mr. Keith Imon, Prince William County
  14. Dr. Edward Newsome Jr. , Danville
  15. Dr. Kevin Castner , Shenandoah County
  16. Mr. James E. McDaniel , Pittsylvania County
  17. Mr. Allen Journell, Roanoke County
  18. Dr. David Jeck , Fauquier County
  19. Dr. Anthony S. Brads , Botetourt County
  20. Dr. William C. Bishop , Augusta County
  21. Dr. Sheila S. Magula , Virginia Beach
  22. Dr. Douglas R. Schuch , Bedford County
  23. Dr. Scott S. Brabrand , Lynchburg
  24. Mr. John T. Reynolds , Rockbridge County
  25. Dr. Carol S. Fenn , Rockingham County
  26. Dr. Scott R. Kizner , Harrisonburg
  27. Dr. Marcus J. Newsome , Chesterfield County
  28. Dr. William C. Symons , Stafford County
  29. Dr. David T. Sovine , Frederick County
  30. Dr. Robert P. Grimesey Jr. , Orange County
  31. Rae Darlington, Prince William County
  32. Ned D. Waterhouse, Loudoun County
  33. Dr. Michael F. Murphy , Clarke County
  34. Dr. Karen K. Garza , Fairfax County
  35. Dr. Richard A. Moniuszko, Fairfax County
  36. Mr. Jeffrey K. Platenburg, Fairfax County
  37. Dr. Peter J. Noonan , Fairfax
  38. Mr. Marty K. Smith, Fairfax County
  39. Mr. James J. Kacur, Fairfax County
  40. Rae Darlington, Prince William County
  41. Mr. Douglas A. Tyson, Fairfax County
  42. Ms. Deborah L. Tyler, Fairfax County
  43. Ms. Frances W. Ivey, Fairfax County
  44. Ms. Angela G. Atwater, Fairfax County
  45. Ms. Linda Erdos, Arlington County
  46. Position Vacant, Alexandria
  47. Dr. Patrick K. Murphy , Arlington County
  48. Mr. John Chadwick, Arlington County
  49. Mrs. Connie Skelton, Arlington County
  50. Dr. Catherine Magouyrk , Manassas
  51. R Todd Erickson, Prince William County
  52. Ms. Rita E Goss, Prince William County
  53. Ms. Linda L. Burke, Fairfax County
  54. Dr. Stephen Scott Baker , Spotsylvania County
  55. Dr. Jamelle S. Wilson , Hanover County
  56. Dr. Deborah D. Pettit , Louisa County
  57. Dr. Rosa S. Atkins , Charlottesville
  58. Dr. Pamela Moran , Albemarle County
  59. Dr. Robert Johnson , Campbell County
  60. Dr. Merle P. Herndon , Halifax County
  61. Dr. James Thornton, Ed. D. , Mecklenburg County
  62. Dr. John A. Fahey Jr. , Hopewell
  63. Dr. Joseph C Melvin , Petersburg
  64. Mrs. A. Katrise Perera , Isle of Wight County
  65. Dr. Eric L Jones , Powhatan County
  66. Dr. Joseph O. Cox Jr. , Colonial Heights
  67. Mr. Fabio E. Zuluaga, Fairfax County
  68. P. Andy Hawkins, Chesterfield County
  69. Bob Barnett, On-Ballot
  70. Dr. Patrick J. Russo , Henrico County
  71. Position Vacant, Richmond
  72. Dr. Patrick C. Kinlaw, Henrico County
  73. Dr. Bondy Shay Gibson, Henrico County
  74. Dr. Janet C. Crawley , Charles City County
  75. Dr. Oliver W. Spencer Jr. , Brunswick County
  76. Dr. Deran R. Whitney , Suffolk
  77. Dr. James T. Roberts , Chesapeake
  78. Dr. William E. Russell, Chesapeake
  79. Dr. David C. Stuckwisch , Portsmouth
  80. Dr. Patricia Fisher, Portsmouth
  81. Ms. Shirann C Lewis, Virginia Beach
  82. Maynard Massey, Virginia Beach
  83. Dr. Donald E. Robertson, Virginia Beach
  84. John A. Mirra, Virginia Beach
  85. Ms. Kathleen O'Hara, Virginia Beach
  86. Ms. Barbara M. Hunter, Fairfax County
  87. Sharon D. Ackerman, Loudoun County
  88. Dr. David G. Melton , Fredericksburg
  89. Dr. Samuel T King , Norfolk
  90. Dr. L'Tanya Simmons, Norfolk
  91. Dr. Eric Williams , York County
  92. Dr. Linda M. Shifflette , Hampton
  93. Dr. Steven Constantino , Williamsburg
  94. Dr. Ashby Kilgore , Newport News
  95. Mary Lou Roaseau, Newport News
  96. Dr. Steven Constantino , James City County
  97. Dr. Robert F Richardson , New Kent County
  98. Dr. Ben Kiser , Gloucester County
  99. Mr. Robert B. Benson , King George County
  100. Dr. William Bruce Benson , Accomack County
To "incentivize" the candidates, the school district is warranted one lifehour for each write-in vote which the candidate receives. The candidate receives a ten percent hardship reward. With an average of 5,000 votes, that is about $150,000 for the district and $15,000 for the candidates that can be used in the evolving, expanding goods and services provided by timism, e.g., tax supports or tax credits.

If timists win the election, they will write the new tax laws one of which will be to reward the problem-solvers. Get your parents to the polling place. Note districts that have not had their superintendents drafted will receive the lifehour credit per write-in vote.

Whatever it costs in this leverage buyout of the habitual politicians is nothing compared to the depth of debt into which they have plunged our country to fund their re-election addiction. With lifehour loan refinancing and profit-sharing repayment, we will survive their financial failings.

Should the write-in candidate when the election, the lifehour warrants will double.

There's a sucker born every minute.
P.T. Barnum

Twitter IPO:
A $10 billion rip-off of your 401k

Withdrawal Process: Note to drafted write-in candidates: If you are not legally in the district, please  find someone else use this form and submit their name.  Place a legal notice in the Richmond Times-Dispatch with your replacement's name. The lifehour rewards will be split 50/50.

( WriteInVaList.htm via Sandeep kaur)

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