"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet."
Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Jigsaw Pattern As Periodic Table: An Analogy

As an inclusive, universal and simple system for understanding existence, Timism is presented as the Periodic Table of Existence, that is, the three basic processes repeat themselves at each higher level of existence. Thus, if one understands one level of existence with timistic principles, it is easier to learn and understand others levels. Beneficially, problem-solutions of one level can be translated into other five levels.

If the reader is familiar with a jigsaw puzzle, one knows that myriad of machine-stamped pieces are held together not by the thin picture veneer on top but by the pattern cut all the way through the block. In a sense, the six levels of existence and their sublevels are cut from the same jigsaw pattern. The various dynamic systems in each level are held together by their basic time creating/cancering processes. These processes exist independent of man's knowledge or understanding of them. The processes interact indepedent of man's descriptions, perspectives, or labels. Man's various vocabularies for these processes are like the different pictures applied to the jigsaw puzzle substratum before the blocks are stamped out.

The chemistry periodic table of elements is a jigsaw pattern with the various elements interlocking based on the twists, turns, and curves of boiling point, melting point, electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. If one adjusted the straight line grid of the periodic table to reflect the previous elemental variations, one would have something that looks like a jigsaw pattern from the back.

When Demitri Mendeleev constructed the periodic table of elements in the 1860's, it did not matter whether he did it in Russian, Polish, English or any other language. The periodicity was not dependent on man's thin veneer of vocabulary. Likewise with creation/cancering of time in dynamic systems. It does not matter what man calls these processes. They are universal and periodic.

When it comes to solving problems, what is the benefit of recognizing that a jigsaw puzzle has two sides, that is, the thin veneer of differences and the thick volume of blandness? Consider jumbling together the blocks of six jigsaw puzzles cut from the pattern. Would it be easer to put one together independent of the picture with the pieces of up or down? Which would be more distracting in impeding recognizing the pattern? The sides with the various colors of the pictures or the side with the plain, bland, grey bottom? If you had a piece in hand, would it be easier to find the other five matching "position" pieces by looking at the thin veneer side or the thick bland side?

If you have ever assembled a jigsaw puzzle, you know that colors can sometimes have you placing a piece way out position location. More important than matching colors is matching position. It is the position that matters in the periodic table of elements not one property, e.g., color of element. Likewise with the thin veneer of vocabulary in describing existence. Many are the misalignments of essential parts because of mislabeling and misjoining, e.g., inflation is an inflated word used to describe both an increase and decrease in wealth. Duh!

Timism, as the periodic table of existence in which all entities can be defined in the quality and quantity of time, offers a system of analysis whereby problem-solutions in one level can be applied to other levels by stripping or ignoring the thin veneer of vocabulary. With timism, one can tell whether a purported, popular or political solution is really a time creator or time cancer . With timism, one can apply simple math to determine the calculus of time's trajectory which is more important than the time image of Kodak Morality, that is, an apparent positive of the moment is a long-term loss.

Numerous examples are provided in Saltwater Solutions which describes how people thirsting for solutions to their problems often drink saltwater which quinches one's thirst for a short-time before the problem of thirst comes raging back worst than ever. Examples are college and medical savings accounts which drive up costs. Another is the slogan of a major human time-cancer: "Save Money, Live Better." This Kodak Moment is a death sentence.

Timism is like a currency exchange in which all currencies can be converted into other currencies. This is what a jigsaw puzzle does when it provides the means by which different pictures can be interlocked by virtue of the pattern, not the picture. The buying power of a hundred US dollars can be a basket of other currencies. When you look at a currency-exchange board showing the trading rates, you are looking at a periodic table, a jigsaw pattern and an "atomic cloud." The latter is basis of an chemical lements variations in boiling points, melting points, weight, etc. Likewise, when you look at weather systems of the earth and at electrical patterns of the brain, you are looking at parallel time creation/cancering systems--see Meteorological Mentality .

Timism is more than a heuristic problem-solving system like a currency exchange which solves the problem of how different nations define the current time value of its workers, goods and services. Timism leaps forward to propose and proffer a currency exchange system based on a more honest, less dysfunctional symbol of problem-solving time, the lifehour. Based on a timistic analysis and origin of currencies, the best currency is one in which the symbols of problem-solving time are married to the substance of problem-solving time, that is, an economy in which work, worth and wealth are more than etymological relatives. The best currency is one in which an hour of lifework to solve problems (not to play) is kept constant in buying power as one lifehour at work.

Failure to maintain this marriage of symbol and substance is the road paved to inflation, chaos, revolution and death. Humanity is not only on this path but it is paving the way to hell with a flood of financial instruments to maintain liquidity in an economy saturated with funny paper.

The value of a lifehour for exchange is based on dividing into the twenty-four day the number of hours needed to earn a living of life's necessities. If economy A requires twelve hours then the lifehour is worth two. If economy B requires only four hours then the lifehour is worth six. Exchanges between the two economies would be at a 1:3 ratio. An honest currency life the lifehour eliminates the need for tariffs for tax and fairness is built in.

The lifehour as a concept and realized currency is an example of how the timistic periodic table of existence can be used to determine time creation/cancering of entities. Furthermore, this analysis can be used to propose better solutions to liberate or to conserve better problem-solving.

What's in a politician? That which we call a politician by any other name would smell as bad.

Habitual politicians, like tenured economists and legacy Wallstreeters, are volcanic sources of semantic slippage to apply a thin veneer of positive spin on a vortex of ugly lies and simple theft. Denial of freedom is called rendition. Denial of earnings is called free market. Denial of pensions is called 401ks. Timistically analyzed for the creation/cancering of time, all three careers are bloodsuckers of the stupid, naive and igknowant. All three have more crooked interlocking lies than the lines of a jigsaw puzzle. The revolving door of politicians, academics and financiers fans the fires of self-destruction with each new arrival echoing the greed of the departed--see Harvard : Gas Guzzler of Higher Education.


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