Kodak Morality

Kodak Morality describes morality based on the moment like the encouragement to take a snapshot of a happy, feel good Kodak Moment. Kodak morality refers to making a choice based on a narrow, limited time window rather than doing a longevity study. Epitomizing Kodak Morality is the functional ADHD admonition, "If it feels good, do it."

Many examples of Kodak morality can be found in the falsehopes of stopping global dying. For instance, a cradle-to-grave analysis of ethanol shows that the production of ethanol causes more CO2 generation than if, instead, fossil fuels were burned. Long-term analysis can be called Video Morality or the Calculus of Morality. Other examples are people, religions, agencies and attitude that think happiness comes from having more babies. The cuteness of a baby pails in the face of exponentially increasing problems from overpopulation on this planet. To have a child is to condemn it to a lower quality of life that will end most likely by 2015. A child born in 2010 has an increased chance, compared decades ago, of becoming an example of the meal common to areas of drought and famine: Baby Back Ribs.

Like the falsehopes of reversing global warming Saltwater Solutions are Kodak Moments, that is, they sound good at first. In the end, like a thirsty person drinking a glass of salt water. Saltwater solutions make a problem worse.

Examples of Kodak Morality:

  1. Iraq War
  2. Afghanistan War
  3. Pyrrhic victories

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