Forget I Forgot

When politicians make good policies then the polity in the polis will be polite without police.

Many are familiar with the cliche, "I've forgotten more than most people have learned." For this questioner of life who took seriously the Socratic admonition that the unquestioned life is not worth living, career changes reflected a desire to experience life from different perspectives as the the people who live those lives not as someone who visits those lives. There is a big difference between being a garbage collector drawing a paycheck who observes the postal admonition that neither rain nor snow will keep a trashman from his appointed rounds and being a election addicted habitual politician who rides on a garbage truck for a few hours to be a postal kid for a man of the people. The changes with successes expanded and polished timism which, combined, is why I am a Ludi, if not a Magister Ludi.

Postal kid phonies never forget things because they never learned them in the first place. The learning is more than book information from public or private education. The most important learning is the rightful guiding principles learned from the college of hard knocks from whence springs the work ethic as opposed the institutionalized play pathos of organized education. You will forget your classroom indoctrination long before you forget that day without food or shelter. But some people forget their roots by choice.

The questioning and living of the one's single and only life is not a library stack research  project or ivory tower P or P. It is putting your ass on the line in the walks of life that are different. For this "I'm going to enjoy my life without getting stuck in a rut of merely drawing a paycheck 24/7/365 till 65," it was repeatedly walking away from many budding promises and achievements of fame and fortune: electronics, medicine, computers, counselor, printing, and, in general, academia(resume). Of academia, I like to say that the ultimate form of academic freedom is academic abdication. When repeatedly asked if I am a professor, I respond that I had better things to do. And, I did them.

The questioning of life is putting your butt on the line. When my primary business failed, it was a proprietorship because I did not want to hide behind corporate paper as a form of insulation. I can understood the pain of people losing their jobs and homes because, "been there, done that." Only if you have been hungry can you understand hunger in a way to stop hunger.

In my early fiftys, I revisited the uncertainty of living a life on limited means. In Minneapolis to pursue Timism, I lived in my workspace taking baths in buckets, sleeping on the floor and eating on foods that weekly cost less than one hour of regular wages ($15 at the time). Friends would offer to buy me a meal which I normally declined except when sick. I lived this frugal, Walden Pond existence to better understand the lives of 99% of the people alive today who live on less than $15 a week. I lived this deprived life despite having an idyllic, pastoral home and great wife in Richmond, Virginia. I lived it because maybe I was nuts to want to not be isolated from the bulk of humanity who have little to live for, a state of expectations that is being visited upon more and more Americans with the economic meltdown wrought by Bushitters and Republicans with a chaser by inflation stimulus of the following democratic administration.

I don't trust the overprivileged habitual politicians who claim to be champions of the underprivileged. The best example of this is the Kennedy clan. What have they really done with their trust funds that isolate them from real everyday problems. They can't forget their pain because they never had real pain. If the Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, was so good why do we still don't have healthcare after his decades in the Senate? If he was so good at reforming education, why is America's education so poorly rated on the global scale. In truth, the dynamics of "No child left behind" is "No rich kid left without a tax-supported babysitter."

The most important thing to remember is not data and facts but one's humanity. The questioning of the value of a liberal education is troubling for it shows a focus on the materialism of a job-training college degree rather than the mentalism of a life-education university sheepskin. If one has a liberal education, one will be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Who are the people that made a mess of the economy and environment? The people who went to college for job-training so they could make millions of dollars by screwing others in order to have their M&M's--mansions and mistresses. A degree in the humanities will give one greater life rewards than a portfolio that keeps growing in funny numbers of funny papers that have no value. Habitual politicans can guarantee the numbers of your savings but not the value of those numbers. The bold economic stimulus plan of February, 2008, will not only maintain people's numbers of funny paper but will increase the numbers while the buying power of the funny paper drops faster: Inflation. Like Mugabe's Zimbawa, one day we will all be billionaires with stores full of empty shelves.

Forgetting that one forgot is important to this questioner of life. If you know you forgot, you can initiate your mental gymnastics to tease out the forgotten matter. But, if you forget that you forgot you do not initiate any inquiries.

Occassionally, you trip across something that informs you of something that you double forgot. My favorite example is the phrase "When politicians make good policies, the polity in the polis will be polite without police." For me, this gain currency in conversation in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century as people remarked favorably on its gist. It came as a humorous shock when I tripped across a letter to an editor in the previous century in which I had used this phrase. In other words, I forgot that I forgot.

Forgetting that one forgot has great meaning for this questionnaire. In many walks of life, this questioner can say that he has forgotten more than most people learn. Particularly in physics, this forgetting was compounded by the blatant burning of all my notes on spinbarism because I did not like the implication. Mankind does not know how to benefit from fission with a message for anyone who thinks that fusion is the solution to our energy problem. There are many sweet, insightful subtleties in my accumulated notes which I will not have the time nor incentive to share with others. The primary moral imperative of saving live on earth trumps all other motives. On the Titanic of humanity now sinking faster and faster, the passengers need to stop putting the egos into the gaudy shows and gambling casinos. For this mentalist on our sinking ship, I am unhappy that I must intentionally forget and forget because the public sharing of timism is required to save my ass.

How does a person concerned with forgetting that he forgot remember more of his past? Eintime

After thoughts:

  1. 100228 Relation to Socrates knowing more because he knows what he doesn't know. (and sanity)
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