Know thyself, Socrates [need to review summary]

A Magister Ludi of the Glassbead Game

Information Monster, Reaper, Speedster & Keepster:

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When it comes to learning meaningful information, few are faster speedsters than this thinker. The reasons are simple and quantifiable. Timism stands as a personal and professional monument that towers over other intellectual, practical achievements. As you review this list of information accelerators, recognize how they are more than additive. They are multiplicative or exponential. Remember, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, except ....

  1. Raw Intellect: I am not the person with the greatest raw intelligence. However, as the person upon whom timism fell I do fall outside the standard deviations on the IQ bell-shaped curve. I am, therefore, a deviant. Raw intelligence is a gift in which one can have no earned pride any more than one can take deserved pride in good looks. Without superior intelligence, one can not decipher and reveal complex truths. Do we send Down's Syndrome to medical school? Do we sell quarts as gallons? The evolution of man's discovering and codifying truths of existence can be seen in the progression from Aristotle's to Newton's to Einstein's physics: Each progression accounted for more life data or facts. A number of analogies show how a certain raw intelligence is needed to be a superior information speedster: Frog Jumping ... Abacus ... Guitar Strings ... Marbles ... CPU's ... Length of Existence ...Bucket ... Autism is Ok
  2. College time: Education or Job? That I completed undergraduate requirements at a university with a real campus in two years is secondary to why I went to college. Most people go to college for a job rather than an education. I sought an education to liberate me from the primitive lies and boogiemen preached by the igknowant adults of my youth, that is, a liberal education on the question of what is the meaning of life. These are the people who find a career that is forty years of hating the bulk of their waking hours, people who cry, "Pay me more, for I hate my job." A college education rather than job training creates a person who is rarely bored except when in the company of the "more money and me-me" drones. My college college education was different, an evolution that became the basis of adult life. I learned how to learn better and faster than the ivory soap crowd.
  3. Values System: A good value system is one that conserves the good while liberating the bad. This requires constant questioning with an open mind unimpeded by conscious or unconscious hidden agendas. Afterall, the person who questions his faith has a better, stronger faith than the one-perspective follower. A good value system facilitates learning information ... of needed value, not crappy wants (DooDoo Digester)
  4. Emotions versus reason: Many issues are emotional for the majority of people because they process the events of life in strings of three-, five- or seven- thoughts. Their thoughts have a short length of existence. If you can only process a mental string of three thoughts then a four-thought event will elicit an emotional response rather than a rational response. You sense the missing fourth thought and act on it without logically being fully aware of it. This is another way of looking at the difference in possible integrity between a moron and a normon. Normons integrate more thoughts and are not as emotional as those who process fewer thoughts. It is like driving at night with sunglasses. Some people not only drive at night with sunglasses but with no lights and with eyes wide shut. Who has more accidents in life? Who are the shit-eaters?
  5. Mantras for clearing thoughts: If you want to maximize information, you need a mantra to clear your mind to have the most resources available. It could be "Om, Mani, Padma, Hum." Or, the Lord's Prayer. Or, the Serenity Prayer. Mantras are a must. Altogether, I know how to minimize the abyss of one's forgetting that one forgot-Eintime or Forgetting I Forgot.
  6. Computo Ergo Sum: I compute therefore I am ... Cogito ergo sum instead of wasto ergo sum or ignoro ergo sum. I seek bliss from questioning rather than the bliss of ignoring. One who can translate one's life concepts into computese is doubly blessed like the car driver who knows how to change a flat tire. One can go down more roads faster without waiting for roadside assistance. As the changer-enabled driver appreciates avoiding nails better so does the thinker find one's logic honed by computerizing one's concepts. Computer-enabled thinkers have a friend who clearly says "dummy" when one is a dummy.
  7. Eintime: With computer skills, I composed "EinTime", a simple computer program that lets me create a roadmap of all my past potential Einstein moments from my computerized anal-retentive notes/diary, data and documents since the late-1970's. (In frustration, I burned all my notes prior to that time--and I really regret losing Persona Mega Sutra.) Imagine, being able to recall all the stored thoughts and stored documents that you thought worthwhile which you have naturally forgotten that you forgot. Imagine being able to move, shape, and multi-thread mountains of relevant, problem-solving information, e.g.,, a standardization of global, national, state and local problem-solving, or lifeboats, a standardization of issues facing humanity. Imagine instead of racking your brain for recollections you have a multi-faceted re-construction of your thoughts: Eintime, One Time.
  8. Internet surfer: Having been in telecommunications since 1968, having used computers since 1974, and having owned a personal computer since 1979, information is learned at a higher rate than a person who peruses the piles of books in a library. Fingered with a 100 wpm typing speed--sadly declining with age-- the information management of this timist is not hamstrung by the hassle of chicken "hunt and peck" keyboarding (Nub). Few thoughts are diluted or interrupted by "where are my fingers and where are those damn keys." The pleasure and fulfillment of typing without interruptions is like the intimacy of a honeymoon compared to the no free time or no free love with a passel of little hassles. (Internet modus operandi.)
  9. Luck and Bull:
    1. Lucky that I had such a horrible youth. Lucky to have a speech impediment.
    2. Luck in questioning why I did something wrong rather than saying it is ok no matter what if I do it. Instead of bullshitting it, that is, my way or the highway, aka, never explain, never apologize.
    3. Lucky in crime, quitting before getting caught.
    4. Lucky on tests. Electronics and Urine.
    5. Recognize luck. A Bull in a China Shop: The sub in Pearl Harbor.
  10. iCube::  Integrity of Intelligence and Information. Like many words that have suffered semantic slippage , "integrity" is a humpty-dumpty word in which the user chooses whatever meaning the user wants whenever the user wants regardless if the latest meaning is the opposite of an earlier user-chosen meaning. For a given body of information, a moron cannot have the integrity of normon, for the normon can integrate more information simultaneously to maintain consistency. Alzheimer reduces one's integrity to the point where even great writers, e.g., Wm. Manchester, cannot fathom the completion of a sentence whereas they integrated whole books on subjects. Some Presidents lack sufficient intelligence to maintain the integrity of a sentence, that is, they cannot complete a thought without an intervening stumble and shift to a soundbyte. Integrity is not only raw intellectual capacity but the quality of what is integrated. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot had great intelligence that integrated horrible information, that is, an integrity of hell. A Magister Ludi has high, positive integrity. With eintime, this Magister Ludi can have an integrity of not merely who he is but who he is and who he has been.
    1. ADHD: Relative to my iCube, everyone has ADHD. Makes it hard living with others. Forces a choice: Spend one's time speeding forward in expanding one's iCube or spending time sharing with all the accoutrements of frustrations, anger and hate. Explain in terms of dynamic density and mentality .
    2. For a higher iCube, rather than merely think about and live for sex, I learned when to have sex to think better to live better: Timism, see Grapes and Raisons .
  11. Timism and God: If you think that cars run on spirits, you will pray to spirits rather than take the time to get some gas. Likewise with man's understanding of life and with one's information about life. We all share the same God but we don't share the same understanding. Those who question God have a closer and fuller understanding of God than those who follow religious monetarists. And, the proof is in the pudding. My understanding of the meaning of life is at one with my God, my logic and my facts. Can you say the same?
  12. Results: If you consider the above, numerous information feathers and blather, it should be easy to understand why this thinker has flown in a world of walkers or waiters. With one's rising thoughts, one can create a mass of skyscrapers for a mass of humanity that still lives in one-story mental mudhuts. Of course, the average person will understand timism as easily as the average Amazonian tribesman understands skyscrapers. As I think of the information that has been synthesized and unified into timism, I am reminded of the reporter who said to England's leading scientist when Einstein won the Nobel Prize--"I hear only three people understand Einstein" to which the scientist responded, "I wonder who the other person is." The downside to knowing timism is seeing the existential meltdown of civilization which the politically powerful see. Before the coming avalanche of social, economic and political collapse, no power will save the powerful ... or, sadly, the timewise.
  13. Irony: I live in an isolated bubble of gross stupidly or great stupendity. Those who say, don't know ... those who know, don't say ... those who both say and know die.
  14. Know thyself, Socrates: Timism is the transparency of existence with its elucidation being the transparency of the elucidator, worts and all. Defining time defines the definer.

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  1. Remember, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, except in corrupt political regimes where a political whore is grosser than the scum on his farts.
  2. Pride as a fact, not as an abused word, is an adjective for one's good actions that require time and commitment--pro esse, the same semantic root of profit. A big question about a person's achievements is where does God's gift end and a man's sweat begin.
  3. Do we send Down's Syndrome to medical school? No. However, we ensure their right to the pursuit of happiness in the tasks for which their intelligence is equal. Life may be unfair but human's should not be unfair. All men are created equal in the right to the pursuit of happiness. Placing an incapable problem-solver in a position above their ability, however, is to harm the pursuit of happiness of those over whom the incapable problem-solver is not solving problems. This problem-solving equation--best problem-solver for a higher tide of equality in the pursuit of happiness for all--is especially true for nepotism, spoiled brats and doodoo digesting. However, our problem-plagued world shows that this equation is ignored with more problems, less equality and less happiness.
  4. Analogies to raw intelligence:
    1. Frog Jumping: How fast can a frog go up a staircase of six-inch steps if the frog can only leap five inches? Some people in life are foot-tall hoppers, learning information at double-time, and more importantly, which most people cannot ascend. Mental small fries are short-legged frogs. (Some politicians a tadpoles who crash each time they leap at having a vision, a crash that kills those who pinned their hope on the overachieving politician.) Without the Einstein's initial leap of insight that required a superior intellect the whole field of physics would not have gone forward until another had their moment of discovering the new staircase of knowledge and possessing the ability to make the initial hop. Also see Frog Leaping.
    2. Abacus: Who can handle more, larger and complexer numbers on their abacus? The five-string or the seven-string abacuser? (Some politicians have no strings at all on their abacus let alone glassbeads. The strings they have are strings attached to their limbs and lips.)
    3. Strings on guitar: Who can can compose more complex music, the person with a three-string instrument or the person with a six- or twelve-string guitar?
    4. Marbles: Information learning and organization require more than average marbles in quantity, quality and usage. It's like the speed difference between an old Volkswagen and a Ferrari. A caveat is which one uses gas and which one uses water as well as which one is on a highway or is in a swamp. Having a good mind filled with junk in a gutter is a wasted mind compared to the hardworking, productive moron.
    5. Computer Processors--8-, 16-, 32-, 64-bit processing: Each doubling of bits processed by the CPU allowed leaps in both quantity and quality of information processing. An 8-bit processor multiplied by adding the number over and over while a 16-bit could do multiplication in a few steps (Consider the difference between multiplying by a million.) Interestingly, with each doubling of the CPU bit registry, the number of people who could comprehend the words of the computer language decreased.  Most people process life in small bits while the bright take life in bigger bytes. In combat or cockpits, would you rather have a moron or an Einstein for a colleague? As your chief of surgeon, a dedicated doctor or a dissipated dyslexic? As a rule, the smaller minds are the fodder for and fertilizer of urban legends, exceptions to the rule, and gut reactions.
    6. Bucket of Intelligence (Karma): Doo-Doo-ism: Another View of Timism
    7. Length of existence: A key cornerstone of the periodic table of existence, timism, at each level of existence is "length of existence." The foodchain is a chain of time with each higher level extending its length of existence by consuming the elements of lower levels of time. Likewise with mental processes and achievements. Larger, longer lasting thoughts consume and are built upon lesser thoughts. ADHD is a person with a mental process of short lived thoughts. One cannot see the similarity of temporally separated events if one has an insufficiently short length of mental existence. Sadly, in 2000, an unelected ADHD, dyslexic person was placed in the White House and ever after exhibited the traits of a person with a short length of mental existence, e.g., never makes mistake cause doesn't remember mistakes, life is simple not complex, and gut-reactions are better than reasoned thought.
  5. College Time: Education or Job
    1. Education and purpose of life: Who gets more out of life? The person who uses college to focus on the question, "What is life?" Or, the person who doesn't care? Which person will be imbued with enlightened self-interest in seeking a path that benefits all people who are upon that path of life? I started out in philosophy to question life with a heavy emphasis in religions.
    2. Progression of college courses: As questions about life were asked, it became clear to me that some questions could be answer definitively if the question poser--man--were better understood. This epiphany initiated a shift to psychology, physiology, biology, chemistry and physics. Since college, the questions and answers have been subjected to broad review from the existing schools of thinking on God's creation.
    3. How to learn quickly: People are always trying to find ways to learn quickly. One can learn quickly for a test--cramming. Or, one can learn quickly for life--assimilating. I developed an efficient process for learning new material--find the simplest summary and then proceed through more elaborate explanations to the erudite.
    4. Vacation time: Part of lasting learning is recognizing when one is not in a learning mode. Five minutes of ready learning readiness is worth more than sixty minutes of wary learning like a half-hearted effort to jump over a barrier or leap up new steps. An important asset is not only recognizing when one is in an unabsorbent mode but how to willfully transit to a learning mode. Part of learning a lot in a day is to have several parallel trains of learning so that one can shift form one productive to another productive activity without wasting time in a bored or burned-out state. One learns less in a day or life if one is single-focused. Again, the more money and me-me drones cannot be expected to provide new paradigms to solve humanity's problems, for they are part of the problems.
    5. How to retain learning: Use it or lose it applies to a lot of lost memories. Retaining memory does not take much effort. What took a lot of time to acquire can be kept current with a little effort like a mammoth flywheel kept spinning with just a little energy input in each cycle. For memory retention, the key is broad reading which the Internet makes easier than ever. With a round robin of favorites, one can keep current a renaissance of learning. With both learning and retention, daily diet plays a strong role in learning--proteins in the morning and carbs before sleep, a diet which can exacerbate the benefits of a narcoleptic-insomniac syndrome.
    6. Scatological note-taking: A lot of problem-solving information never gets packaged for use in the world. For most people, their Einstein moments are passing curiosities without benefit to themselves or their world. While it can be taken to extremes--a Freudian anal retentive personality--one should have a system for keeping thoughts and observations that don't seem to conform to everyday life. Via notepad or noterecorder, I review for reconsideration many thoughts that strike my fancy. Timism would be null and void if I were not a scatological note-taker. Can the non-note-taker be an information speedster. No, without notes you forget what you forgot. Enhancing the information accumulation and refreshment are several proprietary computer programs that allow quick summaries of past readings and reflections into summary outlines of quotations, comments and sources.
    7. Multi-syllabic Duh-Duh: The interaction of nature and nurture in determining one's achievements can be seen in the difference between a person who thinks in one-syllable words and one who thinks in multi-syllabic concepts. If one's God given nature is a five-thought mind, one can improve the overall quality of one's thinking, actions and personality by increasing the richness of one's thoughts. Compare the difference between explaining what a car is to a person who speaks in single syllables and a person who understands "transmission, differential, carborator, radiator." A too common everyday analogy is the American tourist who expects communication, understanding and service by uttering grunts and groans in a foreign language. If one learns more words with concepts then one can possess greater understanding, an instance of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. It's like the difference between the music of a string quartet and four can-pounding brats.
      1. Sadly, since the 1960's, the average vocabulary of America's high school graduates has dropped by about two-thirds, from 25,000 words to 7,500 words. Duh.
      2. Some people ask in way of criticism why I use big words. This is the truth: to think better and enjoy life more. However, as a person with a remnant of a re-occurring speech impediment, I often say that I learned multi-syllabic words so that if I botch a syllable, people can more easily fill in the blank for understanding of a five syllable word than if I mispronounce a single syllable word, e.g., mire versus mile.
    8. Great Books of Western Thought (96%): In 2002, while flying cross country, the airline's shopping magazine had an offer to buy a book collection that represented the 100 greatest books of western thought. Out of curiosity, I decided to check the ones that I had not read for school or pleasure. Surprising myself, I found that four were not checked.
  6. Values System
    1. Early commitment: When at puberty I became aware of my unique existence and responsibility for its future, I also recognized the unhappiness that came from my making mistakes. I made a commitment to develop a value system from which I could base my actions so as to make fewer mistakes, to have fewer regrets and to enjoy an honest life. While replete with many failures, my life has been fuller than those who are not so dedicated.
    2. All the learning in the world is not worth a bucket of warm spit in the face of the person who values gut reactions over good reasons, who prefers opinions to facts. Afterall, it doesn't cost any time or sweat to have an opinion but a fact requires a lot of stress to learn and live. Be that as it may be ...
    3. Free Thinker : A free thinker is too often thought of as a person who does not care. Wrong. A free thinker is a person who pursues the truths of life with increasing freedom from constraints and limitations, that is, freedom from problems. A person who depends on another person for income is not as free as the person who seeks self-employment or suffers starving-student syndrome. A person without children can be a freer thinker more than the responsible person with an obligation to children who did not ask to come into this world. A free thinker will sometimes go to a mountaintop or distant abode to maximize the number of free thinking minutes in a day. A free thinker will find and learn more information than persons who self-enslaved themselves to the mirages of materialism. Janus Joplin said that "Freedom is just another word for nothing else to lose." For greater freedom, the wise free-thinker avoids the acquisitions that can or must be lost before achieving freedom.
    4. Null Materialist: One can value possessions as necessary evils or as the reason for living, e.g., a free-thinker eats to live while an obese thinker lives to eat. A sufficient home is adequate for the free-thinker rather than the materialist's syndrome of a bigger, bigger house every few years--the modern home. Automobiles are necessary evils into which the minimum of time should be invested. Clothes are for warmth, not self-definition. Clothes horses have chains of fabric that restrict their freedom as much as chains of metal. There is a timistic morality for having more time.
    5. Penny-waster for time-freedom:  I don't have any of the too common discount or punch cards to save pennies. The amount of time it takes to manage those cards comes at the expense of free-thinking and happiness. People with key chains full of tag cards are like Gulliver pinned down by many strings. If you enslave yourself to 24/7 price-saving schemes you will have lost your life before you die. These disturbing, distracting discounts are economic saltwater solutions that subsidize the rich. Better to live simple with straightforward merchants than get all tangled up in webs of more consumerism.  I have a surplus of time.
    6. Happiest persons: Those who maximize their free time with each passing year are the happiest persons. Think about the reasons why you are unhappy. Central to unhappiness is the loss of your free time--Death, illness, unemployment, hunger, etc. A tenet of Buddhism is the avoidance of want, for want enslaves one to a life of unfulfilled desires. A timist like a Buddhist seeks happiness by increasing free time which is free time from want. A person who is happy because of few wants has more time to learn. I have been repeatedly accused of being happier than I should be--an expression of frustration and envy that tells more about the voicer than the recipient like the racists yelling, " Nigger ." Concomitant with my greater happiness from free time is my greater learning of information. A timist leads a profitable life, that is, one of more time, pro esse. Because time, not money, is the foundation of happiness, I'd rather learn a new idea than win a million-dollar lottery. Most people either can't have or don't want ideas over money--H.L. Mencken estimated that 80% of the population never have a new idea in their whole life, a silent majority that resent the idealists. If you choose the latter you are not really happy, probably confusing the bliss of igknowance, that is, falsely happy because you ignore problems. One can ignore problems only for so long before the problems destroy one's life and loves: igknowance is bliss ... only for a while. igknowance is bliss best for fascists. Are you a fascist who enjoys an elevated lifestyle by stealing and consuming the lifework of people you don't like?
    7. House: Which to repair and rebuild?. I repeatedly risked the integrity of my own house to focus on how to benefit the house of humanity. My home in Richmond declined. My monastic multi-year relocation to Minneapolis included a ten-day stint of homelessness when my dollars became less than pennies. Why? The finest Roman palaces were tributes to the popular misplaced emphasis as Rome declined. Oil City, Pennsylvania, has many palatial mansions that are discrepit shells of their former glory. Only a fool paints his cabin when the ship is sinking. Despite being a happy person, I have chosen the sadness of lapsing friendships to paint a world in which estranged friends are safer and saner.
    8. A Conservative Liberal: In effect, a centrist is a conservative liberal. Conserve the good and liberate us from the bad. Disgustingly, that is what the passionate hypocrites try to convey in their soundbyte, compassionate conservative.
  7. Life Accidents
    1. People who constantly, rather than judiciously, react to life with their gut reactions will find their life a series of shitty bowel movements. Intuition or faith should be used for decision when logic fails as Lincoln said of the Bible. Scary is the future as more and more people think that increasingly relying on their gut reactions will make them better problem solvers rather than focusing on learning the facts that make up the problems.
    2. Matter of fact and matter of opinion. A sign of an emotional rather than rational person is one who values opinions over facts. I am a person who believes in facts and truths that transcend my emotions, and, more importantly, transcend what human beings think of them. God exists whether humans exist. The true nature of God is a reward for God's creatures who questions his nature rather than lazy, unquestioning gut-reactors. Unlike the non-Christ Christians, I am not a creature who daily repeats the Original Sin, that is, stealing fruit from God's tree of knowledge. I learn and earn it. Gut-reactors commit a sin worse than the original sin of stealing from the tree of knowledge: they hang their bowel movements on the Tree, infidels defiling the essence of God with falsehoods of feces.
    3. The majority of my gut reactions are when someone steps on my foot or I eat too much spicy food. Because I question, I have learned more about God than the vast majority of people. And, timism is God's reward for my questioning God since I was a teenager. Do you think God is a moron who only wants conversation at a pre-schooler's primitive level of thinking?
  8. Mantras are a must: You cannot think clearly and fully if your mind is pained or worried. You might be a great frog jumper, but if you are hamstrung you are not going up the stairs of life. Part of benefiting from a mantra is knowing when to use it. Some people, sadly, don't have enough smarts to realize when distractions are making them dumber. If one can smartly clear one's thoughts for only one hour a day, one can often achieve more than a person who thinks hard all day long. A day of constantly eating sand is not as rewarding and healthy as eating one good balanced meal. Or, a person who digs all day with a shovel achieves less than the person who operates a backhoe for an hour.
  9. Computer-Enabled Thinkers: Equally blessing are the realizations derived from the computer coding which says, in effect, "Hey, stupid, look at what you're missing in your original thinking," an effect that expands one's concepts more qualitatively than mere quantitatively.  Equally disturbing is the unavoidable awareness as one's objective feedback on the gradual decline of mental and motor skills as one's typing speed and accuracy declines along one's programming speed and accuracy. Fortunately, a programmer who is well-experienced in data, word and idea processing can patch together tools to extend one's viability like a shipswright on a sinking ship who merely delays the inevitable.
  10. EinTime, One Time Eintime is why I am a matter-of-fact person who resents the shit-eating matter-of-opinionators who think their 1% factual integrity and 0% factual investigation trump my concerted, organized multi-factual, logical conclusions. The lifeboat websection has several perspectives on the levels of existence which allow one, especially the author, to view the levels for more clarity and integrity. Regardless of my ROI (rate of integration), Eintime fosters a higher level of intellectual intregrity by quickly formulating an overview with all the factors that one considered necessary to a fuller understanding. Who can describe better a phenomenon? The person with one or one hundred perspectives ? Having facts salted away in one's memory banks is not worth an immediate picture of a 1000 words. The value of being able to google and prioritize your own memory cannot be understimated. With a concerted history of being a freethinker accumulating the noble savage truths of existence, one has a motherload of golden ideas, a brainbee of one's one brain. The avenues of enquiry multiply like having broadband with a 56k mind. Often, living is a constant hell in a world plagued by shit-eating spoiled brats, funny mentalists, fauning mediacs, habitual politicians and tenured economists. I could not have elucidated timism without a computer not because of a computer saving time but from making the computer make me think at a higher level than I would have otherwise thought.
  11. Internet Modus Operandi
    1. Surf Wisely: One can use the internet to access information either linearly or hierarchically, that is, simple additive or exponential acquisition. Stack processing is an asset if one understands the computer process and uses it to surf wisely.
    2. Google: A good lawyer wins cases by asking questions that are to the point with no dissembling answers. If your Google queries yield more than one hundred responses then you are a poor lawyer in grilling the internet for good information. Google is a lot like God--the more specific and relevant the question the better the answer. Most people don't understand the importance of reason in asking God questions like asking God how to spell dog versus how to take care of a dog. Abraham Lincoln captured this distinction when he said a man should live a life of reason wherein the Good Book is taken on faith in those areas where reason fails. God helps those who seek to be as reasonable as he is. Those who seek to enjoy God's creation without the sweat of reason are re-committing the Original Sin.
    3. Internet, Learn or Publish: Many creative thinkers limit their eventual contribution to humanity by courting the dinosaurs of publishing, the Houses. A free-thinker finds the funding not worth the diversion from learning more information, I'd rather learn a new idea than be recognized for my old learning. Same with non-profit foundations which will help you if you abdicate democracy in preference for their brand of despotism. Been there, done that in both cases. And, only because my God told me I must share my learning are you reading these words.
  12. Timism and God Some seek to understand God through His Creation, but most find a god in his Word mangled by political religious leaders. To wit, "Trust me. Have faith in my interpretation of the Word." If you rely on faith to understand life, you will need more and more faith in the face of rising, ignored problems. Igknowance is bliss until the ignored problems ruin your life. With reason and questions, you will have an enlightened, intimate faith that surpasses all understanding. If you misunderstand God by not first learning of God then you will pray to false gods. Then, you will not have the guidance of the true God to help you in learning information about God's gift to humanity. You will have a primitive understanding of God like the person who thinks the earth is flat because his mind does not travel beyond what his eyes can see.You commit the Original Sin for which there is no forgiveness despite what the more-money ministers preach from the pulpits of their religious mansions. Christ would not venture into these temples except, once again, to chase out the money-changers.  Monotheism? No. Moneytheism. At one with God is timism the unity of which could be called monotimism.
    1. Master Pattern: Time is the master jigsaw pattern that holds together the puzzle of life regardless of the thin veneers of human pigments. These pretty paints compose man's pictures which are the languages of life. It's sort of like how the absolute, universal difference between whites and blacks is a thin covering of melatonin while the unseen bulk of all beings, that is, the essence of humanity, is the same. As Michael Jackson shows, a black person can live without melatonin but neither whites nor blacks can live without the blood that is readily transferable between the races. (Noticeable melatonin was a gift of God to a chosen people in response to God's changing world, for we have all had melatonin within throughout our history.)
    2. Periodic Table of Existence: Timism expands upon the periodic table of elements with the quantification and qualification of time, an expansion which has a unity with God as the creator of time.
    3. Unifier: Timism unifies the different schools of human thought, endeavor and problem-solving into a unity for parsimonious understanding of great diversity and complexity, like the difference between the elegant, simple complexity of a snowflake and the ugly, horrific disorganization of a garbage dump.
    4. Filter: Timism is a filter that allows one to readily separate the wheat from the chafe, that is, separate a  kernel of truth from the fluff of falsehood.
    5. Clutter Cutter/Matrix: One can take different events, simple or complex, and create a matrix of understanding in units of time so as to cut the clutter that obscures truthful information.
      I may not know everything, but timism has been a guide in learning everything of importance to define better democracy and capitalism for a safer, saner world. Some people wonder why I have worked so hard for so long with so little acknowledgement and reward. Well, I have not worked hard nor long without positive feedback. With timism as a guiding principle and God as a backseat driver, the chorus of angels is an irrelevant cacophony. More meaningless are the mundane mutterings of mortal man.
    6. Superior Pigeon-Hole: If you take all the qualities of timism (master pattern, periodic table, unifier, filter, clutter-cutter, and matrix), you have one of the best pigeon-hole filing system for new, needed information. Things are faster and retained better if they have an existing paradigm within which to associate the information, e.g., it's easier to learn college French if you have already learned high school French
    7. I have not met anyone who understands God to the breadth and depth that I do. I am not with the majority who are Half-Goddists. So, I have little patience for those who lazily want something-for-nothing by lazily engaging in pick-and-choose defilement of God based on their emotions, based on their gut-reactions--shit-eaters. Whereas Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin but once, these something-for-nothing infidels daily and repeatedly sin the Original Trespass. God rewards most those who strive to walk on the path paved by Providence: work, reason, honesty and integrity. God has increasingly revealed the beauty of his Creation over the ages in response to the responsibility of the individual and humanity. Why would God punish those who seek to earn--not steal--the fruit from the tree of His knowledge? While I have studied the major religious, I give little credence to the Islamic or Christian fanatic who recites out-of-context the verbatim text from the Books mangled by the mullahs and ministers. Both want the blessings without the responsibilities of God's Word. What makes their gut reactions better than the gut reactions of someone born elsewhere with a completely different gut understanding of God based on a different gut reaction?  Gut reaction religions are, by definition, shitty religions. God is abandoning the silent majority who follow the miswords of ministerism and mullahism that are the formulation of a primitive understanding of God. Ministers and mullahs have abandoned God. My understanding of God relies far less on faith and hope. I have questioned God and His Creation to understand Him in fact, not in opinionated opinion or from emotional bowel movements. If I am the Timist sine qua non then God is the Timist beyond what cannot be. Lazy "me-me" gut-reactors are an insult to God. Timism is my reward for having sought honest and full communion with God.
    8. God is my mentor, not my editor nor my savior. Saving oneself is God's fundamental gift of will, reason, purpose and independence. God's gift is not funny mentals of evil hellists who want something for nothing. My faith is in God's gift not in a message mangled and murdered by ministers and mullahs.
    9. The three little letters that qualify my reasoning is not PhD but GoD. Today, we have more PhiDos than ever before. Today, humanity is in an existential meltdown burdened by experts who know everything about nothing. The truth is evident to the wise who do not depend on the messenger to quality the message. If you know, but don't say, you know which three letters carry more weight in existence and eternity.
    10. Timism is a level by which the world can be be moved forward or backward depending on the location of the fulcrum.


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Eintime is not only a TTD list but it is a Do this, do that manager.

Problem-Solver: to solve a problem one needs 100% x 4, that is, a 100% definition, a 100% prescription, a 100% organization and a 100% motivation. Anything less means the problem is no effectively, inefficiently and inexpensively solved. While I don't know everything nor do I know how to save the world, I know what is important to save life on earth, that is, 100% x 4. Many people discount this claim because I choose not to solve their problems of want and waste. That I do not choose to be a doo-doo digester solving the problem of how many angels can fit on the tip of a needle is held against me as well as my non-believe in the funny mentalists replacement for Santa Claus with an image of God created in their system of wants and wastes. That I do not choose to solve their malues that conclude that I am not a problem-solver with values Values, in origin and meaning, have worth in creating time while malues are bad values that destroy time.

Eintime is my existential slicer and dicer.

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