The following was built each time a situation was encountered
which prompted the incredulous response,
"How can someone be so dumb!"

DASE: Dumb-Arse Shat Eaters
aka, DooDoo Digester

The world is suffering an existential meltdown because increasing numbers of people are Dumb-Arse DooDoo-Digesters. DooDoo Digester are people who construct a world view or value system based on their gut-reactions. Every reaction is justified because they "know it in their heart." Each time a shit-eater runs into a problem, they explain it away by adjusting their gut reactions and their emotions without questioning or learning. DooDoo Digester personify how "Ignorance is bliss" until the ignored probems ruin your life. If you want to have hell on earth, listen to the people who know the truth in their gut or in their heart. God does act on His gut reactions--He acts on His wisdom leaving faith to those who want to be second-class creatures.

The following list are examples of how dumb-arse shit-eaters end up with more problems rather than more freedom.

Areas: Elections ... Energy ...  Gambling ... Housing Boom ... Media ... Military  ... Patriotism ... Politicians ... Oil ... Religions ... Taxes ... Wall Street ... Wealth


  1. Civil and economic progress was achieved by gerrymandering 35 black majority districts to replace over 200 Congressional Districts in which blacks were the primary swing vote block that had to be courted by
    1. liberals and conservatives,
    2. by black and white politicians, and
    3. by Republicans and Democrats.
  2. Better to have a few blacks in Caddilacs than all blacks with a mule and forty acres.
  3. Focusing on restitution is better than focusing on education.
  4. A black professional athlete playing for a white organization with hundreds of disappointed, failed wanna-bee pros is better than hundreds of black teachers, doctors, engineers and lawyers that might have been.

Elections: Top

  1. America has democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. DASE! (At elections, Americans have the freedom to chose between being raped in the missionary or doggie position.)
  2. Habitual politicians work for the American people. DASE! (They work for their re-election!)

Energy: Top

  1. Electing an oil man as President will bring lower oil prices. DASE!
  2. Alternative Fuels
    1. Electric cars will save energy. Where will the electricity come from in a country suffering blackouts more often over larger areas? From your refrigeration?
    2. Hydrogen
    3. Ethanol

Gambling Top

  1. The lottery is a tax on those who don't math. The stock market is a tax on the middle class that ignores math.
  2. Habitual politicians keep passing laws thinking that a nation can gamble its way to prosperity. Good Luck.


  1. Everyone can get into one lifeboat.
  2. When we have a depression, all the illegal immigrants will go home peacefully.

Housing Boom Top

  1. Middle-class Americans benefits from a housing boom with housing prices outpacing wages.
  2. My house is worth more than my daddy's house.

Media: Top Dumb-Ass Shit-Eaters

  1. The media owned by Republican corporations is liberal. DASE!
  2. A media that enslaves people to ignorance, stupidity and desperation is a free press.

Military Top

  1. An all voluntary military is the best thing for America despite
    1. The rich kids no longer serve their part.
    2. The middle-class pays the taxes for the all-volunteer military
  2. Every American industry which has overpaid its members has collapsed
    1. Merchants, Steelworkers, Autoworkers and Airline workers have no future jobs nor future pensions.
    2. Military personnel should take no comfort in their current volunteer pay which will vanish without a draft that maintains current pay as the patriotic services is apportioned.
    3. Without a draft, you will be like the other overpaid American industry have no workers in your field: No military to protect you in your pensionless retirement.

Oil Top

Pensions Top

  1. Wage-earners who have their pensions and savings in mutual  funds and 401k plans are like a person investing in banks of snow on a warm spring day.
  2. Wage-earners who invest in Wall Street are like the slaves who work as blacksmiths shaping manacles or like Jews who manufacture Zyklon B.

Patriotism Top

  1. America is better because politicians let money-greedy merchants turn every patriotic holiday into a sales special.
  2. A flag or ribbon on a car is all it takes to be a good patriot.

Politicians Top

  1. If markets is controlled by the sellers, prices will go down. DASE!
    1. Electing an oil man as President will bring lower oil prices.
    2. A Senate Majority Leader whose family makes billions from the healthcare industry will enact legislation to lower the cost of healthcare--Frist. DASE!
    3. Electing a madam will bring lower brothel costs.
    4. Appointing a Wall Streeters who has made 70 trips to China for business deals will correct the China currency policies that worsen trade deficits.
    5. Appointing the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) to the CIA will improve security and privacy.
  2. Electing an idiot will make all idiots smart.

Religions Top

  1. The church with the richest preachers and perishners is Christ's best followers.
  2. Nations with strong church-state initiatives last forever.

Taxes Top

  1. A death tax taxes the dead. DASE--the only thing the dead do is rot.
  2. Gas Tax: Don't buy it comment.
  3. Internet Tax
  4. Inheritance Tax
  5. Sales Tax Holidays for school clothes and supplies.
  6. Because we won't publicly tax ourselves, private enterprise will solve the problems more cheaply.
    1. Car taxes for better public transportation cost more than private toll roads.
    2. Taxes for clean public water cost more than private bottled water that filters the unclean public waters.
    3. Public internet taxes cost more than private fees imposed by internet service providers.
    4. Taxes for public education cost more than private education.

Wall Street Top

  1. Everyone putting their money in Wall Street will make everyone rich.
  2. The stock market is a free market that liberates the average man and the middle-class.

Washing Dishes Top

  1. Rinsing dishes till all the soap is gone.

Wealth Top

  1. More and more paper with bigger and bigger numbers will make us rich.
  2. Happiness requires more and more money with bigger and bigger numbers.
  3. Higher pay is the solution to one's problems: Solving problems is the key to happiness.
  4. I make more money than my daddy.
  5. Making the rich richer will make all people richer.
  6. More jobs will save America. Undertakers? Prostitutes?
  7. All ships rise on higher a tide ... not if the big boat owners make the little boat owners drain their ponds and lakes to float the big boats.


When it comes to 9-11 and the American people believing the official story because no American would do that,  it is astonishing that these are the same people who cheat on their taxes and lie on resumes