Idiot, Idiot and Igknowant

Most people would readily agree that most idiots are ignorant. There is a etymological reason. Based on the Latin and Greek etymology, idiot and idiom are closely related to ignorant as inflation is related to flattery and flatulence or as nephew is related to nepotism. Both idiot and idiom reflect a self-centeredness based on limited or local knowledge.

Idiom is derived from the Greek word idioumai "I make my own" [from]. That pretty much sums up an igknowant person, that is, they choose not to know in preference for making up their own views and values. (Because the source of their mental tidbits are their own gut-reactions, one can call them doodoo digesters or shat-eaters.)

Igknowant is better than ignorant to describe the meaningless mentality of those who choose not to know.

  1. Why do they choose not to learn what they need to know?

  2. Because they choose what they want to know, that is, I want, or Igknowant.

Thus, when you meet an igknowramusis, you are meeting an idiot (idioumai--I make my own).  Idiots are idiomatic, idiomanic, or idiomoronic. But I repeat myself.

Clearly, an idioumai person does not observe the Socratic maxim of "Know thyself" based on the dichotomy of wants versus needs . One can know one's needs which are constant and consistent as they are necessities of life. Thus, one can know views or values of the world that are logical and eternal.

Clearly, an idioumai person cannot "know thyself" because their mentality rests on the quicksand of changing wants, waste and lies. (Can one know that one is a liar? Who knows?) In constantly "making my own," an idiot suffers greatly the mental version of the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty, that is, looking at something changes it. This application of HPU is true of all self-reflection. However, logical, honest knowers use tweezers to pick at the parts of their being while the wanters who "make their own" values use baseball bats or bulldozers. The constant, changing contradictions of idioumai thinkers can also be described as Whack-A-Mole thinking, an example of Ugly Igknowramuses.

Based on wanting instead of knowing, idiots imagine information. Consider the fabric of intelligent design, a tapesty of wants, lies, fears without logic, knowledge or reality. Consider the edifice of the tax idiots, a skyscraper of something-for-nothing without foundation, future or hope.

Wanters are the consituents and enablers of the lying and dying economy--necronomics. Wanters fulfill the meaning of want, that is, they lack. They lack knowledge because they choose to igknow.


  1. "Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." [Mark Twain, c.1882 from]

  2. A great, funny, entertaining and speaks-for-itself video example of idioumai is Edomite Bimbo .

  3. If one concludes that God did not make man in His image but,  instead, man "makes my own" imagine into God one can formulate a humorous historical question. Based on the the single source of Edom for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mormonism: Were Edomites idioumai?

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