Doo-Doo-ism: Another View of Timism

Sometimes we question the meaning of life. Doo-doo'ism is the answer.

  1. Doo-Doo-ism is a part of life from the start.
    1. Ask any mother. And, consider how kids celebrate their triumph of being toilet trained: They unroll all the bathroom toilet tissue off the cardboard roller which they then use to trumphet their triumph "DooDooDooDoo"
  2. The history of humanity can be understood as variations of doo-doo-ism.
    1. William Shakespeare had Hamlet ham the hesitation, "To doo or not to doo?"
    2. The utilitarian philospher John Stuart Mills was famous for saying, "To doo is to be"
    3. A later philospher, the existentialist Jean Paul Sartre, said the opposite, "To be is to doo" Unsure of his nothingness Sartre also espoused "To be is not to be."
    4. But these philosphers have nothing compared to the essence of doo-dooism as expressed by Frank Sinatra, "doo be doo be doo"
    5. We babyboomers, who grew up after Sinatra, had a different version  of doo-dooism, "Do me, a Doo Bee"
    6. Among the many cultural heritages of black Americans is "and the color girl go 'doo ... doo-doo ......'"
  3. Politics is a doodoo cesspool into which all good thinkers become stinkers.
    1. Golden Rule: Too many politicians corrupt religion as seen in the politicians' Golden Rule, "DooDoo unto others before they can doodoo unto you."
    2. Habitual: Don't call politicians professional or career politicians.
      1. Any fessing should be confessional, this is, fessing up. What they fess does not profess anything except their habitual re-election.
      2. Because they habitually fib to us, because they habitually raise our taxes and because they habitually waste our taxes, call them habitual politicians as in habitual offenders, like career criminals.
      3. Geo. Talker Bush and Al Gore are not habitual politicians ... because their fathers were habitual politicians. They are special, that is, each is a son of habitual politician.
    3. Father vs Son
      1. Gulf War: The 1st President Bush ended the 1st Gulf war with the admonishment that if one goes into Baghdad, one will be in deep doo-doo. Like the prodigal son who didn't listen to his wise father, the second President Bush's gut reactions have him in deep doodoo. Based on the facts that there were no WMDs, Iraq is a faith-based initiative, a real doozy. Doodad didn't complete Junior's toilet training.
      2. Economics: While the first President Bush talked about voodoo economics, the 2nd Bush practices doodoo economics. The dootifull son's proclaimed trickle down effects are not financial gold but diaper yellow. In truth, Bush wants wealth to be constipated among his friends.
      3. Geo Talker Bush's gut-reactions are America's economic and military bowel movements. His first-term verbal diarrhea has become the medical semantic cousin of flattery and inflation. To wit, his flatulence of bombastic verbage bores the doodoo out of us. With friends like him who needs enemas?
    4. Blind men: What a politician appears to be and what he really is can be seen in the analogy of blind men meeting an elephant.
      1. The first blind man grabs hold of the trunk and says an elephant is a snake.
      2. The 2nd blind man grabs hold of a leg and says an elephant is a tree.
      3. The 3rd blind man runs into the elephant's side and says the elephant is a wall.
      4. The 4th blind man grabs the tail and is drenched in a deluge of deep doo-doo. He yells, "We' been here before in 1928. An elephant is a republican."
        100818 Update
        Four psychiatrist analyzed this writer. The first one said he was autistic. The second said he has alsperger syndrome. The third said he was an idiot savant. The fourth, after reading more material than the others, had the definitive answer, "He's an arsehole."
    5. Bi-partisan: Please don't get me wrong. I am a doofus for both political parties.
      1. It is true that democrats are "tax and spend," but Republicans are "borrow and spluge."
      2. When it comes to our taxes, Republicans are lying thieves for the rockafellas and democrats are thieving liars for the littla fellas.
      3. When it comes to sex,
        1. Bill Clinton showed that a Democrat will seduce your daughter and put her on the government payroll.
        2. Dennis Hastert, the Speaker of the House, seduced his business partner's wife and paid for it with company credit cards.
        3. Independents are different. They will seduce your pet and not pay.
  4. Karma:
    1. A major religion--Hinduism--has the concept of Karma, that is, you are an accumulation of your good and bad deeds. This is doodoo-ism.
    2. A person comes into the world with a bucket of doo-doo with which you will go out. If you are nasty and sling your doodoo, you will have a stinking life. And, you may have more doodoo in your bucket to carry till the end of your life into the next.
    3. On the other hand, if your leave your bucket undisturbed, it will dry out and you will be able to say, "My doodoo doesn't stink."
    4. So, is Karma Hindu or Hindoo?
  5. Neurology: DooDoo-ism is why life stinks if one understand the neurophysiology of the brain.
    1. The neurons that make up our brains have the most complex metabolism. Neurons metabolize neurotransmitters, the most toxic molecules in the body such as acetylcholine, dopamine, epinephrine, and serotonin.
    2. Think about it.
      1. A neuron gets agitated and upset.
      2. Like a frightened child who loses control of his toilet training, the neuron ejects its cellular waste upon the adjacent neurons.
      3. The adjacent, irritated neurons respond in kind ... and so forth.
    3. Why is life sometimes doodoo?  Why does doodoo happen? Because our brains are engage is a never-ending dirty food fight.
    4. Based on the scatalogical nature of neurotransmitters, man is merely a a bag of chemicals sloshing forward, nervously controlled by a bunch of neurons defecating on each other.
  6. In summary for a meaningful life, don't sweat the small doo-doo. If you doo, you will not see and avoid the big doo-doo that can make a bad day into a bad life.


(Please note that the doo-dooism of timism has nothing to do with doodoo digesters.