After the battle of Antietam in the US Civil War, one of the bloodiest, President Lincoln asked his personal friend and bodyguard to sing a diddy. This prompted a congressman to ask how in such a troubled time the President could seek humor. In reply, Old Abe responded, to wit, "If I did not find something funny to laugh at I think I would go insane." In defense of these NUBS, they are anti-depressive as well as informative from another perspective.

If you find some of them too offensive, recall how Bess Truman apologized to her bridge club after Harry stormed in and stormed out. During his brief stay he complained about the "horse manure" on Capital Hill. When asked why she didn't get the President to refrain from profanity, Bess responded, "It took me 16 years to get Harry to say that." In other words, these are not bad compared to what lurks in the unsharable. These are my censored Quentin Tarantino moments.

In general, when confronted with a new problem, one of the most important part of being clear-minded in diagnosing a valid description and formulating a viable prescription is to laugh at the problem (not at the problem-sufferers). Any whining "woe is me" response reduces ones iCube in expeditiously solving the problem. Besides, if you are going to suffer, better to suffer with a smile than with tears. If you are going to die, don't cry about it. Enjoy your last days. When my wife faced life-or-death heart surgery, we enjoyed the days before the fateful incision with a myriad of jokes. My favorite was how we were, in anticipation of the outcome, price-shopping cruises and caskets. Life on earth will not be saved, the primary moral imperative, if people burden and blacken their minds with emotional nonsense and lies.

You should not read any NUBS if

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Despite the NUBS, one cannot  achieve something like Timism and PBDC without a profound understanding of and respect for humanity and existence.

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  2. 100702 Bend Over and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
  3. 071111 Campaign Kaopectate
  4. 131227 Cliches Revised and Punished
  5. 071111 Cluster Fucks: Petrophiliacs Gangbanging Humanity
  6. 071101 Concrete Curing
  7. 100207 Constitutional Convention
  8. 071101 Creativity S
  9. 100818 Cretinism, Not Creationism
  10. 131025 DASE: Dumb-Arse Doo-Doo Digesters
  11. 100719 Dentist Jokes
  12. 13101 Doo-Doo Digesters: People with Values Based on Gut-Reactions
  13. 080610 Doo-Doo-ism: Another View of Timism
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  15. 071111 Eco-Terrorists, Nuclear
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  17. 071111 Estate Taxes: S
  18. 100907 Evilution: The Evolution of Evil
  19. 071111 GBS Dinner Definition of a Prostitute
  20. 071111 Global Dying S
  21. 141214 Magister Ludi
  22. 071111 Money Dictatorship: S
  23. 071111 Morality and Manners S
  24. 071101 Mother Nature Is Pissed!
  25. 071111 Oil-CO2
  26. 131010 Opinions and Asshholes
  27. 071111 Overview of S: Negative, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm
  28. 121005 Pecker Typer Nub
  29. 080610 Personal note on Women 50/50
  30. 071111 Peter Principle, Gang Bang Voting Nub
  31. 100820 Physics: A Lot of Politics
  32. 071111 Pissing Contest: Habitual Politicians versus Timism
  33. 100719 Politics of Academia
  34. 071111 Problem-Solvers, S
  35. 071101 Summary of Timism: S
  36. 071111 TaxSimplification S
  37. 080610 Threads Of Time In Fabric Of Life
  38. 100820 Tight BVDs
  39. 071101 Timism S
  40. 071111 Voting Reform: Nasty, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm
  41. 071111 Wealth Transfer: S
  42. 071111 Why Donate Invest--Nubs
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