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Before man had sufficient and diverse raw knowledge to see the quantifiable and qualifiable time in each part of existence, schools of thought arose separately like descendants from the Tower of Babel. Time is the universal linkage and essence of all existence. When taken as the point of reference for understanding existence, this linkage becomes the unifying language. This unified system of understanding is also a system of encompassing values.

  1. Introduction: The Food Chain
  2. Economics and Politics
  3. Self and Morality
  4. Cancers and Morality
  5. Analogies and Summary
  6. Dilemma

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Levels: Spinbarism ... Catan ... Mentality ... Ecos Nomos ... Politeness ... Morality

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  1. Summary
  2. Periodic Table of Existence
  3. Morality of More Time: Threads of Time in the Fabric of Life
  4. Taxation: Timistic Analysis
  5. National Universal Service Act(NUSA): Taxing People in Time
  6. Democracy and Capitalism: Timistic Twins
  7. Timism: Basic Cost of Goods and Services
  8. Benefit: Morality Unifier
  9. Letter to a friend
  10. Lower Level of Existence Defined: More Time Wasting Problems ... Model too Abstract?
  11. Negative Economics: Inflation Cheapens Work Time Value of Dollar
  12. Inflation: Existential Cannibalism ... Kreb's Cycle/Sugar ... Food Chain=Chain of Time ... Humanity's Cannibalism
  13. Ockham's Razor: Relativity/Productivity ... Jigsaw Puzzle Cutter ... Periodic Table of Life ... Currency's Parent
  14. Timely Function of Government: Divine Duty ...Political Corruption ... Profits: Better Time ... Democracy
  15. Productivity: Temporal Production/Reduction
  16. Federal Reserve: Necronomists
  17. Neconomic Monetarism: Political Promises
  18. Love: Quantified in time
  19. CDOS
  20. Timistic Tax on Necrotic Transactions, minute for minute
  21. Timism: The loss of life between the haves and havenots.
  22. Quantum Mechanics and the General Theory of Relativity
  23. eBay Auctions
  24. Simple Morality
  25. The Book

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Promise of Timism--a true forward mission in time: If you are a responsible person working in an irresponsible job, the employment changes to prevent an existential meltdown will give you a better paying, more rewarding job.