Better Democracy and Capitalism
A Timistic Vision of Humanity
for the Third Millennium

Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism:
A Description of, a corporation for all.

Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism hereafter herein called PBDC, is an internet marketing/research service to promote better problem-solving in public and private enterprises. The problem-solving process is based on the spelling bee model. The goal is to final solutions for old chronic problems.

Some may be uncomfortable with the marketing application to politics. PBDC does not endorse any political candidate. Rather, like a printing company providing election material for candidates, PBDC provides promotional forums for individuals, groups and parties/figures to democratically prioritize individuals and issues.

PBDC is a new form of mass communications. PBDC is a new media vehicle for broadening the political franchise to more people within all political parties: Dem ocrats, Republicans, Liberals, Reforms, Green and Independents ... local to global. For this service of promoting policy-makers and policy-making, PBDC will charge pennies where dollars are now exacted. It's guiding principles are:

  • Democracy
    • involves finding the biggest problem which wastes the most time and
    • involves finding the best problem-solver without regard to the age-old subjective limitations: race, sex or religion.
  • Capitalism, not decapitalism,
    • rewards the problem-solver, specifically, quantifying the problem time-savings into currency/money and
    • requires rewarding problem-solver with half of the savings.

This problem-solving paradigm can be applied through the internet to over 100,000 private and public entities with revenues being from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Charge per transaction is scheduled initially at two cents with costs being thousands of transactions for one or two cents. PBDC expects to process 100 million daily transactions within one year of successful launch. Why?

Cashflow comes from the transaction charge, two cents and up. This charge is borne by the participants which is debited from their transaction accounts. There is a one dollar signup charge via a credit card. The new account receives five dollars worth of transaction credit in three accouints: Global, Domestic and Foreign. Since the bandwidth cost of transactions is about 1 ce nt per ten dollars (0.1%), PBDC receives about 98.5 cents from each dollar sign up fee. Other fees come from customers requesting Brainbees at $15 through an automated self-signup.

Ownership and Debt: 
Originally conceived as an S-Corp or a LLC, PBDC will be a non-profit owned by endusers. However, debt in lieu of ownership is obligated to the original funders to PBDC in time or money--see debt obligations . All debt is in lifehours which can be used for  payments or trades. Lifehours can be traded on-line at any time will proposesd amortized leverage buyout awaits political legitimization.

  • Lifehours can be earned by anyone during the startup in several ways: Recruiting Self and others, Mega Bonuses and  Million lifehour club .
  • On-going lifehours can be earned via education, brainbees or service.

Strategic Decision-Making: Robert Brown-on Barnett will retain final decision use and implementation of timism as well as its software until the lifeboats have been successfully launched. Prior to and thereafter, the  PBDC/Timism Presidency will assist and decide.

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Caveat Emptor on lifehour tax credits: Neither Robert Brown-Barnett nor Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism makes any claim to providing funds to the participants and accounts other than helping organize the supporters to create a new currency (lifehour tax credits) which only their own numbers can eventually legitimize. Equity ownership in PBDC may or may not provide any income to those who earn equity rights based on recruiting supporters of and for better democracy and capitalism. The supporters are neither asked not required to buy any equity, for the equity is not offered for sale. This is not a solitication for equity funding.

This on-line proposal is not to be construed as a request for money investment, for it is not. It is a request for the substance of all currencies, namely, your time. It is a request to help create by weight of numbers a new and better currency, lifehours.

This is not a stock offering. It is an offering of a better world which traditionally has not been a successful enterprise.

The Board of Directors for PBDC consists of the last seven Presidents of the problem-solvers who continue to receive the lifehour credit during their tenure on the Board of Directors.Final equity allocation will be determined by the Board of Directors with ratification by the accounts. R. Brown-Barnett owns the software. Any equity disputes will be arbitrated by th e Board. Corporate and legal structures will be established as needed.

Mailing Address to use for

Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism

3600 Anne Street
Richmond, Virginia


notes ... Cashflow Projection 020408

Using Brain Bees, the PBDC  business model has little administrative overhead. The sofltware lets the concerned parties prioritize so the PBDC management not only gets better information on which to act but faster information at a lower cost.

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