You should not read any NUBS if
  • you are NOT offended by habitual politicians
  • you are ARE offended by Negative, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm.

A Pleasant Itch

An additional reason why some will not support  Better Democracy and Capitalism is that they just don't like the originator, or, more to the point, his attitude. Well, to parapharse Yogi Berra, if you don't like me, it is because you don't know me or you don't like me. Quite often I have found that people who don't like me are people who don't like themselves.

My focus on how to solve problems shapes my intercourse with others into an on-going exchange of ideas. It's automatic. Amazingly, most people don't want to talk about ideas. Or, when they do, they don't want to question their ideas. They are content with "assumes."  My persistent enquiries irritate most people while entertaining a few. The former find me a noxious abrasion while the latter find me a pleasant itch. The free exchange of ideals is one of the joys that nurture friendships as people exchange ideas that free them from ignorance.

A reflection on your values is when you resent a person who is happy. I have heard more than one person say, to wit, "I don't like you because you are too happy. You have no reason to justify your level of happiness." While my absolute human worth is less than what it has been and could be, my relative worth may end up having few peers.

People who gauge by absolute rather than relative worth live life's lies. My happiness is based on a profitable lifestyle based on the ultimate, absolute currency, quality lifehours and timistic morality. All too often, the castigators of my happiness have mentally bought into the self-enslaving lifestyle of wanting everything that Madison Avenue would shove down their gullible throats.

I  learned to work enough to fulfill my needs and  to want not foolish wants. With the greater free time and thought, I was able to enjoy the only quantifiable real wealth: quality lifehours. The on-going benefit of being a free-thinker is a life in which the ends and the means are the same with each action being a source of joy, pleasure and happiness in and of itself. The happy, today person has not enslaved oneself to a future that may never come.

If you expect your surgeon to scrub up for your operation like he was going to a funeral, well, that's where you probably will be going.