More important than your emotions and ego is how your self-lies have a CO2 sinning cost that worsens and accelerates global-dying as examples of the cost of lying. People who can not and will not self-curtail their lies of life will eventually die an early death from either chaotic or controlled depopulation.

Personal Democracy Brainbee

Lies of Life

We often get less out of each day, year, and life because of life lies. Some lies are useful. Santa Claus motivates better behavior from children than adult explanations. Adult explanations confuse kids like teaching a child chess rules when the child just wants to set up and knock over the pieces.

A lot of lives get delayed, diminished or ruined when guys lie. We are bombarded with organized lies in the form of bogus, deceptive ads which have their own brain bees. Some lies are in the form of social pressure and misconception which are touched upon in how to profit from life. The lies of racism have their own brain bee. The nature of a friend is very important. We are too often not only lied to about what is a friend is but, in pursuing such friends, we magnify the lies in our lives, wasting time.

Often, we follow lies because we do not see them for what they are:  a waste of our time. Often we follow lies because we feel alone in our sense of truths. The internet should be used to solve problems including life lies. The internet should be used for the community of honest souls to find kindred souls.

When can you tell that a lie of life is lying about? Many manners yield less manna. More morality yields no more time. Cliques' cliches do not click. Deregulation deregulates our lives. Some of the author's collection of lies of life can be found at the following pages:

A brain bee of life lies can help people experience the epiphany of life's truths without the pain of first living a lie. It is a waste of time to rely on "Let them learn the hard way" when a match of wits can create an easier way of learning life's truths in the face of those who want to lie and steal.

Lie Truth
It's ok if it's legal. Legal is wrong when you have corrupt politicians
who sell laws to the highest briber.
Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is bliss only until
the ignored problems ruin your life
My kids won't have it as hard as I did. Your kids will have a harder life if you deny them the character building experiences that made you a success.
My kids won't have to take care of me. If you don't raise your kids to take care of you, neither they nor other ill-raised kids will take care of anyone in your generation. Kids and 401(k)s are like water, no one wants to take care of their own as they expect to find good kids, 401(k)s and water someplace else when they retire.
Politicians will take care of me. Politicians take care of a few, not the many.
Spare the rod
and spoil the child.
Spare the rod and spoil your retirement.
And, it's free. It will cost more later than paying for it now. Free parking is a $100 towing ticket. Free love is 18 years of child rearing. The most expensive things in life are first free . Tax-free is a cover for tax-shift or tax-theft.
One more thing and then I will be happy. Happiness is like swimming: If you cannot swim in a small pool, you can't swim in a larger pool.

Other lies of life are listed in Semantic Slippage.

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