You should not read any NUBS if
  • you are NOT offended by habitual politicians
  • you are ARE offended by Negative, Ugly, Bitter Sarcasm.

Timism is a three-decade long intellectual inquiry that should not be dismissed in a few seconds. Along the way, its discoverer excelled in different areas of learning before rolling on to more rennaissance learning: physics, astronomy, chemistry, electronics, psychology, philosophy, physiology and computers as well as the mundane daily dollar chase. If it's sophistry, it's not without more bredth and sweat than the average producer of a persona mega sutra. If it's not sophistry, it has had a lot of luck.

Glaring examples of intellectual Babel are adrenaline vs. epinephrine and demes vs. memes. Even time itself has suffered semantic schisms which will impede some peoples' paradigm shift. Why? They will emphasize a conception of time that has no basis except in lore or wish.  As concept, time, like inflation, is an inflated concept that hides controlled falsehoods and political agendas.

Legalities are the bastion of the worst thieving bastards who have bribed political prostitutes to corrupt public policy-making for private greed.

George Soros, one of humanity's head decapitalist, never had a profit with his currency manipulations as he robbed individuals, companies and economies of their economic blood. As a youth he was a spectator to the nazi disenfranchisement of fellow Jews. As an adult he continued this voyeurism by becoming a speculator in the disenfranchisement of fellow human beings. Literally, both spectator and speculator derive from voyeur which is quite different than clothing someone through vestments or investments. As the Dow has the Dogs of the Dow so does capitalism have its dogs .