Eccentric Non-Conformist

Some people think I am an eccentric by intentional non-conformity. Not true. My attire and attitudes are selected and refined to optimize my Einstein moments. My floppy hat akin to an Australian bush hat has several functions to assist in optimizing my problem-solving capacity. First and foremost is the use of the broad brim as flaps or blinders to reduce glare when looking at a computer screen. If one is struggling with reading a computer screen, one is losing a lot of problem-solving integrity. Other hat features are pen, paper, pills, phone and phiresticks. Pills are visual migraines which blind me. Phiresticks are for lighting my occasional cigar which I keep nestled along the hat band. My geekhat is not to non-conform but to conform to thinking with the least amount of repeat, wasted thinking as is the case with my geekvest.

In this seeking to optimize my goal achievement, I am no different than the young wannabee stud who selects his attire to get laid, hopefully by the homecoming queen. The difference between a clothes horse and me is that I seek an experience unique to humanity rather than one merely unique to my manhood. The difference is that some live for sex and others have sex to live. Or, some think how to have better sex while some have sex to think better.

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