Border Crossing US to Canada
April 17, 2008, at 4pm
at Interstate 5 crossing.

I have often thought that I am lucky that I was not born a black man. The issue is not one of melatonin density, for I value only one color, the red blood that all humans share in common. My concern on being born black is my reaction to mistreatment by others of me. If I was black in a white racist world, I would have long ago been sentenced to jail or worse for having sent a racist to hell. My empathy for victims of racism is an anger of how no good person should be mistreated as if bad, an anger that has been a major motivational force in finishing the thankless task of timism.

Growing up as a self-supporting shoe-shiner from age eight to fourteen, I encountered a taste of skin discrimination when I started high school. Classmates laughed at my hands tanned by applying boot black. A good shiner did not practice safe shining with rubber gloves. Six weeks into my freshman year, I quit shining shoes. In no way would I claim that this embarassing but harmless hazing was anywhere near the racial discrimination that blacks encounter on an all too frequent basis: daily if not hourly.

From reading about racial taunting and lynchings as well as talking with well-melatonined friends, I have a sense of the rage that boils when a person is a victim of intentioned, institutionalized racism. Adding fuel to the hidden fire is the knowledge that the inhumane origin of the racist invectives may be inhumane enough to raise the ante to harm or death. Anyone who willingly engages in intentional racism is the person who would readily reach for a rope or dragchain. The average black person has had to silently bear the racists' verbal attack out of fear that this racist might be one who blindly hates to the point of killing a darkie who does not know his place, a darkie who has the stupidity to dispute a racist.


Never have I had an emotional response that approaches my understanding of the rage that justifiably boils within the victim of racial assult as two times when I tried to enter Canada, Spring 2007 and Spring 2008. The first one is described elsewhere. The second occurred going from Seattle to Vancouver on Thursday, April 17 at 4pm. Please note that I had gone into Canada twice in the last two weeks and at least ten times in the last five years, a fact that one border guard admitted was in the computer.

The initial document reviewer directed me to immigration. The guard asked me for documentation. I provided the same documentation that I had used previously. He said the documentation was not good enough. I asked why. He said I was not allowed to ask any questions. I said I had used the documentation twice. He said it was his choice whether I was to get in. I had "to satisfy" him.

Why doesn't Canada have a standard policy on entry rather than letting each little border guard be a despot unto himself?

I provided him with credit cards, a veterans card, a voters card and my cash. He said that was not enough. I had more cash at that point than I had had on my previous two entries. Having been robbed five times, I don't carry a lot of cash even if I am carrying two billfolds, one for travel and one for robbers. At that point he started asking me a lot of personal and financial questions: How much money do I have in bank accounts, savings, retirement, etc. He wanted to know where my wife worked. All the while, my questions were met with, "You are not allowed to ask questions!"

After emptying my billfold of receipts including rail stubs for the previous travel into Canada, he told me to have a seat. All the while the other people who had been processed were sitting waiting for me. Finally, he said he was letting me go into Canada, all the while looking at me and basically daring me to object to anything he did. While US-Canadian agreement is that a passport is not required until a future date, this guard told me that I would need a passport even though the laws did not yet require it. (I had dropped my passport in Richmond, Virginia, and was unable to arrange safe, secure transport to catch up with. I knew that I had other ID that was legally acceptable. Who makes Canadian laws? Border guards?)

If the Canadian Border Patrol intentionally hires fascist pitbulls then it needs to alter its hiring practices. If the CBP hires pleasant persons but trains them to be pitbulls then the CBP needs to alter its training. Whoever came up with the "You are not allowed to ask questions" should be euthanized.

Based on the facist border guards, Canada is denied entry into the Manheaven Project until Canadian officials do the right thing. At that point, all VIA personnel will receive GOOHF's with the exception of Joel, a Toronto baggage supervisor. Each day of non-participation increases the final cost to Canadians in lives and monies since D2D's are adjusted for national average versus the global average, that is,  LIFO , Last In, First Out. If you wonder how to undo this entry denial, remember, "You are not allowed to ask questions."

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