Felix: Lucky I Have Been

This outline of how I have been lucky was composed after posting an ad hoc biography for my high school website.

One should keep a diary of one's lucky moments for rainy days. While mental vitamins are helpful, vital memories can help soften the hard days of life. The perspiration that lubricates the wheels of luck can be increased by remembering lucky moments. Earned luck is the faith on which one should rely when praying for a better future. Faith in one's sweat and ability is quite different from prayers soliciting something-for-nothing which is a dead-end faith leading to misfortune.

Luck does favor the prepared. Remembering how you were prepared in the past for a visit of lady luck will increase your preparation for her future, furtive visits. In other words, if you don't take time to learn how to make lemonade you are unlikely to benefit from life's lemons. Instead of being lemon able you will be lemming able ... ouch.

  1. Accidents: I survived a lot of accidents like a multi-personality cat with nine-lives for each personality.
  2. Ambien: A helpful, but dangerous sleeping pill: Taker Beware. Lucky I didn't kill someone nor electrocute myself.
  3. America: Was best for free thinkers unless you were black in America.
  4. Attitude: Lucky in ...
    1. The Truth Will Set You Free
    2. The Unquestioned Life Is Not Worth Living
    3. Individuals Define, Committee Refine
    4. Choose Friends For Humanity
    5. Blessed as Non-Racist :  Can say nigger without offending a black person.
    6. Modus Operandi : Idea friendly over individual friendly
    7. Appreciate Acupuncture Morality
    8. Profitable Friend : I give 50% of time to helping others
    9. Lieless Happiness
  5. Career Changer: I repeatedly changed my career focus to learn about life from a new perspective so as to maximally enjoy the one life I had to the fullest. Safety and security were secondary to variety and adventure. At most forks in the road, I lucked out in the choices I made. Let the dice fly.
  6. Concluder: I am a good concluder which is a form of luck. A good concluder recognizes problems in advance so as to avoid them and their cost.
  7. Crime: If you didn't break the law, you had a different kind of luck. My criminal luck was quitting before I was caught ... most of the time. More importantly, I learned valuable lessons when I asked the question, "Why did I break the law?" Lucky that I did not murder my mother.
  8. Education: Lucky  in naps, urine tests and keyboarding.
  9. Electricity: Man's best friend if you are l ucky .
  10. Freedoms: One of the greatest freedoms is one of the simplest.
  11. Graduate School: I applied to four, told three I wanted to pursue timism. Accepted at my last choice where I had said nothing about timism.
  12. Global Dying: I have been lucky to start doing the things that one won't be able to do in five or ten years-- Death Prep .
  13. Lifehelpers: Mentors who made me luckier: Krekel, Good Guy, Jeff Patton, The Whites and my Women
  14. Magister Ludi: Lucky to have integrated a unified system of understanding from which to have a solid foundation for a moral life.
  15. Mentality: Few have explored their integrity of intellect and intelligence (iCube) as diligently as I have with as much luck .
  16. Milestones: Lucky Years at 8, 14, 15, 17, 20, 25
  17. Parenting: I am lucky  in not having any children.
  18. Personality: I view myself as a lucky bipolar narcoleptic autist based on behavioral traits. Great catatonic moment, the full monty.
  19. Physiology: I have been lucky in my metabolism and physiology ... Hernia : A lucky operation
  20. Politics: Republican I am not
  21. Sex: Didn't get as much as I wanted but, luckily , laid more than I expected. Glad I sold my wild oats before STD's prompted "A tisket, a tasket ... a condom or a casket." I've known when to use an orgasm, solo or mutual, to clear the mind to think clearer.
  22. Self-Absorbed Egotist: Some people need elsewhere faith because they lack self-faith.
  23. Timism:  If there is anything luckier than timism, not in my life or lifetime.
  24. Thumb be gone: Only a thumb, not a hand.
  25. Women and wifes: I've been lucky in being loved by some good women. Women 50/50  is my monument to them: Alice, Ruthie, Bert, Marcia and Cathy ... Marcia, Once Again in 2010. I have an adorable and admirable mother-in-law whose daughter I find to like and love more each year. I have luck lubricated by the elbow grease of logical work.

Summary: Lucky I have been to realize early on that the freedom of mind is the core of happiness , that is, the freedom to think whatever you want whenever you want. While part of each day was devoted to the security and stability of the tomorrows for freedom thereof, most of each day was spent doing what I wanted which more often than not coincided with what I needed.

I am lucky in ways that cannot be measured nor shared. And, I have felt this way since before the midpoint of my life. I could die tomorrow with few regrets knowing that I was one of the luckiest bags of chemicals to slosh around on the face of this planet. I have been lucky in realizing some years ago that the end, a catastrophic end, is drawing near, faster and faster. I have lived a life that will leave nothing to nobody because there will be nothing and nobody.

"Lucky Am I" Review For Stephen Decatur High School Class of 1968

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