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Joys of Gardening

The joys and benefits of gardening are numerous.

  1. Gardening is work. No, it is a pleasure. One only spends ten or fifteen percent of the time thinking about gardening. The rest of the time one can focus of the challenges and problems of life outside of the garden.
  2. Gardening Costs a lot of money: Baloney. In general, if one is a fool, anything costs a lot of money. One can easily in one season recoup the startup costs of tools. On the average, one can generate a dollar worth of food for about five cents. In addition, and more importantly, as one develops the penny-wise "grow till you glow" personna, one leaves behind the dollar disappearing "shop till you drop" addiction. The money saved is tax-free.
  3. Mental Health Clinic: Between the time to reflect on one's life challenges, the rhythm imposed by being "at one" with Mother Nature and living better within one's means by directly and indirectly saving money, a garden is a wonderful mental and emotional health clinic. One of the joys is the first seedling ... the first blossom ... the first bite. As different plants start producing, each morning is an exploration to see what Santa Claus during the night. One can have fun calling up one's spouse or friends to share the first of this or that. One finds the despair of the rat race is replaced with delight of the root race.
  4. Friends: You will develop a growing group of friends based on an activity that fulfills the basic need of life: food.
  5. Kids going wild. Letting kids below the age of ten dig for potatos, carrots, beets and turnips is a great joy. Calling neighbor kids to pick raspberries, blueberries and strawberries because you have a freezer full is a lot of fun.
  6. And, if you have a highly visible garden with a urge to entertain, one can fly flags or pipes. It is always wonderful when you meet someone who says, "Oh, you have that garden," or, "I saw you on TV" or elsewhere," and, best of all, "I started a garden after watching your gardening.

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