Burpee Seed Trays: Boycott

When I bought Burpee Seeding Trays for demonstration at seeding bees, I noticed that they had smaller cells and flimsy plastic as well as smaller soil pellets. The size was not the problem. It was the logistic of using them. Another example of how MBA's keep shaving off a few pennies in production cost that represents a few seconds of time while sticking the end-user with many minutes or, in the Burpee seeding tray, hours if one wants to use the tray.

Picture of a Burpee tray with pellets that "expand in seconds."
Having used seed pellets before, I added warm water. About 1/3 swelled up while the rest swelled sideways because I had not re-oriented the pellets to be flat. The package instructions says, "Works best when pellets are flat-side down in each cell." Hell! They don't work at all.

I spent over an hour trying to get the pellets in the left cells to come loose and expand. Given the flimsy plastic and cell design, I could not get them lose with a spoon, fork, or knife. But getting them out had a solution with another hidden problem.

This is what a Burpee Seed tray looks like if you re-orient the seed pellets to be flat. Never had to do this before. Better to not buy Burpee Seed trays. Notice that swelled pellets requires manually breaking them down before putting the seeds in. The packaging does not mention this. As noted elsewhere, better to make one's own starting soil. It will take far less time (no travel to-and-fro) and less money.
The tray was turned upside down so as to push the pellets out. One can see the flimsy--the dents and indents. Surprise number one was that it took a lot of effort to push the swelled pellets out. Notice how small the bottoms are. Prior trays had bottoms with almost the same square area as the top. Why? So smaller pellets could be used. Pellets that had another surprise once pushed out. They would not expand any further after one put water on them. In the end, I had to break them up by hand in order to use them. (The image of constipation and need for a Burpee Ex-Lax came to mind.)

As a result of this horrible time wasting cheaper product, Burpee Seeds will not be part of the 2014 seeding bee options.

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