Seeding Trays and Pots

When seeding for seedlings to transplant into one's garden, a number of approaches can be considered. Considerations involve the size of the seed, the germination period before transplanting and one's willing to waste money.

  1. The larger the seed, the bigger the container.
  2. The longer the gestation/germination period before transplanting, the bigger the container. When a plant outgrows its container, its roots start to ball up and strangle the plant with long-term reduction in growth and production--Alzheimer rooting. (If one has balled up rooting, before transplanting, soak the roots in water [a gentle up and down motion] so they straighten out and then plant and water well.)
  3. If you use old trays, be sure to wash with hot soapy water before seeding to kill any plant diseases.

Remember, seeding for seedlings can save you a tremendous amount of time. Participating in a seed bee can give you variety without the expense of numerous packets of seeds of which you only use a few. (Should you buy packets, you can use the seeds for many years as long as you keep them dry at room temperature--no freezing!)

  1. Money No Object: One can buy for dollars what can be had for pennies with a little thought and no loss of time.
  2. Baby Chicken Gardening--cheap, cheap, cheap!
    1. Egg Carton: The simplest and cheapest seed starting device is an egg carton which can be used for small seeds with a germination period of 30 days before transplanting outside--see Egg Carton for more info, e.g., C1=first cucumber seed.

    2. Trays and Pots: Around about two weeks after the normal last frost, go down streets or alleys the day before trash pickup. Within a few blocks, you will probably have more trays and pots than you need.

      With the bigger pots, one can start earlier without Alzheimer rooting.
    3. Cheap pots from Newspapers--Saves time and money compared to purchased or scrounged pots--see Cheap Pots for construction..

    4. Starting Soil: One can spend a lot of time and money on buying starting soil with poor results, e.g., boycott Burpee Seed trays. One has to wonder how humanity ever grew anything since settling down from the hunter/gatherers into farming communities without advertising, marketing, PR and media. If it was good enough for granny, it will be good enough for you.
      1. Get some soil from your garden. Plant your seeds. Before you put water into your water bucket (small one so you don't wash soil away), add a little fertilizer (10-10-10) so the seedling and the soil gets some additional nutrients each time you water. One does not need to buy soil or compressed buttons for starting seeds. The time and money is not worth it, and, it may prompt you to give up gardening.
      2. Faster growth: Instead of spending money on Space Shuttle systems to make your seedlings grow sooner and faster just plant your seeds earlier. KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. Don't spend billions building bridges to nowhere.
        (These faster starting seed systems remind me of the billions needed to build faster rail systems to compete with airlines: Just start and run the trains on time. Is it wise to spend ten hours of every taxpayers' income to save one-hour travel time per passenger who are less than 1% of the general population? The only real economic analysis is done in time-spent and time-saved, not fudgeable funny numbers on funny paper. If the time difference is positive then one has an instance of Latin pro esse, forward existence or time. Otherwise, one has regress.)
      3. Not all seed starting soils work. This image is of seeds that never grew which prompted the consideration of how granny did it year-after-year.

Necessary for the Seeding Bees is trays or pots. Trays come in different variations.

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