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Calender of actions
Pre- and Post-Planting

You will with each new year develop your own list of things to do. The following will help if you don't have a "TTD" list.


From a planting guide, one can find one's optimal planting time. The following is a simple calender on steps to follow. In  parentheses are the dates for Richmond, Virginia, where tax day (April 15) is this gardener's target date.

  1. Seeding: Six to eight weeks prior to planting (Feb 15 to March 1)--see Seeding Bees.
  2. Cave Construction
  3. Tilling/Rowing: Till and row your garden. Rows are for things needing expansion soil, e.g., root crops like potatos, beets, turnips, etc.
  4. Mulch/Chips: Put down a one to two-inch layer of mulch or chips which will do several things that will save time and money.
    1. The bacteria that decomposes wood soaks the nitrogen out of the top soil that prevents weeds and seeds from germinating. (Remember, when you transfer your seedings, you will be placing several inches below the top.)
    2. Moisture retention: Less water evaporation.
    3. Soil cooling: During the summer, heat is bad for crops. If you use a dyed mulch you are increasing surface temperature as well as subjecting your plants and food to whatever chemicals of the mulch dye. Fresh chips from a tree-cutting aborist is better.
    4. Seeded vegetables should be placed after hoing a row to remove the chips. When the plants get a few inches tall, move the chips to surround the plant. Remember, a plant's root system is basically as big as the plant's above surface structure. Thus, the plant's roots will be below the nitrogen depletion zone.
    5. Also, chips can be had for nothing or near-nothing if one contacts a tree-cutter.
    6. Also see Mulch versus Chips.
  5. Drip or Skip: Basically, if you are not going to irrigate via drip, skip gardening. You can lay the line either before or after the mulch. Laying it before putting down mulch reduces some evaporation. However, the pain of finding the drip water emitters under the mulch is a pain.
  6. Planting:
    Also see Crop Rotation
  7. Fall crops: Coming Later.

Post-Planting:  Daily Things-To-Do


  1. Watering
  2. Sucker remover
  3. Keep eye on infestations


Monthly: fertilizer

Picking: When plucking a root plant, have another seed to drop near the drip emmiter for a later pick, e.g., radishes, turnips, beets. Also, one should be able to get a second crop of potatos.

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