Level Summaries within the Periodic Table of Existence

Timism is a periodic table of existence composed of several levels that reflect a significant shift or quantum leap in the creation of time. The levels or entities of the existence can be quantified, qualified and pidgeoned-holed based on their ability to create time by solving the problems of their existence. An entity's survival potential is synonymous with its "dynamic density." The higher the evolution, the greater the dynamic density, that is, the ability to dynamically solve more problems of survival so as to extend one's existence by avoiding or alterring the problem-filled environment. The essence or commonality of all problems is the wasting of one's time, e.g., taxes waste your worktime. All levels of existence observe the simple principles behind the symphony of existence .

  1. Spinbarism: The Spin Bars or Bares the Interaction (Physics & Chemistry) AAPK
    The spin of the basic particle of existence uniquely spins from which all laws of nature can delineated and understood without invoking InSanta Claus hangovers. The primary level of existence is the phenomenon associated with the physical science, e.g., physics, chemistry and weather. Gravity is derived from the basic items forming resonating entities, see symphony of existence .
  2. Catan, Catabolism/Anabolism: The Ying-Yang of Life (Biology and Physiology)
    The second level of existence is life (plants then animals). Catan is the metabolic process yo-yoing between catabolism and anabolism. The food chain is a chain of time with higher entities extending their time by reducing or oxidizing the time of lower structures. Inversely, regardless of the level of existence, when a part consumes the whole then it is a cancer to the system's existence as well as its own survival. The boundary betweeen spinbarism and catan is the field of abiotic chemistry.
  3. Mentality: Dynamic Density of Individual Entities (Psychology)
    The third level of existence is the evolution of higher life. The defining feature is mental processes involving neural systems with the human cerebral cortex and frontal lobe representing the 3rd planet's highest creature. Neural systems are cells that coordinate the interaction of other cells to the environment. Cognitive progress in humans show that it with the development of a sense of time that one develops a sense of lasting self in early adolescence, a development that disappears as one enters the senility or dementia of the golden years.
  4. Ecos Nomos: Logical legalities legislate legacies and legends. (Economics/Capitalism)
    A higher level of existence than solitary animals is the organization of animals into communities wherein they share and hone survival skills to increase their length of existence. Reflecting the Greek origin of economics (home management), economics encompasses the laws of nature by which related groups live together to better manage their time to promote specialization for higher productivity. Productivity is Einstein's theory of relativity on in agriculture or manufacturing. Basic economics reflect in deed and words the unique, local ecos wherein the small group gathered (legein) a living with great gatherers becoming legendary.  Capitalism, not decapitalism, is the problem-solving, time-creating twin of democracy wherein the problem-solver receives a fair share of the created time, a profit which is Latin for forward existence or more time. When people live not by good ecos management, they suffer necrotic laws or necronomics. Efficient economics depends on a stable currency, a word and concept derived from "what is your time currently worth" which as been trivialized into "Time is money. Money is time."
  5. Politeness: When politicians make good policies for good politics then the polity in the polis will be polite without police. RTD (Politics)
    When groups of people from different ecos nomos come into contact, conflicts arise as different economics collide on how to survive. Enlightened self-interest dictates that good policy-making is best for all people to get the most out of their shared ecos. Greedy, selfish interest has repeatedly showned that policy-making suffers decay with people fighting, stealing and killing which costs more than good policies. Petty crime owes much to political crime. As history shows both repeatedly and uniformly, the habitual politicians increasingly respond to rising violence from bad policies: they order the police to quell the impolite which only works until the police become corrupt from the bad policy-making. More important than rule by law-and-order is rule by law-and-justice. Policy-making should be guided the morality of more time within an optimal democracy
  6. Morality, Values and Worth: More Time
    The highest level of existence--quantifiable in time--is the mental and economic politeness of morality.The origin of moral codes is an archaic definition of moral: more. More what? More Death? Or, More Life? Logically, a moral system built on valuing activities that create more time is a more likely survival system. This principle is inherent in the timistic principle of dynamic density. This moral principle has found expression in many religions (the Ten Commandments) and theories (Evolution). Inherent in the promise of an eternal afterlife is more time. The basic morality of existence is more time (pro esse) that is, an entity's length of existence whether the entity is a microbe, a plant, an animal, a society or a civilization. Better values create more time. Timism is the ultimate universal moral compass. One's worth reflects one's values, appropriately, for the semantic origin of value and worth are the same: All true moral compasses point to more time.  

Levels of Existence ... Table of Levels

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  1. Tiems
  2. Basic Processes
    1. Dynamic Density
    2. Symphonies of Existence
    3. Rivers of Existence
    4. Levo Dextro
  3. Timism is the periodic table of existence with six general levels
    1. Spinbarism
    2. Catan
    3. Mentality
    4. Ecos Nomos
    5. Politeness
    6. Morality
    7. Dynamic Density
    8. Symphony of Existence
    9. Rivers of Existence
    10. Levo-Dextro

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