Trite Eternal Truths:
  1. A right exists when one rights or prevents a wrong.
  2. If you do not do right you will suffer what is wrong.
  3. Rights create time while wrongs waste time.
  4. Paper rights are behavioral guides not excuses.
  5. Mother Nature trumps human wrongs parading as rights.

Rights and Freedoms: Timistic Siblings

Rights and Freedoms are moral siblings which are functionally synonymous. What can be said of one applies to the other. Analysis of traditional association redefined by timistic analysis clarifies what is and isn't a freedom or a right. With timism, both freedom and rights can be seen as moral imperatives, that is, the conservation or liberation of time. Therein rests why one should at times be a political conservative or a liberal: Does the policy save or create time?

Timistically, a freedom is an action that frees one from a time-wasting problem by either preventing or solving the problem. Optimally, the action or freedom should be exercised at the level of existence that is most efficient or effective, e.g., individual, community, state, national or global rights. Abstractly, optimizing rights to the best level is the principle of level rights. The goal is to solve the time-wasting problem as quickly as possible with the minimal investment of time. The more efficient, the more profitable the action, freedom or right.

Timistically, a right is exercised when it prevents or corrects a wrong. A wrong is a time-wasting problem of an individual, a community, a state, a nation or earth. Righting a wrong creates or saves time. Claiming a right which wastes time is semantic dishonesty.

Some rights are situational or symbolic. A pedestrian's right of way can make the pedestrian dead right. Voting rights are not always economic rights. Some sins are rights and not wrong.


  1. An action is a freedom and right only when it increases freedom from problems.
  2. An action is a right only if it stops a wrong or prevents a wrong.
  3. An action is a right only if it creates time or prevents the loss of time.
  4. An action is a right only if it promotes life not cancers.

Having established the timistic nature of freedoms and rights within the morality of more time, one can look at many popular myths on what is and isn't a right. It is important to realize that within the context of global dying and that from the moral imperative of saving life, never has the need for better understanding of freedoms and rights been more pressing. Every fraud or wrong parading as a freedom or right is a time-wasting CO2 sin against life on earth.

The key determinant to all rights, freedoms and moral codes is "Is there more time?" The moral right trumps legal laws if those laws are illogical and wrong, e.g., Dred Scott, Plessy vs. Ferguson, etc. You have a moral duty of doing the right thing to free self and others from time-wasting problems--the morality of more time. If you do not do what is right, Mother Nature will make sure you suffer what is wrong. Global dying is inevitable if enough people do not observe the moral imperative of saving life on earth.


  1. A posteriori not a priori
  2. A priori , a right is a half-truth
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  1. Paper rights are like symbols of capital or like a gun: Good or bad depends on what you do with the rights.
  2. In times of food inflation one does not have a right to cultivate flowers. Mother Nature wrongs such foolish rights.
  3. Amazingly, I am told I do not have a right to tell others when their wrongs are going to cost me, aka, entitlements. Yet, these wrong-doers feel entitled to make me pay for their wrongs as a right!

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