Smartphone Dummies

For decades, this tone-deaf problem-solver rejoiced each time he saw a person with a boombox or, more recently, music earplugs. Every minute that they self-distracted was a minute that he gained in the race to financial security and safety. Unfortunately, these self-enslaving, problem-solving eunuches become the legal and illegal mean thieves when they can no longer live beyond their means. Thus, the problem-solver has his wealth taken way by methadone taxation for the self-distracting addicts.

Solving problems requires four-steps:  define, prescribe, organize and motivate. If each step is not 100% then the solution will not be 100%. If one is distracted at any step, the step will be less than 100%. For instance, how well will you define, prescribe, organize or motivate if at any one of these steps I drop a concrete block on your foot? Or, suddenly fire a gun next to your ear? Or, turn up music so you cannot think? Or, you listen to and focus on music all the time while in the problem-solving process? Or, I turn out the lights while you are writing/reading problem-solutions?

One's ability to solve problems can be refered as one's iCube, that is, one's integrity of intellect and intelligence. Within Timism, intellect is defined as the raw brain or mental power/potential that one has from one's genes and diet. Intelligence is defined as the information that is processed by one's intellect. People do not solve problems because of one's iCube:

  1. Low intellect: Some people are born dumb, stupid morons who should never be allowed in an airplane cockpit pilot's seat.
  2. Low intelligence by chance: Some people are naive due to a lack of education opportunity.
  3. Low intelligence by choice: Some igknow learning and are igknowant.
  4. Bad intelligence by chance and choice: Some people are dishonest hypocrites who choose to be part of the problem rather than solution.

These are the four reasons a person does do right in preventing or solving a problem: Stupid, naive, igknowant or hypocrisy. (Note hypocrisy is justified in the face of igknowance if the igknowamus will harm you if you tell him the truth.)

If someone distracts you from learning, you are a victim of low intelligence by chance, that is, you are naive. If, however, you choose to self-distract when you should be learning how to solve problems then you are an igknowamus.

Thus, if one accepts the above premises and logic, one can see how Smartphones makes one a dummy. In terms of all the technological features, one can obsessively self-distract: phone, pictures, email, music, games, and apps. Many of the apps dumb down one's cognitive problem-solving ability. While one may think it is cool to swish from one app image to another, the best analogy for how this is a losing bet for the finger flyer is the game of finding the pea under the shells as the con artist quickly moves the shells back and forth.

Or, I cut the 8.5x11 paper instructions in half followed by my pasting the right half on the back of the left half so that you have to keep turning the sheet in order to read the half-sentence. Smart phones force you to think in half thoughts. They dumb you down. And,                  you don't know it.

If you offered to give me a Smart phone for free, I would say, "Thanks, but no thanks." It would be like accepting free meat cuts from a butchered beef carcass that had mad cow disease. Or, having free unprotected sex with an AIDs infected leg-spreader.

I prefer to save my time rather than save a dime. As I avoid smartphones because they are inherently self-dumbing, self-slutting device so do I avoid all the various games, cards and keys that give one a discount on purchased items. They should be outlawed with the administrative costs going into across the board  price cuts. People do not realize that the retailers raise their price in anticipation of people wanting a freebie in part or whole. As the Japanese say, the most expensive things in life are first free. Free parking, $100 towing. Free financial advice, No retirement. Free love, 18 years of child-rearing.

For many people, smartphones are like graphics software: I'm a new daVinci or Michelangelo. Or, like homemade porno flicks--I'm a hollywood starlet. I have a smartphone therefore I must be smart: Smartphonee ergo smartee. Afterall, implied in having a smartphone is that one must be smart to use it which is born out by parents bragging on how the pre-schoolers can use a smartphone. In the overall analysis for the individual and society, smartphones are like the coolness of using drugs: The individual and society loses. Claims of increased smartness from a smartphone are phony. In truth, smartphones are smartphony.

Of course we are busy, but what are we busy at? People digitally chained to a smart phone in which they are going from one pleasure jerk to another are no different than a person playing with their pud or pudenda. Both are self-distracting with no problem-solving as the minutes disappear. Afterwards, the person feels good about themselves. Unfortunately, the lack of problem-solving is often met by peer rejection which the self-slutter does not understand. Really, there is a optimal time for play and orgasms, but not all the time. (This paragraph is expanded upon as an essay iPuddery and within the essay on Stopping Twitter.)

Valid distinctions and definitions are needed when solving problems otherwise confusing apples and oranges leads to semantic slippage in which one thinks one is talking about a problem but is not. Within Timism, distraction is an action that takes one away from problem-solving while entertainment enhances one's problem-solving ability.

  1. The latter acknowledges the cliche All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  2. The former affirms the cliche All play and no problem-solving (politics) makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised.

In truth, one finds problem-solvers more interesting and beneficial than problem-causers. For instance, if you were sick, would you want a trained doctor who passed his boards or your brother-in-law who failed his basic mechanics test? In case you have not noticed, watch the people around you who have the most diverse, enjoyable personalities: The self-distactors or the self-learners. This watcher finds the glue-heads (people with earphones effective glued to their heads) to be the most banal, opinionated and igknowant people he has ever met. They are full of themselves as they not only never question themselves but do not have the means to question and validate their existence.

In summary, as I would not object to young girls having sex and babies if they paid for them rather than taxpayers like me so would I not object to smartphone dummies if I did not have to pay for their being part of the problem rather than the solution. We are in an accelerating existential meltdown worsening habitual problems with our problem-solving institutions failing at a faster pace in producing needed problem-solvers.


  1. 131221 Earphone-addicts are like ostriches with their heads in the sand, i.e., heads in the sound.
  2. 140617 "While users can download a one-hour high definition film in six minutes on 4G mobile internet, 5G would slash the time to six seconds." (WSJ, 140616, EU, South Korea to Ally on Faster Mobile Access)
    1. Analogy, "While heroin users used to have to work six minutes to buy a one-hour high at old supply levels and quality, 5G flooding the streets with cheap, highly refined horse will slash the time to self-distract from six minutes to six seconds--a reductivity loss of 60 to 1, not a productivity gain of 60:1."
    2. Of course, we are busy, but what are we busy at?
    3. Time is the thread in the fabric of life. If we confuse waste with work and want with need then we will waste our lives wanting the unneeded.

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