iPuds: iPods, iPads and iPhones

Timism is a clutter cutter, an Occam's razor. By standardizing the analysis of dynamic systems (the entities of existence) into the creation or cancering of time, one can quickly tell what is and isn't a time-wasting problem. All too often, things are valued as time-creative when in fact they are the opposite. Unfortunately for humanity, a sense of happiness is often equated with being time-creative. However, simple examples refute this connection: the alcoholic wanting another drink, the sadist wanting another victim, or the priest wanting another alterboy. In general, one can say that igknowing a problem false into this case of confusing a sense of happiness with a meaningful, creative life as in "igknowance is bliss." Likewise, a lot of time is lost when old values beget the road the hell was paved with good intentions from bad values.

Summarily equating happiness and well-being without questioning or re-inspecting the activity for true time-creation is to allow a lot of problems to exist and grow. One's life will be less if one foolishly pursues happiness from cancers that consume one's time. Increasingly, thanks to developing technology, more and more of humanity are pursuing happiness from activities that are self-cancerous: iPads, iPods, and iPhones(smartphones).

Consider a continuum that represents the average person's waking day of 16 hours. Which kind of world would you want to live in? 100% work or 100% play. If you kneejerk the old cliche "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" then you just igknowed the question. For you, the cliche is "All play and no work makes Jack a dead boy." Anyone who chooses play over work will not have to worry about being a dull person.

Today, humans play more each day than at any point in the past. Part of the play is the increased presence of iPads, iPhones, and iPods in people's lives. The vast majority of mobile communication is not about solving problems but about self-distraction. In a very real sense, there is no difference between a person spending hours putting their digits on an iDevice and on their privates. When done digitizing their puds or pudenda or iPuds, what do they have to show for those hours of their lives except a sense of release?

When one spends all day masturbating whether by digitizing one's pud or pudenda or digitizing one's iPud, the result is the same, a cancerous waste of time. One is part of the problem rather than the solution. Two important questions are begged. Does another have a right to tell a person to stop masturbating too much? If the answer is yes, the second question is how do we reduce excess masturbation?

Central to the first question, "right to tell" is what are human rights or freedoms? If one goes by what people want then then will not have what people need. People want something for nothing which often leads to people having less than they need because they distract themselves from worktime for playtime.

If one understands that on the continuum of work to play that there is a threshold beyond which humanity is not working enough to support the future of humanity, one recognizes the need to reduce play and increase work. It is a duty to survival of self and others. It is the right thing to do if one wants to maintain one's freedom from problems.

The continuum of work and play mirrors how the cost of humanity to Mother Nature has two parts: the cost of living and the cost of lying. The cost of living is the daily time we need to spend to have the necessities of life. The cost of lying is the time we spend seeking what we want which is how we lie to ourselves since our wants are always changing. All of our wants are variations of play. Our opinions are derived from our wants.

Since most people do not question life sufficiently, their values, emotions and motivations are a synthesis of their opinions or wants. Thus, they do not think others have a right to define what is right and wrong since everybody's opinion is equally good. It is like a person who has always been blind who cannot understand colors. It is like the person who cannot escape their obsession with sports addiction. The constant self-reinforcing focusing on sports play prevents developing sufficient awareness that this is a form of mental masturbation in which one is playing with oneself to the detriment of one working for oneself.

When one understands the role of distractions and narrow visions, one must conclude that Smartphones dumb people down. They require unnecessary ancillary distractions which constitutes collateral damage to one's problem-solving capacity. One is unaware in a manner akin to how one is unaware of one's falling asleep: As one falls asleep, one's capacity to assess one's state of mind decreases faster than one's ability to realize that one is falling asleep.

In conclusion, one of the reasons that what needs to be done to save life on earth will not be done is the increase of iPuds which distract users from meaningful work. iPuds merely aggravate the oldest form of one playing with one's mind through prayer.


  1. Gresham's Law is an economic principle that cheap money will chase out good money. Gresham's Law applies to all levels of timism's periodic table of existence. Afterall, time is money and money is time.
    1. Catan: Mind altering drugs will drive out good eating habits as the mental euphorias exceeds the joy of good eating.
    2. Mentality: Flattery will drive out constructive criticism. Phony love will triumph over hard love. Freebies will discourage earnings.
    3. Politeness: Die Grosse Luge will triumph over ugly truths. Politicians who promise the most something-for-nothing will get re-elected with the voters getting less and less.
    4. Morality: The religion that promises the most will be the strongest magnet for those who do not question and re-inspect before they tithe their lives away, e.g., free eternal life or son of god as a personal slave.
      Before iPud devices, religions were the iPuddery of choice. Ironically, and observing Gresham's law, the iPud devices are driving religion out of people's lives as they would prefer to finger their iPuds at home rather a hymnal in church.
  2. When one understands that any play is self-similar to playing with one's pud/pudenda then the question is raise (within the context of all work and no play) "How much should one play?" The answer is simple. Does it catalyze greater creation of time by promoting more and better problem-solving? It all boils down to the quantification of time, that is, the morality of more time--timism.  Does the use of iPud devices increase problem-solving?
  3. Everything in moderation has been a maxim for living a productive, moral life. Moderation captures the boundary between entertaining and distraction. It is like a mirror for checking one's health versus obsessive narcicism.
  4. This quantifiable distinction based on time creation/cancering is what distinguishes entertainment from distraction. If the playtime promotes greater time creation then it is education. Otherwise, it is a distraction distracting one from solving the time-wasting problems of one's world. The much admired Steve Jobs was a master of distraction in all his Apple CO2 sinning technologies.
  5. Who is a better human being? The male who seeks quickies or handjobs to relieve stress, or, the male who worries about warts or hair on his palm if he plays with himself to the point that he is catatonic or headed for a mental ward or prison cell?
  6. Consider the impact of distraction on one's personality. The more one self-distracts, self-gratifies or self-sluts, the less one has a personality. It is like the person who spends all of his time in an opium den or the bathroom. From the reader's personal experience, what personalities do the tuned-in, wired-up and hooked-up kids have? Because of their unruffled "soma"ized life when plugged in and finger'd-up, they don't understand why others do not like them as much as they like themselves.
    1. "It is, like, you know, I'm not hurting anyone. Why hassle me?"
    2. "Yes, you may not be an overt terrorist or criminal, but evil triumphs when men do not act to do good. You are deadweight, a millstone, on life on earth by doing nothing more than playing with your iPuds or pud."

    iPudders have no personality. From your life experiences, which has a personality that you want as a neighbor and friend? The worker or non-worker? The worker or the player? The plodder or the iPudder?

  7. An extension of the create/cancer dichotomy is how cancers on all levels of existence are entities living beyond their means. Consistently, individuals, families, communities, and nations that live beyond their means become meaningless and mean. Want to see a mean kid? Take away the toys. Want to see a mean nation? Take away deficit-spending. Mother Nature is gradually at a faster pace taking away our ability to live beyond our means as she raises the cost of living, that is, the time necessary to have the necessities of life.
  8. Again applying the time creation/cancering criterion to an area of sex: Who is a better human being: a whore or a slut?
    1. The whore who charges for sex requires her partner to engage in some time-saving problem-solving?
    2. Or, the slut who gives it away to any male that tells her that he loves her thus encouraging the cockhounds to refine their lying rather than their living?

    Which is more likely to shaft the taxpayer with an expensive unplanned fetus with a greater chance of becoming a criminal? A whore or a slut? A whore knows she cannot make money if she has morning sickness or a babybump while sluts all too often think a baby is meal ticket.
    (Personal note: Being ornery, during the 2008 Presidential contest, I used to navigate the conversation with pro-Palin supporters into their realizing that they had been logically lead down a verbal path to the conclusion that not only was Palin a slut but the supporters reasons for endorsing Palin were based on shared life values. As one person said of me, "You not only find people's raw nerves but you then peez on them.")

  9. Steve Jobs is a boy wonder on Wall Street. Like Bile Guts of MaggotSoft, he was an enfant terrible who's tantrums were overlooked because he got good quarterly bottom-line results. But in the war to save life on earth, not corporate earnings, Steve Jobs was a master of mental masturbators, a force multiplier as the pied piper of iPuddery. A existential carcinogen par excellent.

What about sportsaholics? Or, people possessed of the holy spirit en masse? In the final analysis, which is timism, the viability of a dynamic system whether an amoeba or our planet is based on creating time rather than destroying time. Inaction due to self-distraction is a cancer unto one's world. Doe it really matter whether the ipuddery of mental bliss is from manually manipulating one's pud or pudenda or from any one of social media. All are non-creative of time by virtue of wasting time. Cancers die.

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  1. 131221 Earphone-addicts are like ostriches with their heads in the sand, i.e., heads in the sound.
  2. 140617 "While users can download a one-hour high definition film in six minutes on 4G mobile internet, 5G would slash the time to six seconds." (WSJ, 140616, EU, South Korea to Ally on Faster Mobile Access)
    1. Analogy, "While heroin users used to have to work six minutes to buy a one-hour high at old supply levels and quality, 5G flooding the streets with cheap, highly refined horse will slash the time to self-distract from six minutes to six seconds--a reductivity loss of 60 to 1, not a productivity gain of 60:1."
    2. Of course, we are busy, but what are we busy at?
    3. Time is the thread in the fabric of life. If we confuse waste with work and want with need then we will waste our lives wanting the unneeded.

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