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Watch the local to global world about you fracture and disintegrate as the habitual politicians at all levels engage in competition for a shrinking, disintegrating pie that can be summarized as our existential meltdown. The meltdown is the seemingly random lottery of the global holocaust. Only an integrated process--a whole plan--based on logic and fact--not illogical gut-reaction ignorance--can save some of us, not all of us. All of us are on deathrow with only some, maybe, having their death sentences communted. That process is the Manheaven Project intellectually derived from timism and founded on better democracy, better capitalism, better morality and better disgust.


What Needs To Be Done Will Not Be Done ...

What needs to be done
to save life on earth
from global dying
will not be done

better democracy,
better capitalism,
better values,
better disgust,
leave me alone.

Impediments: Actions, Professons, Attitudes and Americans ... Summary Restatement ... The Questions ... I'm Too Old
  1. Actions
    1. What needs to be done won't be done until there are so many needy people that there are no means to save them. What needs to be done will not be done until the need is too great for anyone or any nation to stop the existential meltdown of our environment and civilization.
    2. What needs to be done requires unprecedented action which can only reference previous crises.
      1. sweeping legislation greater than alphabet of actions by Roosevelt to deal with the Depression,
      2. a Victory Plan (Rainbow-5) broader and deeper than the one detailed before and implemented after December 7, 1941, by Gen. George C. Marshall.
      3. a Marshall Plan greater than the plan to save Europe from chaos and collapse, that is,
      4. a Whole Plan--Dreadnought or Have Nought.
    3. Must shift from life-saving to death-aiding, that is, Save No More Lives.
    4. Better Betterism: Better Problem-Solving
      1. Better Democracy: Brainbees and Votetime and Constitutional Convention
      2. Better Capitalism: Lifehours, Payroll vs. Decapitalism and Necronomics
      3. Better Morality: Morality of More Time
      4. Better Disgust: Abhorence of the Illogical Aliens , Doodoo Digesters, DASE'rs, Evilutionists, Funny Mentalists , Compassionate Conservatives and Habitual Politicians.
  2. Professsions
    1. Arsonists who started the fires are in charge of extinguishing the fires from which they derive great greedy gains by pouring on more gasoline which they sell.
      1. In general, the demographic groups responsible for the growing disparity between current declining democracy and the needed optimal democracy are in charge of fixing the problems.
      2. Life on earth is too important to be left to the politicians and businessmen which is why what needs to be done will  not be done without better democracy and better capitalism. In the early stages of the 2009 pandemic flu threat, Obama said we must not do anything to harm the economy, that is, a habitual politician protecting businessmen's greed: What kind of economy does one have if every one is sick and dying?
    2. FEMA:
      1. Must shift from life-saving to Save No More Lives.
      2. FEMA must go from helping disaster to quarantining disaster areas.
      3. Must shift on Carrot/Stick problem response, aka, E Pluribus Onus.
    3. Education: Harvard aka Gas-Guzzler of Higher Ed aka Wachasee Village of Global Dying
    4. Habitual Politicians: As the habitual politicians kick the can of global dying down the road, over and over, it is another example of why they habitual problem causers.
    5. Media : Distracting Us To Death Rather Than Educating Us To Live ... Increasingly, recent college graduates engaging in telelying as they rely on common teleprompter messages from soundbyte central.
    6. Military
      1. Mercenary  (thanks to GOP)
      2. Mentors : Greedy Stars
    7. Moneytheists : The Silas Marners of the Existential Meltdown
      1. Bankers/Financiers--the Money Dictators, e.g., Rothchild who said, to wit, Give me control of a nation's currency and I will control that nation's politics and economy.
      2. WallStreeters : Decaptialists playing with dysfunctional paper to foster capitalism for a fewer few.
      3. Monetarists: Playing with the thermostat instead of fixing the furnace.
      4. Economists: Academic Streetwalkers.
      5. MBA: Masters of Bankrupting America.
      6. The money dictators and their public servants, the habitual politicians, will not give up the power needed to observe the primary moral imperative of saving life on earth. They will keep thinking that they can buy their way out of the latest problem so as to remain in power, e.g., "This is no time for rookies."
  3. Attitudes
    1. In general, people will act like the deer caught in the headlights of an approaching car, frozen, unable to move as the vehicle of death rapidly approaches. Boom. Some people will want others to die along with them. These will be the deer who pull bystanders into the roadway so they don't die alone. Not only misery, but ignorance and laziness loves company.
    2. Individuals won't change their wasteful ways, wanting others to make the sacrifices.
      1. What needs to be done is synonymous with optimal democracy and capitalism which is the basis of people living within their means, that is, focusing on their needs before endulging their wants--see Cost of Humanity: Living or Lies.
      2. Before the collapse people will focus on wants rather than needs: I want a larger SUV with lower fuel efficiency. I want a larger house farther out from the city. I want to be a NASDAQ dad or a Soccer mom. I want to waste energy. After the collapse, people won't have their needs met and they will quickly give up their wants before they die--see Jack and Jill.
      3. Instead of people being organized to do the needed, the money dictators and their elected teleliars (Presidents, senators, represenatives and governors) and their corporate cronies will continue to do what people want to do. With each day that people do what the "want" to do instead of what "needs" to be done, the final cost in human suffering and death will be greater and faster. If we did what we needed to do, we would have the needed goods and services with which to survive and correct the environmental catastrophe of global warming
    3. Insufficient iCube: We lack the integrity of intellect and intelligence to globally fulfill the four-steps of solving global dying.
      1. God of K --No critical mass of critical thinking:
      2. Too many funny mentalists , doo-doo digesters and evilutionists.
    4. Religions will impede the Manheaven Project.
      1. The illogical aliens  of all faiths will believe that global dying is "God's Will" by which they will go to their empirically undefined and undiscovered other world. These doodoo digesters will impede the needed effort to reverse global dying. If the real problem was not global dying, there would be enough time for logical earthlings to triumph over the illogical aliens. Unfortunately, the eviluting global civil war between the earthlings and aliens will waste precious time and resources. Each sabbath, the pulpit propagandists will promise something for nothing if the flock follows them in their understanding of gods created in the image of man, not the other way around.
      2. Believing in a false god is immoral as confirmed by the loss of time not the gaining of more time. The vast majority of humanity is Half-Goddist.
    5. Let's have Controlled Depopulation but euthanize everyone but me and mine.
      1. What needs to be done will not be done because each of us is part of the problem which we neither want to admit nor cease to be. We want others to give up their getting over-paid, getting something-for-nothing, getting unfair tax breaks and getting entitlements.
      2. We don't want invest the time to be better parents, better citizens, and better humans.
      3. Kill your granny but let my nana alone.
    6. Wage-takers, that is, people who are overpaid, will resist detiming and retiming activities to save life on earth.
    7. French rioters  and American Tea Party
  4. Americans
    1. The American people think that they will be saved by an elected official with 3.5 kids, with an SUV, and with God in their heart--the perfect soundbyte politician.
      1. Yet, in a world that has too many people, a person with more than one kid is mentally deficient for being part the problem.
      2. Yet, in a world suffering from global dying of CO2 sinners, the SUV-addicted are part of the problem.
      3. Yet, in a world where religious strife causes more suffering and deaths, the God-obssessed are part of the problem.
      4. So, will America be saved? No, Americans are part of the problem and want super-parts of the problem to solve the problems. It is like expecting arsonists to not start fires.
    2. With regards to global warming, America has the mentality of the teenager who thinks God is going to let him live forever only to run into the rude awakening that he should have fastened his seatbelt.
    3. Americans are like ...
      1. The fat, smoking doctor with congestive heart failure.
      2. The evangelicals who want chaos as a prelude to the rapture.
      3. People who blame or slay the messenger: If one says America is in decline--which is true--one are viewed as unpatriotic and treated like one are causing the decline.
    4. Americans expect everyone else to make sacrifices so they can live beyond their means.
    5. Americans are suffering an incurable condition.
      1. The United States is in a terminal condition. Telling the fatally ill patient what it should have done one, five or ten years ago is not only a waste of time but can cause the patient to engage into activities that harm speaker.
      2. The best course of action is to assist the patient's final journey while documented how the patient could have been saved if the patient had realized cancer does not go away by renaming it or treating it with ancient chants.
      3. Saving humanity is like curing mentally ill: Same cure rate if treated or untreated, difference is which subpopulation is cured. Likewise with saving humanity, just shifting who is going to be saved. Like the mentally ill, which humanity is, some mentally ill will resent your treatment and try to kill you. Better to let the men tally alone and preserve your own life.
    6. Want tax cuts instead of better tax use. Why? It takes time to define and solve a tax-funded problem. Easier to say "Read my lips, no new taxes" rather than define, prescribe, organize and motivate.
    7. Spoiled brats living off daddy's money have the time to attend policy meetings--aka political and business dynasties.
      1. In Richmond, Virginia, an ordinance was passed banning public use of libraries unless a certain fee--a de facto poll tax--was paid thus excluding grass roots organization of community-based problems.
      2. Spoiled brats are in the majority and they lack the iCube to achieve the needed enlighted self-interest to give up their decapitalistic unearned income. Spoiled brats have always been at core of "tyranny of the minority." Obama, like the Kennedys, has never known hunger to warrant an understanding of hunger let alone a solution.
  5. Summary Restatement: In general, the habitual politicians will continue to do what they are doing which will not only advance the recovery point but decrease the chances of a global effort to save life on earth--the primary moral imperative.
    1. What is needed is an economic restructuring to eliminate all CO2 sinning from the economy of wants, waste and lies, a restrucuturing more austere than wartime economy of the Second World War that enabled the US to become the arsenal of democracy. Where is today's Gen. Geo. C. Marshall. Gen Marshall, before the Germans invaded Poland in September, 1939, had already developed a victory plan for turning America into efficient war-winning leader. Marshall's mastery over organization and communication was established in the Great War to end all wars and refined when he was appointed by Roosevelt in the early 1930's to use the military to jumpstart the CCC camps. Of course, Marshall was the only military person an ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his European Recovery Plan.
    2. Nowhere in the military or political realm is their a Marshall or a Roosevelt. Instead, we have the habitual politicians who are addicted to re-election that are making policies for the short-term so they can win the next election. Everything the politicians are doing is decreasing the chances of needed public policy-making to do what is needed to be done. In particular, the universal throwing of money at the problems (Obama's multi-trillion dollar "BOLD" action is going to cause monetary inflation of prices (monflation), particularly food. As the price of food rises, key links in the food chain will be priced out of the market, e.g., bankruptcy of the largest U.S. poultry processor in November, 2008. This will cause shortage inflation (sinflation). The habitual politicians, imititating Weimar Germany and Mugabe's Zimbawa will inject more money into the market via programs to "save" the economy of wants, waste and lies.
    3. Timistically, the habitual politicians' economic plans are like the difference between global warming and global dying. In passing the tipping point of CO2 sinning, we went from global warming to global dying: If every human being died, global dying would occur, just not as fast. More importantly, the recovery point (point of no return) would not advance as fast. Timistically, the economies of the world have passed the tipping point from recession into depression. Like CO2 sinning, if all the habitual politicians died, we would still have a depresssion only not as soon, not as deep and not as long. Everything they are doing is making the economy worse with the "everything" being focused on helping their campaign friends who help them win another election term.
    4. If there was ever a time and case for term limits in order to get new faces for old problems, the time of global dying is the right time running out of time. Habitual politicians think that if they keep power, they will weather each economic and political storm. They ignore the elephant in the room, the foodchain destruction from drought, deluge and Dresdens of the CO2 sinning behind global dying.
    5. As said repeatedly, the house of humanity is on fire and the arsonists who started the fire are in charge of putting out the fire. The Wannsee Villagers of the global holocaust are fueling the flames with more flammable liquidity. Of global warming, the habitual politicians say that fighting global warming must wait until we fix our economies. Yet, totally ignored, the primary force that is destroying the economy of needs is the elephant in the room: CO2 sinning.
    6. In summary, the political half-wits have half-ass, too-little, too-late solutions for global dying. Bokyag!
  6. The Questions
    1. How will civilization collapse? Holocaust or population control?
    2. How many people will die or not be born?
    3. How many people will be left?
    4. How will population control be affected?
    5. What will be the resulting social and political order? Anarchy or BDC.
  7. I'm Too Old: I don't know everything nor do I know how to save the world. However, I am the only person who knows what needs to be done to save life on earth. And, today, 101015, I realized that I am too old to act on what I know. But, as Becket said in the play, "I can't go on. I must go on. I will go on."

Impediments: Actions, Professons, Attitudes and Americans ... Summary Restatement ... The Questions

I hope we do what needs to be done.
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  1. Not enough people realize the acceleration of the existential meltdown and global dying to act to reverse both. Consequently, trying to do what is needed is like prescribing unpleasant chemical and radiation treatments for a cancer victim who cannot or willnot acknowledge the carcinoma.
  2. People are not willing to die to save life on earth ignoring the fact that when life on earth dies then they will die. Only a global awareness of how all of us are on deathrow will initiate the paradigm shift from everyone trying to live to a democratic process of commuting some of our death sentences. Most people express patriotic thoughts but are at the core unwilling to die for their country. In the USA, this hypocrisy metamorphed into the high-cost "voluntary" army, a mercenary force in which the cowardly defend their spineless patriotism with claims like "they volunteered for the money." The media repeatedly beats to death the story that only a few Americans are bearing the brunt of these decade-old wars which the military cannot or willnot win. Why the shallow, lip-service support of the military? Taxpayers modify their support because they know the military has become a mercenary, country club organization that  cannot or willnot win wars. The same attitude, globally, prevents doing what needs to be done: Let someone else pay and sacrifice.