Earning real stock in real time for real capitalism

A Barter System for A New System
of Taxes and Politics

Written for the Star Tribune and its Employees (Deadend alley)

Since the habitual politicians are not going to change the election, voting or tax laws, it needs to be done tentatively. By tentative, it is the use of the very tools that a honest Congress would use to organize and reward the American people for leading and governing themselves. These tools are available --on-line democracy and on-line capitalism with the data processing LAN. They constitute a tentative tax credit. The are also a barter system to solve our public problems.

Many barter systems exist for people to keep money in their communities.

  1. Why not establish a barter system for people to reward themselves when they solve their problems using the best democratic process?
  2. Why not make the barter system simple and universal based on the origin of all wealth and currency: How people use their time to solve problems?
  3. Why not reward with a large finder's fee the people who make this system of new mass communication, new democracy and new currency?
  4. If it cost $3 billion in promised tax credits to un-elected the habitual politicians who cost us trillions of dollars, do you think the American people would object to some services and its employees receiving a virtual 401(k) plan prorated over twenty years? For instance, would Americans object to a media company and its employees receiving $300MM to bring about better democracy and capitalism that will save annually billions of dollars.

Let me put it another way, if a media company and employees found a cure to cancer that costs us billions each year, do you think the suffering population would object to dividing a $15 million annual royalty? If a media company sponsors a cure to the cancer that harms humanity: insufficient democracy and decapitalism, I don't think the people's will object. Besides a lot of the voters will be dividing up the $3 billion based on their following the lead of a media company.

This is a uniform system for solving our problems and making our world better based on timism. Press for Better Democracy and Capitalism fulfills the four steps needed to solve any problem: describe, prescribe, organize and motivate. Ain't no one got this system but you.

In effect, this is a startup IPO for a dotcom in which the brokers fee is divided between the media company and its employees, $300 million. If the media company and its employees sponsor this on-line problem-solving service, they deserve the broker fees.


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