Play Inflation

To understand the nature and harm of play inflation, one needs to accept several timistic conclusions.

  1. Inflation is a cheapening of time. If you save your excess worktime in the symbol of your work time, e.g., currency, inflation cheapens your past worktime as if you had worked less. A 50% inflation rate is the same as if you had worked only half the time.
  2. The public face of inflation is the cheapening of currency. The private face is having less and less time whether in symbols of time or in time at work.
  3. If people work, they have more and more, e.g., China. If people play, they have less and less, USA.
  4. As a cheapening of human time, inflation cheapens the real currency of existence, the lifehour. The value of a lifehour is the number of workhours needed to acquire the necessities of life divided into the 24 hours of each day. If one's economy requires two hours then the lifehour's value is twelve. If inflation causes one to work three hours then the lifehour has been cheapened to a value of eight. That is an inflation rate of 33%.
  5. Inflation is the thermometer of workers' time being cheapened as inflation makes the symbols of the time worth less and less even tho they are working the same.
  6. Cost of humanity has two parts: Cost of living and the cost of lying. The former is the time spent acquiring the objective necessities of life. The latter are the subjective self-lies of shifting wants, wastes and worries.
  7. One self-lie is play. Over the years, how one plays shifts, e.g., playing with dolls is often replaced with playing with drugs and dicks.
  8. If a person choses to play instead of work, he has cheapened his time and the time of those who depend on him. If a government institutionalizes play with laws and tax supports, it is a government that will cease to work. America doesn't work anymore because everyone wants to play.
  9. Failure to work is the source of inflation for work is producing the needed goods and services to sustain life. On a dessert island, would you rather be stranded with farmers or athletes.
  10. Play Pathos is not the work ethic.

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