Play Pathos Is Not The Work Ethics

A cancer and a fetus are both rapidly dividing masses of cells. One would error to think that they are the same. Likewise with the difference between play and work. Both cancers and play waste rather than create time. Work solves time-wasting problems which creates time that is the essence of freedom.

It is existential dishonesty and economically suicidal to claim that players have the work ethic. There is an optimal amount of play for a person, community or nation. Too much play causes lost time. As a nation cannot gamble its way to prosperity nor can a nation play its way to success. Interestingly, the word gamble comes from game. Most play-obsessed Americans are not participants. As indicated by the bredth of their behinds, Americans are spectators.

Instead of having the work ethic, habitual players have the play pathos. As it is dishonest to call habitual politicians professional because they clearly do not speak to take us forward (pro fess), likewise, it is semantic dishonesty to say professional sports. Habitual politicians are pathetic. Habitual players are, appropriately, playthetic. (One can say career politician or career athlete only if one expresses the phrases with the nuance of career criminal.)

Coaches of habitual players are not leaders. They are losers. The are coaching a lost of America's leadership in real work. Do you think that education settings have benefitted by the in-house glorification of sports? And, who does the average American cheer? Players. We are nation of cheerlosers . We are the new Jack and Jills: All play and no-politics makes Jack and Jill desperate, destitude and demised.

America does not work anymore because Americans play, gamble and speculate. As gambling is related to gaming so is speculate related to America's passive obsession with sports: spectators. Both speculate and spectator come from Latin for voyeur. As speculators steal so do spectators steal time, just different levels of existence, finance versus mentality. The most obvious index of America not working is the growing number and variety of public and private voices begging the federal government for handouts to keep people playing, gambling and speculating.

As the gambling bubble is now beginning to burst in 2010 so is the sports bubble based on America living beyond its means beginning to burst. Playaholics are less able to afford to attend events orchestrated by habitual athletes. As one hears the highschool jocks repeat into their retirement years, the spectators and players will eternally comfort themselves with Marlon Brando's line from On the Waterfront: "I could have been something." Yes, for valuing play over work, you have not work.

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