Wage-Takers and Monetarists: In Your Hands ....

"In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not in mine,
is the momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you.
You can have no conflict without being yourselves the aggressors.

Abraham Lincoln, 1st Inaugural Address

Repeatedly throughout the years that the nature of better democracy and better capitalism were explored and applications for achieving better versions of these problem-solving twins, people have said that some people will be opposed to the proposed reforms. The reason is simple. The wage-takers like being overpaid. A conclusion of timism is that there is no difference between current wage-takers and civil war slavemasters. Both take the time of those who are the primary problem-solvers of life. As such, many of the great speeches of Lincoln on slavery are applicable today to the evils of wage-takers.

Part and parcel to the projected opposition by the wage-takers to an honest wage for an honest work is violence by the wage-takers to not only protect their current ill-got takings but to continue the economic system that allows a few to be wage-takers from the many wage-earners. The wage-takers do not want anyone saying, "Enough is enough!" The wage-takers do not want to give up their power and monopoly on the workers' wages.

History shows that this is a losing proposition for wage-takers. When push comes to shove, the wage-takers may have a monopoly on the majority of wealth but those deprived of that wealth are not only greater in number but have both means and morality on their side. If you were set adrift in a lifeboat, which would be more viable? A ton of gold as a co-passenger or ten two-hundred pound rowers? Every revolution and civil war shows that the wage-earners win, not the wage-takers: French, English, Central America, Russia, Germany, Austro-Hungaria, Iraq, Iran, China, Egypt, Syria, etc.

Most important of all for America's wage-taker is the precipitous conflict between those who not only supported legal wage-taking in 1860 (slavery) but wanted to expand it to new territories of the United States. Many parallels exist between the 1860 American Civil War and 2006 America's Civil Liberties. In 1860, plantation masters initiate the Civil War ... and lost. In 2006, wage-takers have legalized many financial activities that take wages from the worker, e.g., 401k plans.

Prior to the 1860 election, Lincoln had given a speech (September 11, 1858) express the sentiment of this writer toward the wages that have been taken:

The Republican party holds that slavery is an unqualified evil to the Negro, to the white man, to the soil, and to the state. Regarding it as an evil, they will not molest it in the states where it exists ... but they will use every constitutional method to preven the evil form becoming larger and involving more Negroes, more white men, more soil and more states in its deplorable consequences. (from Wm Lee Miller, Lincoln's Virtues, pg 323).

In other words, as a person who wants the problem-solving benefits of better democracy and better capitalism, this writer recognizes that many wage-takers came into position and power without serious intention to become a wage-taker. Once settled in the luxury of being a wage-taker (overpaid and over-privileged), it is hard to give up the freedom of not having to earn one's daily bread by the sweat of one's brow. So, the gap between the wage-takers and wage-earners is growing with an inevitable civil war. Both sides will lose more than if a compromised is acheived that echos the 1820 Missouri Compromise and the 1850's Compromise to tolerate existing slavery (wage-taking) with no expansion of the the wage-taking (slavery) into new business, economic and financial arrangements. It would be better that the modern slavemasters keep their taken wages with a new day of freedom and democracy without a second American civil war. The wage-earners would once again win but the winnings would be slim pickings compared to the winning from renovation rather than rebuilding of our civil structures.

What would Lincoln say of the present economic system in which a fewer few own more and more of the newly created wealth each year? A house divided against itself can stand. If wage-taking continues, there will be civil war. If wage-earners demand reparation of all wages taken, heretofore, civil war will result. The optimal compromise is a termination of the wage-taking laws with the wage-takers having an amnesty for the wealth accumulated from the wage-earners. Said another way, today's slavemaster can have their plantations but they cannot buy or sell any more slaves.

"In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, and not in mine,
is the momentous issue of civil war. The government will not assail you.
You can have no conflict without being yourselves the aggressors.

The Republican Party is a great historical irony. It came into existence in the 1850's mainly to end the evils of slavery. The Republican Party of the 21st Century is composed of the modern plantation masters. Which political party exploits the working wage-earner? Which is the mouthpiece of the Rockefellas? As the plantation masters of 1860 viewed themselves as compassionate conservative so does that sentiment echo today in deeds and terms of the Republican Party. Equally ironic is how the Democrats, the slave champions of the 1850's, is today the champion of the little fella. While it is valid critique that the Democrats don't have any new ideas--a compaint voiced by defenders of the Republican Party, this is like saying that a potential rape victim prefers the company of the rapist rather than the company of a non-rapist who doesn't know how to stop a rapist.

Wage-taking was an example of the frog on the stove. While massive theft did occur in individual instances, e.g., Global Crossing, Enron, etc., most occurred in increments as the habitual politicians passed another private law (privilege) for their campaign contributors. Unless a reverse process is implemented to return the taken wages to the wage-earners, the over-privileged wage-takers are facing a revolt by the wage-earners in which they will be increasingly targeted for robbery and murder. The exodus from Iraq to escape the insurgents is not the middle-class but the wage-takers who stole Iraq's wealth under the regimes of Iraq and Bush. Any wage-taker who thinks they can use their wealth to protect themselves ignores the history of how their household servants, family security and public safety will be the ones to violate the wage-takers. A chauffer with starving kids will sell their driving plans to kidnappers.

Wage-takers? Do you have a plan to forestall and prevent class warfare between you, the wage-takers, and your victims, the wage-earners. Either you can pay kidnap ransom money in the future to a few angry, motivated wage-earners (e.g., Osama Bin Laden is a champion of wage-earners) or you can just avoid taking the wages so the wages lubricate the economy upon which wage-earners are dependent and are contented. Your choice. Our money or your life is to what it will boil down. View the reduced wage-taking as an insurance plan not on kidnap ransom as as insurance against kidnapping. I am not afraid of being kidnapped per se as I am not afraid of being robbed. What scares me is how robbers tend to have no experience with guns from which they accidentally shoot and kill their robbery victim because they keep their finger on the trigger. Dumb. What scares me about kidnappers is that they are not trained in special ops and don't know what the hell are the Geneva Conventions. Kidnapped victims die because of ineptness more often than from intent.


  1. Lincoln's Compensated Emancipation was an instance of debt refinancing. Slave-owners had many debts that were collateralized by the value of their slave. Lincoln proposed that the Federal Government buy the slaves through a bond issue that would be be retired over a period of years. During the discussion of the proposal, Lincoln noted that the compensating the slave owners would cost only a few months of what the civil war was costing the nation in dollars which did not take into account the destruction of the economy in the South and disruption in the North. Nor did it take into account the cost of brothers killing brothers, fathers killing sons and sons killing fathers. Will we prevent a greater civil war over modern wage-taking? The answer to this question lies in your hands.

  2. History should guide the actions of the wage-takers. When they failed to accept compensation emancipation to end the Civil War, the war emancipated the slaves without compensation and with a destroyed economy ... gone with the wind.

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