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Work, not play, is the Basis of Leaders

Work Play
Solves time-wasting problem. Takes time from work
Involves the work ethic Involves the play pathos
Leads to more free time. Loses time.
Has Leaders and Cheerleaders Has Losers and Cheerlosers

Play, if non-interfering with needed work, has play managers. If work suffers from a lack of time and talent because play is over-favored by habitual politicians with tax-breaks and monopolies, then the play-managers are losers, that is, they are organizing the lost  of the human spirit and work ethic. A person who sweep floors and earns the minimum wage is worth more to humanity than the top-wage earners in college and post-college sports.

There are leaders in work but not in play which has time losers or time wasters..

  1. If a leader becomes a force magnifier by motivating his workers to solve more problems in less time then one can quantify the timistic value-- profitability-of the leader by the amount of time created/saved as well as a rate of change, growing or declining.
  2. If a loser organizes people to waste more and more time, one can quantify a loser by the time that he directly or indirectly wastes or destroys. While a player is a loser, the organizers of players is a loss leader.
  3. If one wants to be honest in the use of the word "leader" in the field of play, one should use the expression loss leader.

With the United States of America beset with lower and lower rankings in life's tournaments of survival skills, a sports coach proclaiming leadership  is akin to a madam championing motherhood. The work ethic solves the problems of survival while the play ethic succors the pathos of wants. One creates time by solving problems while the other loses time by ignoring problems.  Work produces necessities while play wastes necessities.

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