Calculus of Morality:

Timistically defined, morality is the creation of time. Of importance is whether the action creates time briefly or forever. A moral action that creats time only for a moment before becoming a cancer to itself and others is Kodak Morality. Kodak morality is found in those who have kneejerk emotional responses that give them a sense of rightness and happiness without recognizing they have set in motion a greater loss of time and happiness in the future.

The opposite of Kodak Morality is the calculus of morality in which one assesses the impact of an action from cradel to grave. This takes time. It requires knowledge of the system so that all factors are considered in solving the problem of how to create the most time. If one is not stupid, naive, igknowant or deceitful--why people don't do right--one will have a sensitive moral compass that points the way to optimal time creation in choosing how to act.


  1. Calculus of Morality=Calculus of More Time = Calculus of Happiness(history search)

In being a universal time-creating problem-solver, one is fulfilling the meaning of life.

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