Moral Compass

The essence of all moral compasses is one thing, the creation of more time. The shared values of all the lasting religions can be analyzed in how they promote the creation of more time. The Ten Commandments are moral compasses based on creating more time. The meaning of life itself is to create time, that is, to be a problem-solver.

The moral compass to which one should strive to possess and apply is the moral compass by which God created and organized the world. If your moral compass does not reflect the essence of existence then you will not be a moral time creator nor know the happiness that comes with being a time creator. Can anyone or anything be happier than God whose qualities include being the timist creator without equal?

To be an optimal time creator, that is, to possess the optimal moral compass, one must often weight the short-term and long-term benefits of one's actions. This is the difference between Kodak Morality and Calculus Morality. Many people believe that initiating a knee-jerk response based on a written moral code is sufficient to act morally. The proof is in the pudding: Did you create more time? Did you solve a problem? Or, did you waste time as a problem-causer?

When a person has more power than they deserve (as being derived from their problem-solving ability or problem-solving achievements), they will invariably apply an inadequate moral compass to the problems for which they have been given power to solve. They will not be responsible. They will not respond optimally to the problem. One can see this misapplication of power in the actions of people raised to power by nepotism, that is, a relative given power to solve problems for which they do not have the abilities.

It is ironic and revealing that the word "nepotism" is Latin for "not potent." Nepotic, spoiled brats are not good problem-solvers. They may speak of morality and values but their impact on life is not solving problems. They have a moral compass that is too small for the big, multi-faceted problems for which they have been given position.

One cannot say that a person with an insufficient moral compass is responsible for problems. Why? Simply, they cannot respond to the problems so they are only responsible in word, not deed. One can see this in politicians being quick to claim responsibility for disasters like Hurricane Katrina or Iraq. Politicians use the word responsible in these instances as a way to change the subject. Too often, citizens accept a person claiming responsibility without getting what the citizens really need, that is, a response to the problem that solves the problems.

Greater Morality of Big Time and Far Time

As a compass respond more to large magnet than to a small magnet so does a unbroken moral compass respond to the biggest time creation, aka, "the greatest good" of traditional ethical systems. This is the morality of big time. Likewise, the more sensitive compass will respond to a distant magnetic source, that is, the eternal ethics rather than situational ethics. This is the morality of far time. Taken together, they are timism, that is, the morality of more time.


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