Constitutional Rights: SCOTUS

With the Supreme Court being a political institution like the other two branches of government, the sitting, life-long political appointees engage in semantic slippage to obscure their hidden agendas. First and foremost is how they define the U.S. Constitution, e.g., living, construction, etc.

Applying the timistic determination of rights and freedoms, one can find numerous historical and current SCOTUS decisions with wrongful, fraudulent time destruction: Dred Scott, Plessy vs. Ferguson, Eminent Domain, and Corporate Campaign Donations. As Lincoln said of the Taney Court, to wit, "Don't they know they live on the same planet?"

The Supreme Court is like the strip harlot spreading venereal disease with no thought to the consequences or with the defense that the other two branches of government can pay the fix-up costs. In an era of declining tax revenues with federal, state and local judges clammoring for pay raises, why do they keep deciding against the workers on whose tax payments their salaries depend? Corporations don't pay taxes. Rich people don't pay their fair share. Why? Because the justices are illogical aliens , e.g. in 2010, SCOTUS is six catholics and three jews. They decide based on provincial, primitive moral systems of right vs. wrong and freedom vs. fraud. They are like the street harlot infecting the first responders with no regard to future costs or revenues. One should not be surprised that the catholic justices treat a corporate body as a living human being with inalienable rights since they treat wine and wafers as blood and body of a living god.

With corporate laissez faire as the hidden agenda, individual rights decline. For the individual, constitutional rights are like healthcare coverage: When you need 'em, dey ain't there.

When the decision-makers lack the morality of more time, then problem-solutions will be incomplete or worse. SCOTUS screws up the first two steps of solving a problem, that is, defining and prescribing. As there is no consolation in drowning while others also drown nor is there relief in knowing SCOTUS has a day of reckoning for their immoral, wrongful and fraudulent decisions. Then they may recognize that they live on the same planet as those of us who do not sit on the high court. They are not above the laws of Mother Nature which they will suffer as they wrong the highest court on earth.

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