Right To Life

A sizable part of the human population champions what they call the "right to life." Their commitment to life includes murdering those who do not agree with them ... another example of how half-goddists are illogical aliens . Consider the following:

  1. The determination of a right is whether it creates time overall, not just human time. This is the calculus of morality for more time.

  2. What is the quality of time for a human who is unwanted and unfunded? Multi-generational welfare queens, domestic and international, are testaments to the degradation of life that is unplanned.

  3. The number one problem on earth to which all other problems can be traced is over-population, the Pakistani floods of 2010.

  4. The number one hidden weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is the human genitalia.

  5. Pro-littering more humans is like putting logs on a blazing fire--the real impact of the act comes later when the new logs reach the ignition point.

  6. Only a humanocentroselfish illogical alien could believe that more humans is a right in a world dying from escalating human wrongs.

The right to life is more than another human life. Without honoring the rights of other life ( Pro-AllLife ), human life will decline as the ecosystem whacks itself out of synergistic self-sufficiency.

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