HumanoCentroSelfish describes how one is limited in understanding the one life that one has within one's world to the degree that one selfishly centers his views and values on humanity. It is akin to how humanity thought that the earth was the center of the universe instead of being merely a grain of sand in an endless desert that is the cosmos. The leading Western political power, the Catholic Church, initiated research and repression to maintain this falsehood (see Galileo) in the face of mounting contrary truths and facts. Why did they do this? They thought or felt or emoted that human beings were special.

Humans are not as special as humans want to think. This specialness dwindles as one gains knowledge of existence that is shared knowledge, not the gut-reactions of doodoo digesters that want something-for-nothing. The de-specialization of humans by increased knowledge is akin to the relation of faith to knowledge .

The more one knows about Santa Claus, the less faith one has of Santa bringing presents at the end of the year. Likewise, the more one knows about Santa's replacement--the Insanta Clauses --the less faith one has in paradise at the end of one's life. As an all-knowing God has no faith so does the non-igknowing questioner accumulate faith-deflating knowledge. This relation was captured in A. Lincoln's comment that when knowledge fails then rely on faith. Faith is not a substitute in knowingly solving problems. As history has shown in solving problems, blind faith and faith-based prayer are a crap-shoot.

The transition away from humanocentricselfish thinking is like hammering a large boulder. Knowing that it will eventually--which is not the same thing as faith--can sustain one till one splits the rock asunder. Even if one has faith that knowledge will set one free, in reality, it is faith but knowledge of knowledge that will set one free.

Continual questioning and exploration are the pecks of a pickass on the mass of one's naivete, stupidity and ignorance.

  1. The earth is not flat.
  2. The earth is not the center of the universe.
  3. Taste is a chemical process.
  4. Touch is a chemical process.
  5. Sight is a chemical process triggered by frequency
  6. Visible light is not a unique frequency
  7. Heat does is a frequency change.
  8. Energy is not invisible but a frequency.
  9. Time is not moldable and warpable.
  10. Gravity like the other basic forces is frequency based.

From the latter five truths one can begin the biggest leap from humanocentroselfish thinking to the clarity of knowing that man is merely a bag of chemical nervously sloshing forward chemically controlled by a bunch of neurons defecating on each other. Afterall, neurotransmiters is nothing more than a high-fallutin word for highly toxic and irritating cellular waste generated by neuron's metabolism--see DooDooism of Timism. Knowing where one is and what one is constitutes the first positive step in the right direction.

If you find the previous summary offensive then you are still a self-victim of HCS. Either we are or are not beautiful. Accepting what we are in truth is the basis of knowing where we are and how we can go forward. The ugly truths that destroy beautiful lies are the ugly ducklings of a beautiful swan-filled future.

Visible light is a thin segment of a broad spectrum of radio frequencies. There is nothing special in the cosmos about the visible frequency except that, at least here on planet earth, it initiates certain chemical reactions that could occur anywhere else that has the same physical environment. Likewise with the chemical processes of mentality.

A persons lack of understanding chemistry and frequencies can foster false perceptions instead of actual descriptions of everyday dynamics. For instance, one's sense of time is based on the sun rising and setting which is divided into 24 hours. The increasing use of higher frequencies commuication is based on oscillating frequencies in a seemingly non-ending, ever-larger cycles per second.

From increasing frequencies in everyday life, one should realize that there are dynamic processes that view human consciousness as being very slow in changing as we view Mount Everest as being very slow. As the Himalayas have outlived the human ants crawling below and upon it, so does our chemical-based consciousness outlive the seemingly random chemical-firing of neurons.

Because we have not developed a computer as fast our brains, we think our brains are special. They are not. They are self-delusional in their inability to comprehend the speed of the substrata chemical processes behind mentality. However, as one's knowledge replaces one's naivete or ignorance by questing for more truths, one can begin to see a parallel between weather systems and mental systems--see meteorological mentality . When one makes this leap, one finds more freedom from some nagging existential questions. The remaining questions are fewer with the addition of new ones derived from the recent answers to old questions.

A key truth (or falsehood) to understanding human thinking is realizing the role of chemistry and understanding chemistry. More importantly is realizing that the basic particle of existence (called the tiem with timism) is the bases of all dynamic systems and phenomena. The tiem is the basis of the speed of light not because it travels linearly at 330,000,000 meters per second but because it rotates at that speed. Its angle of precession is the basis of radio frequencies. It's pachinko behavior is the basis of dynamic processes. A particle spinning that fast has more than enough time to spare for the illusion of human thinking. Related to tiem's properties are how both heat and energy are oscillation rates of the tiem. The failure to dislodge one's thinking from "ouch" and "BTU's" is one of the reason that Einstein's leaps were limited and off-center because of his humanocentroselfishness.

Many are the amusing moments when an ill-educated person expresses a comment that shows limited learning and understanding--see Things That Will Never Happen . This writer finds that some of the funniest moments of his life have been when he realizes he was a self-victim of a falsehood to which the optimal response is laughter. If you cannot laugh at yourself you are evidencing a symptom of humanocentroselfishness. Consistently, one can trace these laughable moments to lack of knowledge.

One of the funniest things about life is how people say there must be an intelligent designer of existence. For an honest person, this merely begs the equestion of who designed the designer ad infinitum. From this one falsehood which has been draped in many deluges of doodooism, e.g., Creationism, has eviluted many nasty, ugly abominations against humanity and life.

If you formulate a system of views and values based on one or more lies, you are guilty of being an evilutionist. A lie is an evil of a devil. True to form, the evilutions of mankind have been the source of many evils and devils. Currently, the worst evilution is that global dying does not exist because God did not give mankind the power to destroy the world which God created. Global dying is the elephant in the room that is killing life on earth. Evilutionistic lapdogs from ignorance or greed are evil.

On the other hand, if you formulate a value-view system based on the morality of more time, you will be an evolutionist singing the tune of Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth. You will find the true God who is not the half-Goddist that is cretinized by the cherry-picking funny mentalists and evilutionists in their own image.


  1. An example of harmful, self-defeating humanocentricselfishness is the English Standard system of measurement using inches, feet, yards, miles, ounces, pounds, tons, etc. A better, simpler system is the metric system. Why after two centuries of metric sucess does the United States continue to use a measurement system that limits its efficiency and exports? Humanocentroselfishness.
  2. Humanocentroselfishness is an ingredient in the personalities of the Ugly Igknowramuses.

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