Threads of Time
in the Fabric of Life:

The Morality of More Time
in Periodic Table
of Existence


The fingerprints and footsteps of time interweave to montage our temporal world. One need not investigate long to find time's imprimatur stamped in the foundations of our thinking. Numerous in our nomenclature are the namesakes of time.

Timism elucidates a periodic table of existence based on the quantification and qualification of time. The model is the periodic table of elements in chemistry: The tabel can be re-viewed from the perspective of time derived from traditional periodic parameters, e.g., atomic weights, boiling points, melting points and electrons. Time, as a word, is derived from Old English for a phenomenon known for its unfailing periodiocity, tide.

There are many representations of the chemical elements beyond the familiar jigsaw puzzle of rows and columns that stumped aspiring chemistry, biology, physics and medical students. A timistic perspective is more than a new view, for it is the basic description into which all perspectives can be reduced or translated. Once redefined into units of time, one has a universal periodic table for establishing primary levels of existence.

The timistic periodic table has six primary levels of existence: mass, life, mentality, economics, politics and morality. The levels represent evolutionary progression of more time creation, savings or stability from the basic matter which is called a tiem, an anagram of time. While each level evolved out of the lesser, the new level represented a leap rather than a step in what can be described as the dynamic density of the entities created at the new level. Interestingly and amusingly, the levels of electrons in an atom is a more primary example of the "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny" of species. Dynamic density is the entity's ability to integrate external information to survive longer by manipulating or avoiding the environment.

The following table outlines the threads of time inherent in the fabric of existence. Inherent? Yes, all of the lasting disciplines developed as systems that quantify and qualify time.

Traditional Fields Timistic Level Threads Synopsis Armada
Physics, Chemistry Spinbarism: Particle Time Einstein time dimension and relativity ... catalysts Flotilla
Life/Metabolism Catan: Cell Time Catabolic/Anabolic ... Enzymes ... Krebs cycle
Consciousness Mentality: Personal Time Problems waste time ... Time-awareness and Self-sensing (youth, senility) ... proud/pride ... flattery
Economics Ecosnomos: Home Time Time is money ... currency ... profits ... inflation ... division of labor
Politics Politeness: Public Time When politicians make good policy the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
Values Morality: More time Temple, tempo, commandments, religions, heaven

In a very real sense, the different levels, pictures, and puzzles of life are cut from the same jigsaw pattern with the differences being a thin veneer of words painted by different people at different times in different places with different knowledge and different agendas. The differences are a towel of babel with timism being a rosetta stone.

Please note how each level (below) is defined in objective measurements for the quantification of time.

  1. Morality: The origin of word "moral" comes from "more." More? More what? Clearly, the origin of moral did not reference more death or more loss of time as an indicator of a moral person, code, commandment or group. The more in moral means more time.
    1. The lasting moral systems are the ones that create more time, not less time: Survival of the most time creative.
    2. All Ten Commandments can be translated into a simple universal admonition: thou shall not steal, destroy or kill time.
    3. People's pursuit of an afterlife is nothing more than seeking more time. What is ascribed to the Biblical Creator? The creation of time.
    4. The location to which people traditionally traveled to learn and reinforce their moral values is a temple, a word derived from time. And, what is a temple without the tempo of music? Silent. Dead. Life's variety derives from the numerous compositions that are the symphonies of existence.
    5. The person who was more successful in producing the "most" was the person to whom others inquired as to the key to their success--the men with more became the moral leaders. Then wealth was not divorced from  the worth derived from work time to solve time-wasting problems.
    6. One's moral compass should always point to the creation of the most time during the course of one's life, not the situation of the moment. Lasting morality focuses on an anticipated video of life not on a picture of a moment: Letting a child die is warranted if that child has a disease that will kill all children and kill all life. Likewise, jumping into a raging river is stupid unless a child has fallen in.
    7. A similar parallel to the "form follows function" of "more" is the Latin derivations of legein, the word for the first communal, social activity of gathering (legere) survival staples. The derivatives of legein/legere echo the original action, that is, the gathering or creating of time.
      1. The most logical gatherer of legumes in a locality was not only a legend who left a legacy but was the legate who legislated the legalities of logic. When we share our gathered information, it is a lecture. When we gather and pick our officials, we have elections with the best being the elite.
      2. And what can one say of the moral people who understood gathering best? Intelligent. Cementing the self-similarity of form following function is the institution wherein people seek to re-gain, re-bind or re-gather their moral bearings: re-ligion.
      3. As the introduction of the mitochondria into the cell increased the productivity of the cell in a symbiotic relationship (thus increasing the survival/time of the symbosis) so did the introduction of legal descriptions of logic increase the survival/time of the society. Problems could be prevented by lecturing the codified logic as well as swift, consistent punishment of the illegal illogical ignoramouses. Laws are units of time, more specifically, catalysts, enzymes and mitochrondria, if the legal laws are for public rather than private survival. Corrupt habitual politicians are cancers rather than catalysts to more time for the polity in the polis. Allegiance to lieges who are not logical is morally illegimate regardless of the corrupt written legal laws.
      4. In summary, when the elected lecture and legislate good legalities, the locals in the localities will be elite without illogic.
        Morality can be quantified in the more time created.
  2. Politeness: When politicians make good policies, the polity in the polis will be polite without police.
    1. When you solve a problem you save or create time.
    2. Policy-making is about solving common group problems that individuals alone cannot solve, e.g., national defense.
    3. Politicians are the time-shapers of human behavior in their laws, taxes, regulations and programs. Good politicians means good behaviors. Habitual problems mean bad habitual politicians.
    4. One exercises freedoms and rights when the action creates more time by freeing people from time-wasting problems. Yelling fire in a crowded theatre for the fun of it is not a freedom of speech for the unnecessary mayhem destroys rather than saves time.
    5. The quality of democracy reflects an optimal time divisioning of the voters to elect representatives. Dictators have no time divisioning while mob anarchy has too much time divisioning.
    6. The quality of democracy is reflected in the politicians' productivity in solving problems, a simple mathematical formula that determines the total human lifehours divided by the time cost of unsolved problems. The ultimate measurement of a problem's cost is the time that the problem wastes per capita as an individual or within a group. The cost of problems is not funny numbers on funny paper that changes with geographical boundaries and countless centuries.
    7. Governments in their policies, laws and taxes shape the time of the governed, that is, how the govern spend their time in pursuit of survival and happiness.
    8. Deepthroat of Watergate fame would have been more accurate if instead of saying "follow the money" to find the motives and instigators he had said, "follow the time" for people often act to create more time with money which is often the simplest symbol of more time.
      The morality of politics can be quantified in the time created by the problem-solving policies of the politicians.
  3. EcosNomos:
    1. Time is money. Money is time. The blood of an economic body is its currency, a term derived from "What is your time currently worth?"
    2. The essence of an economic body is members exchanging their time through barter or currency.
    3. When a worker profitably solves a time-wasting problem--captured as a product of goods or services--more time is created or saved. The Latin origin of profit is pro esse, that is, forward existence or time. Semantic honesty concludes that there can only be profit creation not profit taking.
    4. The cost of humanity to Mother Nature, God's accountant on earth, is the sum of the cost of living and the cost of lying, that is, needs versus wants. Unlike hunger which is the same everyday, one's wants fade because wants are ways we lie to ourselves about what is important to make us happy. This dichotomy is echoed in many ways, e.g., work versus play or mentalism vs materialism. The lies of our lives overfill our attics, basement, garages and sheds. When Geo. Talker Bush downplays global warming to help the economy he is not talking about the Dr. Jekyl economics but his Mr. Hyde necronomics. Morally, work/play is important to the survival of life on earth, for the arsonists who have set the house of humanity on fire are in charge putting out the fires. Calls for more gambling in main street casinos or wall street caverns is throwing gasoline on the fires, that is, increasing CO2 sins without absolution.
    5. Productivity, Latin for forward leading, describes the ratio of time to produce to the time value of what is produced. If one doubles their productivity, he either produces the same products in half the time or twice as many products in the same time.
    6. Economic resources are stockpiles of time with lines of communication being the vehicles for transporting time.
    7. All forms of inflation are a cheapening of time.
      1. When inflation cheapens currency, it cheapens the time worked to acquire the currency.
      2. Inflation and deflation index the failure of politicians to keep currency current  and constant in the currency's time value.
    8. Inflation and productivity are inverse twins. Increased productivity reduces inflation.
    9. Workers produce while players reduce. Claims of player productivity and work ethic are like believing masturbation is procreation.
    10. Free markets exist when the participants in the market all achieve a higher degree of freedom from problems as a result of the activities of the market. Slave-dealers never have a free market for some of the market participants lose time.
    11. Capitalism derives from the Latin for head, caput. Capitalism per capita is rewarding the head that solves the time-wasting problems with time created or saved, time that is captured in goods or services. The opposite of capitalism is decapitalism: the misuse of the symbols of capital (stocks, bonds, currency and land) to decapitalize production and decapitate employment. It can be called capitalism for a fewer few.
    12. An ideal, perfect currency would be one in which the absolute time value of one's problem-solving substance is captured in the symbols of time. The proposed lifehour currency, as a symbol of worktime not divorced from the substance of worktime, is a stable currency that transcends the boundaries of nations and centuries.
    13. Adled minds are the workshops of economists whose ignorance of time belies how they know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Semantically and economically, value comes from work and worth which is valueless or less if absent of time creation from problem-solving.
      The morality of economics can be quantified in the time created per capita or per economic grouping with an objective interface between the timely quantification of politeness and mentality.
  4. Mentality:
    1. The sense of self arises around puberty when one develops an awareness of time, that is, one will be alive tomorrow for which one must prepare. The senile loss of self-sensing comes with a decline of time awareness.
    2. Parallels:
      1. Corresponding to the time-cheaping of inflation in economics is the time-wasting of mental flattery.
      2. Corresponding to the time indexing of profits are the mental cousins of pro esse: proud and pride. One can honestly have pride, like profits, only if one creates time. Legal thievery is not profitable nor worthy of pride.
      3. Worth and wealth both derive from work which is the solving of problems that waste time. Players have no real worth, wealth or work ethic. Dysfunctional, terminal societies separate the symbols from the substance of work, worth and wealth.
      4. Transductive thinking--creation of new ideals by simultaneous inductive/deductive reasoning--echos the creation of mass and gravity from matter.
    3. One's mental happiness is tied to freedom from time-wasting problems. Happiness can be quantified and encouraged by time: Of course, we are busy, but what are we busy at?
    4. If the grey matter of the cortex were balloon out into a sphere and the neural patterns recorded for visual review at a slower pace, one would see meteorological mentality. The earth's weather patterns of cyclonic systems, highs/lows, depressions, etc., follow the same principles of spinbarisms as does mentality. In both patterns one would find the symphony of existence with mystic chords of memory.*
    5. A friend is a person who helps you find freedom from problems, often with frank conversation. The word friend comes from Old English for free, freo.The word frank comes from French for free. The superlative of a friend is a beloved which in Old English was freon, the superlative freo.
    6. A moral friend helps you find freedom, that is, time free from problems. When you lose a friend you lose some of your freedom. A friend who loves you will give you more time than a friend who merely likes you. A beloved receives more time which has a related Latin term for this greater moral love: amora.
      The morality of mental beings can be quantified in the time creation per day or life which is guided by and is quantitatively interchangeable with the morality of ecosnomos and politeness.
  5. Catan: The basis of life is the metabolic ying-yang of catabolic and anabolic activity.
    1. The life form that is the most productive in time creation is the life that will live the longest for a given resource supply. At all levels of existence, resources are stockpiles of time.
    2. The process of evolution does not favor the survival of the fittest as much as the survival of the most time creative, that is, moral matter.
    3. Amusingly, the metabolic parallel of the cheapening of economic inflation and mental flattery is flattulence.
    4. Cancers at the metabolic level is a sub-system consuming more time (energy) than it produces until it has destroyed the system upon which it depends.
      1. Immoral religions cancerously destroy societies.
      2. Immoral politicians cancerously destroy countries.
      3. Immoral necronomists cancerously destroy economies.
      4. Immoral individuals cancerously destroy others.
      5. Immoral metabolism cancerously destroy living bodies.
    5. Cancers are metabolic processes responding to the wastes or wants of a subsystem at the expense of the overall system's needs as measured by time. Higher levels of existence are self-cancerous when they give time to wants instead of needs.
      The morality and mortality of life, that is the creation of more time to live longer, can be quantified and is determined by the morality of the higher levels into which units of time can be compared.
  6. Spinbarism: The spin bars or bares the reaction of the basic particle of existence, the tiem, or, time item emit mite.
    1. Time is a key factor at the lowest level of existence. Einstein introduced time as the fourth dimension with his theory of relativity.
    2. Einstein's relativity of time describes how one can get more time by going faster. The relativity or productivity of time at the lowest level of existence is echoed upward.
      • Catan: Enzymes and catalysts increase time creation.
      • Mentality: Words and concepts catalyze more time creation.
      • EcosNomos: Productivity is Einstein's relativity of time on the farm or in the factory.
      • Politeness: Good policies leverage the time of the polity to create more time.
      • Morality: Values based on the relativity of more time create more time than values based on gut-reactions, fears, insecurity, inferiority and ignorance.
    3. Spinbarism states and sustains a parsimonious triumvirate: MCC=hf=ma.
      1. The key paradigm shift is simple: Light does not travel at 300 million meters per second. Rather, the basic particle of existence spins at a rate that when measured appears to be traveling at the speed of light. Consider a car on a lift with its wheels spinning at 60 mph: Is it going 60 mph? Light is an epiphenomenon of the rotation speed of the smallest particle. Herein called a tiem, the basic particle is most akin to a neutrino. No other zoo particles are needed.
      2. Spinbarism resolves the Gordian Knot of Yang-Mills missing mass--how 12 pennies of matter (UUD) become almost ten dollars in proton mass, that is, 3MeV + 3MeV + 6MeV = 938MeV.

        For a number of reasons, spinbarism cannot be explained in details at this time because it offers means of energy conversion that humanity does not have the political structures to control.

        The morality of matter--its more time--is the symbiotic, simultaneous creation of mass and gravity when compatible tiems spin together in a chaotic ocean of incompatible cosmic cowboys.

The morality of existence is quantifiable in time. Whether or not the higher levels determine the time creation at the bottom or the bottom determines the higher levels is the only unsolved primary question of timism.


  1. When Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize, a reporter told England's top physicist that he, the reporter, understood that only three people in the world understood Einstein's theory to which the Brit responded, "I wonder who the other person is?"
  2. Blind men should be careful in being appointed judges in a beauty contest.
  3. The duchess was not amused when the East London child, to whom she offered her country home at the beginning of World War II, dropped down and soiled the Persian rug. Apologetically, the child mother's chastised the child with the admonishment, "Next time, be a good child and show your upbringing by going into the corner."
  4. Timism is the one ring to control all rings and in this existential darkness find and bind them. Timism is helluva sutra fur das glasperlenspiel.

Copyright 2007 Robert Steven Brown-Barnett

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Time is an entity's stability, it's probability for continued existence.

The primary principle or force of existence is the morality of more time.


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